Creating a Camp Experience for Staff Development Day


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These slides were prepared for a talk given at Computers in Libraries 2010.

More detailed information on creating the camp experience can be found here:

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Creating a Camp Experience for Staff Development Day

  1. 1. Creating a Camp Experience for Staff Development Day
  2. 2. Princeton Public Library Single-branch municipal library in heart of downtown State-of-the-art 58,000 square foot building opened in April 2004 Staff: 54 FTE (18 with MLS) Population Served: 31,000
  3. 3. WHOA! Yup, you will likely get this reaction from several if not many.
  4. 4. Save $ Budget $500 New experience for staff Introduce new web tools Allow for active and shared learning
  5. 5. Staff Development Day 2009
  6. 6. Initial Sur vey of Staff using Google Forms
  7. 7. Voting via Zoomerang Poll
  8. 8. Time Community Room (1st Floor) Conference Room (2nd Fl oor) Technology Center (2nd Floor) Quiet Room (1st Floor) S tory Room (3rd Floor) 8:30 AM Coffe and Breakfast, Mix and Mingle (Lobby and Community Room) 9:00 AM Opening Comments and Organization (Community Room) 9:45 AM Lightning Talks Round 1 (Community Room) 10:15 AM Short Break 10:30 AM BoaF 1: Readers Advisory BoaF 2: Staying Sane/Healthy BoaF3: Gadgets Galore! BoaF 4: Future of Libraries/Books BoaF 5: Surviving Tight Times 11:15 AM BoaF 6: Staff Picks and Pans BoaF 7: Pie in the Sky BoaF 8: Tech Tactics and Tips BoaF 9 : Dealing wDifficult People BoaF 10: Reaching New Users Noon Lunch and Activities (Community Room and other locations ) 1:30 PM Reports from BoaF sessions in a.m. 2:30 PM Lightning Talks Round 2 (Community Room) 3:00 PM Dessert Contest and Service Awards 3:30 PM PPL $5 Pyramid Game Show 4:00 PM Closing remarks and Evaluation 4:15 PM Time to check email, etc. 4:30 PM Library closed for the day (except for Poet Invite at 7:30 pm)            
  9. 9. The 5 basic tenents of open space and unconference events: (1) The people who come are the best people who could have come. (2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. (3) It starts when it starts. (4) It's over when it's over. (5) The Law of Two Feet
  10. 10. Trail Guide
  11. 11. Lightning Talks by Staff Members Topics of their choosing 5 minutes and under
  12. 12. Birds of a Feather Sessions Topics suggested and voted on by staff Led by volunteers
  13. 13. Birds of a Feather Sessions Casual Atmosphere Input from all levels and members of staff
  14. 14. Birds of a Feather Sessions Notes recorded at each session All opinions and ideas welcome
  15. 15. Reporting Back A volunteer from each BoaF session gave a 3 minute summary to everyone
  16. 16. Engagement and Participation
  17. 19. The Map App Great Conversation Starter
  18. 20. Dessert Competition ~ S’More Cupcakes Anyone?
  19. 21. Dessert Competition Voted on by staff Prizes donated by local merchants
  20. 22. Lunch Fun Options included Wii Bowling, a group walk around town, and being a lounge lizard.
  21. 23. Staff Recognition
  22. 24. How to be Happy at the Library
  23. 25. Contact Me: Janie Hermann Public Programming Coordinator Princeton Public Library [email_address] janieh on most social networks