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My projects and my blog.pptx


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My projects and my blog.pptx

  1. 1. • In this presentationIwill show you the projects thatI did in this first semester . • You’ll see comments thatare posted on my blog and also pictures thatI took from my videos. Enjoy it!!
  2. 2. • This project was about my life. • I did an autobiography with pictures of my life , my family and my friends. • I really enjoyed doing it .
  3. 3. We had to upload each project to our blog so i’ll show you how did I upload my power point presentation to SlideShare. 
  4. 4. This proyect was about disabled people. We had to do like a Tv Show .. With interviews, this was a team project , my team was composed by: Alexia , Connie, Prix and me. I learn new things doing it.. Now you’ll see pictures of the interview that I did. =)
  5. 5. This project was about doing a play with all my classmates.. This definitely was my favorite one. We performed HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL .. And I really enjoyed practicing the songs with my partners , it was a very funny project.. Now You’ll see pictures of the play.
  6. 6. • In this semester I learned a lot.. but the most I learned is how to work in team, how to be supportive with my classmates and how to help us each other.. • I LOVED THIS SEMESTER. • THANK YOU.