From User Assistance to User Guidance


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Making user assistance fail-safe is never really going to work. Users have a mind of their own and you cannot force them to read the manuals and follow the procedure.
To cure this weakest link in the planning, execution and reporting of procedural work, we need to take the user by the hand and lead them through well-defined procedures step by step, at the same time recording all the user actions and input automatically.
In this way, we optimize the work (in efficiency and reliability) and the reporting (by automatically capturing data instead of relying on the goodwill of a user to fill out a survey, or a tired service engineer to write a full report at the end of a long working day).
The demo (not included in the slides) shows an application platform running on an iPad (also available for Windws and Android tablets as well as smartphones and web browsers), allowing easy assembly of procedures out of small LEGO-type building blocks. Data is captured as the user is proceedng and only applicable steps are displayed. At the end of the day, performance data (of machines, of engineers, of the procedures themselves) is available for business analists to optimize the business further.

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From User Assistance to User Guidance

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