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Faster than Agile - Proposal for Lavacon 2015


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This is my second proposal for the LavaCon conference to be held in New Orleans in October 2015. The first version of this talk will be delivered at DITA/CMS NA in Chicago in April.

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Faster than Agile - Proposal for Lavacon 2015

  1. 1. FASTERTHAN AGILE live (DITA or other XML) documents
  2. 2. WHO’S TALKING ? Jang F.M. Graat ( the geek philosopher )
  3. 3. WHY VOTE FOR ME ? • Great slides, few words, getting a clear message across • Excellent presentation skills (average 9 out of 10) • Thought-provoking material, reality tested Over the past 25 years, I have delivered countless well-received presentations around the globe. I studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy and use all my background knowledge to come up with truly innovative ideas and strong concepts.There is simply no box I can think inside of. What is a box, anyway ?
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE TALK ABOUT ? rethinking / redesigning the publication process
  5. 5. CONTENT ≠ SOFTWARE • Copying strategies from development depts. is not wise • Content can be much more flexible, i.e. much faster • Adaptive responsive design is a natural way to show content Why would you organize sprints, appoint scrum masters and implement automated builds for content ? Does anyone do this for the stuff that appears on social media ? And might there be good reasons why the internet is not automatically (re-)built every night ? Content does not need agile methodologies.
  6. 6. TOO MUCH OVERHEAD editing in and publishing from CCMS databases
  7. 7. FORGET AGILE, GO LIVE !!! • Content does not need to be published as a whole • Content users are only going to see one page, anyway • True adaptive design means on-demand adaptive publishing With modern technologies, it has become feasible to postpone the “publishing” process to the moment when content is requested.At that moment, you have all the knowledge about the content user and the device on which he/she needs the content.This allows a perfect match and lean publishing.
  8. 8. NEW SCHOOL live (DITA or other XML) docs, publish on demand
  9. 9. LIVE + OUT OF CONTROL my 2 proposals are complementary, so why not vote for both ? with enough votes, the organizers might give me 2 slots.