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The Power of Infographics


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A brief guide on creating and promoting Infographics.

The ultimate guide to using infographics to demonstrate industry expertise, create visually engaging content for your audiences, drive traffic to your website or blog and generate leads.

What’s inside?
• Winning content
• Searching for content ideas
• Design tips for marketers and designers
• How to credit sources
• Promoting and creating sharability

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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The Power of Infographics

  1. 1. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn The Power of Infographics A guide to using infographics to increase brand reach, build brand affinity and generate leads.
  2. 2. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn ABOUT THE AUTHOR Aran Jackson Creative Director at JBH Aran is one of the top infographic designers in the country and is a Certified Designer for infographics site He’s also worked with many clients in a range of industries to help them communicate achievements, data, tips and brand stories. In this handy guide, Aran will offer his top tips on creating an infographic that will help your brand build recognition and get noticed for the right reasons! Check out Aran’s infographics on the JBH Pinterest page for some inspiration. jbh_aran Follow JBH on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn What is an infographic? “Data. Sorted. Arranged. Presented visually.” (1) “Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge” (2) Mashable “Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion.” (3) Creative Bloq
  4. 4. Share on Twitter The benefits of using infographics Share on LinkedIn Demonstrate thought leadership in your field Generate leads and increase brand awareness Many brands use infographics to provide customers with bite-size information or to communicate brand stories as part of their content marketing strategy. S hare infographics via social media to generate followers Whatever the objective, infographics can be used online or offline to support marketing activity or as part of an integrated campaign! Increase website and blog traffic FACT ‘Researchers found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%’ (4) Use as part of your content marketing strategy
  5. 5. Share on Twitter Infographic stats Share on LinkedIn A social media infographic we designed for REED generated a 71% increase in traffic to the website. Click the titles to view the infographic Job Hunting: 10 social media tips to help you stand out from the crowd Infographic! A Quick Glance at Love Infographic Client: REED Website traffic: 71% increase to Stats: 1.1k views and 200+ social shares on 71% increased traffic to Secret to success: Trending theme, impressive stats, fresh design and sharability. Client: Dollar Shave Club Stats: 600+ social shares. 3k views on Secret to success: Released just before Valentine’s Day. Humourous content and design, and high sharability. How to Spot an Undercover Agent Infographic Client: Huffington Post Stats: 4430 Stumble Upons and 5K views on 153 comments on Secret to success: Fun, engaging content and design. Hundreds of millions invest in their favorite brands Infographic Client: eToro Stats: 650 likes 50 shares via Facebook post. 1500 views on the eToro blog Secret to success: Evokes interest through big brand names. Simple English makes it easier for more people to understand.
  6. 6. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Winning content So there is a myth, that infographics have to include data or stats. Not true! Content can be any kind of information that you think will be appealing to your audience(s). Quotes, thoughts, processes, ideas, costs, percentages, tips and statistics – any useful information. It doesn’t need to include numerical values to be an infographic! Content ideas: • roduct innovation – inform customers of new P products or upgrades • roduct tips – enable customers to get more value P out of your products • Industry data - show expertise in your field and use it to generate leads • Lifestyle guides – share fun, informative info that will interest your customers • ews, events or cultural trends – what’s going N on in the world? Does it present an opportunity for you?
  7. 7. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Search for content 1. Start in your company and find out what employees are talking about 2. sk Customer Service Advisors what support you A could offer customers 3. hat’s trending in your industry right now or on W your twitter stream? 4. o you have commercial results that will impress D stakeholders? TOP TIPS Once you have your content sorted, think about the tone of voice you want to use. Is it consistent with your brand and your audience(s)? DON’T FORGET - Make it obvious what you want your customers, suppliers or colleagues to do, or think, in response to your content. 5. aunching a new product or service? Give L customers a sneak preview!
  8. 8. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Design Here’s some of the most frequent tips and advice I give out to clients and designers. What marketers should do: What designers should do: • e consistent – Consistency with your units of B measurement and length of text (especially if comparing multiple data sets) will help keep the infographic symmetrical. • se the right tools – I’ll stick my neck out here U and say that you should be using Adobe Illustrator to create infographics. I’ve been helping out designers with advice recently, email me if you have any questions. • e concise – If it can be said with less words and B still make sense, cut it. Infographics are visual, so no waffling! • rovide the designer with the perfect script – P Format the text so that the designer has a clear idea of what text is a header, subheader, graph label and normal text. Move all of your sources to the bottom, out of the way. • void raster graphics and textures – They increase A the file size of the exported infographic. • im to keep it simple and clean - Use your white A space well. You are blessed with almost umlimited space, so there’s no need for your designs to be crammed.
  9. 9. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn How to credit sources 1. First of all try and use authoritative sources not Wikipedia! 2. rack the original source and confirm the data T How to write the source correctly Template: (5) 3. se the most up to date information/statistics U available (6) 4. on’t use too many sources to avoid credit D mistakes (Source number) Author (date published). Publication name. Publisher. URL For example: (13) Aran Jackson (Oct 2013). The Power of Infographics. JBH. 5. eference the exact URL for that page so others R can find the content easily
  10. 10. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn How to promote it As a minimum you should: • Use your website and blog to push your infographic • Share via social media • Add a pin-it button to your infographic so people can share it straight to Pinterest (7) • Add an embed code so viewers can share it on their own website (8) • Encourage colleagues to share it via their social networks to increase reach Further: • Submit to infographic sites (there’s more than!) • Send the infographic to a tailored list of relevant journalists and bloggers • Write a press release optimised for SEO(9)
  11. 11. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn SOURCES 1. What is an infographic? 2. he rise of infographics: Marketing in the social media Age. Mashable. mashable. T com/2013/01/26/infographics-marketing/ 3 7. 5 best infographics on the web. Creative Bloq. information-graphics-1232836 4. Why your Brain Craves Infographics. Neoman. 5 6. Source Code: 5 Rules of Researching Infographics. code-the-5-rules-of-researching-and-sourcing-infographics/ 7 8. ow to create an Infographic in an hour. Hubspot. infographic-templates-designs-ht 9. Five Ways to get your infographic to go viral. QuickSprout www.quicksprout. com/2012/06/11/5-ways-to-get-your-infographic-to-go-viral/
  12. 12. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn The Power of Infographics