Digital Marketing Trends 2014


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We give you the low-down on the 7 biggest digital trends for 2014. We also provide you with advice on how you can use these trends to improve your overall marketing performance.

What’s inside?
• The Content Boom
• Diversity of social media
• The power of image-centric content
• Mobile ready content
• Social SEO
• The value of video
• Big bad data

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Digital Marketing Trends 2014

  1. 1. 2014 Digital Marketing Trends The low-down on the 7 biggest digital trends
  2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jane Hunt Director of Strategy at JBH Jane has many years experience in the marketing industry working on digital projects for B2B and B2C brands. Recently, she has been involved in creating an alternative CV social media campaign for REED, produced content for a health food app for and has worked with a leading defence company to improve the performance of their digital marketing activity. “To put together this eBook I have handpicked the digital trends I believe will be most influential to marketers and customers in 2014. I’ve also provided case studies so you can see how these trends work in practice and offer my top tips to help you get started. I hope you enjoy the eBook and I would love to hear about your digital predictions, campaigns and success stories. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like us to help your company implement these latest trends! Just email me at” jbh_jane Jane Hunt
  3. 3. #1 The Content Boom Content marketing was huge in 2013, but it’s set to be even bigger in 2014. Content marketing has been around for years but it’s having a massive resurgence, as brands are creating, curating and promoting engaging and valuable content for their customers. Content can be used to build brand awareness, improve brand affinity with customers, demonstrate expertise and generate leads! Content can range from blogs, e-newsletters, eBooks, articles, tips and guides, videos and infographics. Many marketers are already using content as part of their inbound marketing strategy – to bring traffic to their website or blog. This activity will grow in 2014 and marketers will become savvier at measuring the ROI of content as part of an inbound marketing strategy. What’s more you don’t need to buy expensive applications to measure performance. have a really useful matrix (RACE) that can help you work out what you want to measure, select key performance indicators and set commercial measurements. Another free resource is Google Analytics(2), which now links content marketing activity with sales conversions, so brands can see what effect their content has on the buying process. Just calculate what monetary value you want to attribute to content and set your ‘goals’ accordingly. As many marketers use content to develop their social reach, content measurement should be linked to social media optimisation(3). By reviewing content engagement and sharing activity across social media and other digital channels, marketers can ascertain which channels and content combinations work best at driving sales conversions. If you want to ensure your content is reaching the right recipients you can use Predictive Models(3) or Predictive Analytics(4) which generate customer insights to show you which recipients to include and exclude. The models use historical data and behaviour patterns to predict how customers will behave. Things to consider: 1. Which keyword phrases related to content generate the best outcomes? 2. What type of content is most engaging to your audience and gets the most shares? 3. Which social networks drive the most traffic to your website? JBH’s Top Tip In need of content ideas? Do a keyword search on Google Trends(5) to find out what words relevant to your market/products/customers are currently receiving the most hits.
  4. 4. #2 Diversity of Social Media With so many social platforms available now, brands really need to use the right platform to reach their chosen target market. While the big three social networks remain central to many brands social media strategies, more niche social networks like Vine and Snapchat are generating much interest from marketers. As a result, we believe brands in 2014 will diversify their social efforts and become more creative with their marketing as a result. My predictions for social trends in 2014: Vine Short videos are a hot marketing trend to look out for in 2014. Use of YouTube and Instagram continue to be popular but Vine seems to be stealing the show! With its 6-second video capabilities many brands are experimenting with the platform to engage younger target audiences. Asos demonstrated the joy of receiving an ASOS box full of goodies, while Bacardi got creative with dancing Rum bottles and Dove proved how adaptable their bottles are as bowling pins!(1) Google+ With over 540 million users Google+ is now the second biggest social network in the world after facebook.(2) Google has again linked its social network with its search engine algorithm through Google Authorship or Author Rank, encouraging writers or online content producers to become recognised within search for the quality of their content. To do this professionals and brands (with multiple content writers) can link their content to their Google+ page increasing their visibility in search. Whether Google+ will become mainstream for consumers, remains to be seen, but it’s certainly going to be beneficial to brands who are already promoting quality content via social networks.(3) Snapchat The big instant craze in 2013 is set to become even bigger in 2014. Snapchat enables users to send instant texts, pics and videos that are automatically erased after a specific amount of time (between 1-10 seconds). Snapchat users now share over 400 million snaps per day (in total), surpassing the 350 million photos shared each day on facebook!(4) The Co-operative Electrical became the first UK retailer to use Snapchat, when they targeted students with a code offering £30 off laptops, encouraging them to ‘friend’ The Co-operative Electrical on Snapchat and take advantage of offers. The code self-destructed after 5-10 seconds. Diversity for reaching audiences presents more choice, but it also requires more knowledge. Marketers need to really research their target audiences and use profile data to identify which social network will reach that audience most effectively. What’s more, these trends prove marketing doesn’t have to break the bank, creativity goes along way.
  5. 5. #3 The Power of image-centric content What do Snapchat, Vine, facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all have in common? Images! Page views for articles with and without images Whether static or moving, images are proving to be hot right now and should be a key tool in your content marketing activity. Have you noticed you’re more likely to read tweets with a pic attached? Images increase engagement – they attract readers, make blog posts more inviting, increase twitter engagement, make presentations more readable, increase shareability and can even boost your search ranking. How to use images to support your content marketing activity: 1. reate images for your blog posts – this demonstrates that your content is bespoke. C 2. Break up text with images interweaved into your blog post or news articles to hold the readers attention. 3. Use the facebook photo-sharing feature instead of the status update to promote your content, as it gives photos more space. It’s well worth posting as much visual content as possible as it gains a higher status in the timeline and news feed than text-based updates! 4. Why not turn your text-based content into Slideshares and promote via social media. 5. The use of images in your digital marketing can also boost your SEO efforts. Just add images to a post and add a title, alt and meta tags. Simple. 94% more total views for articles that have images(4)
  6. 6. #4 Mobile friendly content Due to high growth in smartphone ownership, marketers need to ensure all content is mobile friendly in 2014. Either by creating a separate mobile site and website, or, by designing your website to be responsive to the media device it’s viewed on. Did you know... Brands need to ensure all their content is mobile friendly. Here’s our checklist for mobile friendly content: 1. How does your website look on a smartphone? 2. Is your website easy to read and navigate? 3. Is your blog easily readable on a smartphone? 4. Can you read other content easily like infographics, guides, eBooks etc.? 5. Are your share buttons big enough and located centrally to your content? JBH’s Top Tips 1. Optimise your website for smartphones – prioritise what you want your customers to see and adapt the functionality for mobile with larger text, bigger buttons and clearly signposted navigation. 70% of the UK population have a smartphone(1) 2. ptimise emails for mobiles – make the copy shorter, larger and easier to scroll and add some images to O keep your readers engaged in your content.
  7. 7. #5 Social SEO Once again Google is linking Google+ with SEO. To do this they’re making content an even more important tool in search – as part of Google’s Author Rank or Authorship. Google wants to link search with digital signatures of authors, enabling writers/online authors to “link their content to their Google+ profile via rich snippets. These rich snippets enable Google to credit the authors with the content.”(2) This brings a more human, personal approach to the creation of content and helps authors build recognition for their expertise. According to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google: “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” (1) So what does this mean for brands? How can brands build credibility as authors of valuable content and improve their website search ranking? Well, without going into the coding specifics, companies can use a publisher tag (for multiple authors) rather than an author tag (only one author), which will connect their content with their Google+ page. However, Google only wants relevant well-written articles. No product pages, no listings etc., just articles that demonstrate company expertise and thought leadership. Google Author Rank and Authorship are expected to be dominant trends in SEO and content marketing in 2014. So if you work for a company that’s already writing and disseminating great content and has a Google+ page, make sure your company is recognised by Google, otherwise your company search results will suffer as a consequence. Have you linked your blog to your Google+ profile? Google “Rel=Author” to get started.
  8. 8. #6 The value of video 2013 saw the rise of video marketing via Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, but we predict 2014 will see brands using short-form videos even more. The 3 platforms offer brands the opportunity to reach and engage with younger audiences and build brand loyalty. Not only is short-form video a great tool for engagement due to its length, it’s also a relatively cheap and simple media to use, and the simpler the message the better! A few examples of some simple yet effective videos: Gap - Click to view | Burberry - Click to view | Oreo - Click to view App features and tips for use: Vine (owned by twitter) allows users to make and share 6-second short looping videos with sound. Vine was the 4th most downloaded free app on the Apple iStore in 2013! Video Tips: • Keep it simple as you only have 6 seconds to impress • Plan your video frame-by-frame • Use stop motion to add animation and make your subject come to life Snapchat – Create and share up to 6-second videos that disappear shortly after being viewed. Snapchat was the 6th most downloaded free app on the Apple iStore in 2013. Video Tips: • To create a video hold down the camera button • Experiment with 3 new filters – sepia, vintage and black and white Instagram is a mobile platform (owned by Facebook) which enables users to take up to 15 seconds of footage. You can also select your favourite scene to use as a cover image. Video Tips: • Keep clips short at 2-2.5 seconds each • For a cinematic effect try the 13 filters created with film professionals • For a silent movie keep your finger over the microphone • Use free video editing apps like Splice (iOS) or WeVideo (iOS, Android) Tips for video marketing success: 1. Create simple videos with a clear brand message 2. Relate themes to customer interests and relevant trends 3. Make your content seasonal E.g. Halloween, summer holidays, weather etc. 4. Don’t just create 1 vine, create a series on a particular theme - a product, promotion, feature or brand news 5. Reward fans for sharing your video content
  9. 9. #7 Big data gets personal Big data has been much talked about but how will the trend develop in 2014? Leading research suggests that big data will help drive improved personalisation. In 2013 marketers were talking about the abundance of data available and the problems associated with collecting and analysing big data to create useful customer insights. While it is still an issue that many brands face, there are companies and systems available that can help marketers save time and money, leaving them free to use the insights provided to improve the performance of their marketing activity. One of the biggest benefits of insights gained from big data is the ability to create a more personalised, tailored experience for the customer. This can go far beyond just using the customers name in communications, it’s about really understanding their interests, their lifestyle, their needs, their buying habits and motivations to improve customer service, tailor products and promotions accordingly and make a connection with the customer that will build brand trust and loyalty. Case study: Pets at Home One of the best brands that I have experienced for personalised marketing (first hand) is Pets at Home. To register for their VIP (Very Important Pets) Club loyalty scheme, they request details about you and your pets (their name, breed, birthday). They use this info to send you a welcome pack and regular tailored communications featuring your pet’s names with relevant news and promotions, creating increased engagement and a greater connection with the brand as a customer. The emotional connection goes even further, as the VIP Club enables customers to earn points that benefit their chosen animal charity. By working with customers’ chosen animal charities, the club has achieved two million additional social media alerts. Results show that the scheme has improved customer engagement, with VIP customer engagement 7% higher than non-VIP customers. VIP customers are also spending on average 20% more than non-VIP members per transaction. The VIP Club will continue to generate customer insights to further improve personalisation to differentiate their brand, increase engagement and sales and ultimately build brand loyalty.
  10. 10. We are JBH, a creative marketing agency that specialise in helping brands attract and influence their customers. Looking for a creative marketing agency? We have 21 years combined experience in marketing, design and digital. Find out what we can do for you, visit or talk to us now +44 (0)1604 211227
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