Be different act different & make a difference


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Imagine if you could make innovation everyone’s job, everyday!
Teach your clients how to be different, think different, act different to make a difference by:
• Disrupting the status quo and create mindset flips that enables practical applications of innovative, start-up and emergence thinking, actions and skills.
• Recognizing the whole system to generate and cross pollinate and associate ideas, services and technologies.
• Transforming the business game to bring commercial success in the face of today’s growth, value and human resource challenges.
The only coaching program for paradigm pioneers implementing innovative outcomes that translate into commercially successful business change.

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  • Learning Journey Focus
    Steve Jobs proved that surprising the market with again & again with exciting unexpected solutions results in incredible business and profitable outcomes, to in fact, create one of the most admired and innovative companies in the world.
    In this quote he describes how to be the disruptive change, and being the disruptive change in an industry or a market is exactly the sort of thing that new start-ups and business entrepreneurs are best at.
    So we need to develop the capability to;
    Key Point - Disrupt the status quo by knowing how to be different, think different and act different, in ways that to deviate from the norm, challenge the status quo, and take risks that disrupt mindsets, perspectives, habits and paradigms to make a difference.
    Group Discussion
    How do you think this links to the 5 discovery skills/or not?
    Key Point – Associating
    “Cross pollinating ideas, objects, services, technologies and disciplines to dish up new and unusual innovations.” P45 Innovators DNA.
    Steve Job quote Page 45.
    Key Point – Create Intersections, put together mismatched ideas to compose surprisingly successful combinations.
    First step is to be consciously present to ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’.
    EG. Designing this program, networking conversation, generatively listening:
    “What if you combine Theory U with your Innovation Learning System”
  • Pre- sensing:
    = Presencing and Sensing
    To tune in and act from our highest potential!
    The U Process pulls us into an emerging possibility:
    To create safe and intentional collisions and disruptions!
    To open the gate that allows us to operate from an altered state!
    To pay deep attention and open self up to the Field!
  • Be different act different & make a difference

    1. 1. Be different Think different and Make a Difference! TM Janet Sernack Innovator Entrepreneur Educator Coach CEO & Founder ImagineNation Compass Learning Pty Ltd Israel & Australia 1 TM © Private & Confidential
    2. 2. 2 TM © Private & Confidential
    3. 3. The essence of generative discovery & the emergence process p t-u tar ns Lea Preparation s ple nci pri Igniting Passionate Purpose 1. 2. 3. Being open to alternate world views. Operating from the source of human possibility. Tapping into the generative order of the universe, the field of active information – the source. Crystallizing & Prototyping Observing & Immersing Letting Go Testing & Verifying Explicit Order Implicit Order Indwelling & Illumination Reference The Source Joseph Jaworski 3 TM © Private & Confidential
    4. 4. Initiate the generative discovery process by integrating the core being states To consciously discover the creative thresholds that challenge and disrupt the status quo, unleash boldly creative ideas and innovative approaches that generate possibilities, opportunities and solutions that we may have never previously imagined. 4 TM © Private & Confidential
    5. 5. Initiate generative discovery by attending to the whole Emergent = “appearing, arising, occurring, or developing, especially for the first time” “Both/And” Existing = “currently present, in operation, or available” 5 TM © Private & Confidential
    6. 6. Tune into your intrinsic motivation for innovation at a deep generative level Necessity Possibility Urgency Accountability 6 TM © Private & Confidential
    7. 7. Be different Focus on your interior condition Courage Confidence (Self Efficacy) Curiosity Compassion Consciousness 7 TM © Private & Confidential
    8. 8. Think different Develop your associational muscle Intuitive thinking - “Both/And” non-intuitive thinking. Divergent thinking - “Both/And” convergent thinking. Conceptual thinking “Both/And” analytical thinking. To enable the brain to synthesize and make sense of novel inputs. To make connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas. To create breakthroughs at the intersection of diverse disciplines & fields. 8 TM © Private & Confidential
    9. 9. Do different Develop your generative skills Learning Challenging Listening and Inquiring Debating 9 TM © Private & Confidential
    10. 10. Make a difference Integrate your generative be, think and do different capabilities Become provocatively competent and join the coach for innovators certified program starting 28th April 2014. Be intentionally disruptive and provocatively competent. A set of being and thinking states, innovative mindsets and generative discovery skills and practices to enable people to be think and act differently. To create unexpected paradigm shifts and innovative outcomes that really make a difference. Can be translated into commercially successful business changes and ventures. 10 TM © Private & Confidential
    11. 11. Join the coach for innovators certified program starting 28th April 2014 and make a difference A distance learning program that is ICF CCE accredited and will give you what you need to become a more compelling force in your niche market and coach, train, lead, manage or consult in an emergent and innovative way! 8 Weekly Teleseminars (2 hours each) 4 one on one online meetings Comprehensive Self-Study Program Earn 19 Continuing Coach Education points towards your ICF reaccreditation! 11 TM © Private & Confidential
    12. 12. About ImagineNation and the Start-Up Game We are a generative and provocative global learning company Using the latest technology and thought leadership To develop innovative leadership and entrepreneurship capability Enabling people and organizations to become paradigm pioneers. We bring the innovation management process "to life" We partner with our clients. We custom design a range of targeted and specific corporate learning processes. We offer dynamic and exciting corporate learning programs The culmination of 7 years of global research The Coach for Innovators Certified Program™. The Start-Up Game™. Join one of our free monthly webinars 12 TM © Private & Confidential