How to Rock Your Academic Presentations on Social Media


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Ever wonder how to post your academic presentations to social media? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to use social academic sites to post, share and disseminate your work. We follow up by discussing how you can then share via additional social media tools.

Disclosure: Author has no financial interest in any of the social media tools mentioned in this presentation.

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  • @pascoe Depends on the conference and the purpose. Most of my presentations I post just before I present, so I can let the attendees know the slides are available right at the start.
    Other conferences want a copy of the slides on their site, so I post to Slideshare and give the conference the URL to post to their site.
    After the conference I may share the URL to the slides with my broader network.
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  • Do you share your conference presentation slides before, during, or after the conference?
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How to Rock Your Academic Presentations on Social Media

  1. How to rock social mediafor your academicconference presentationsDr. Janet CorralUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine
  2. This presentation will address specificsocial media accounts to use, and inwhich sequence.
  3. If you don’t have the socialmedia account mentioned,or sign up!
  4. Your Blog1Post your presentation to apublicly accessible space.Your BlogYour Blog
  5. 2Select copyright settings.If you don’t know, learn morebefore selecting!
  6. 2Select copyright settings.If the tool you are using doesn’t have built-incopyright settings, put © to you, or use theappropriate Creative Commons license.Also, be compliant with your institutional agreementas to who owns the copyright – you or yourinstitution.
  7. 3 Consider allowingdownloads.Scholarship should aim to improveeducation and society 1.Where appropriate, allow others touse, apply, adapt, and build uponyour work!1. Boyer, E. (1990). Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.Image courtesy of Lyncis
  8. 3 Consider allowingdownloads.
  9. 4Share with the conference!
  10. 4Share with the conference!Use the conferencehashtag(“#conference”) soconference go-ersmay follow along
  11. 5Share with your broadernetwork!One convention of the academic community is todisseminate one’s work. So…..Help others learn andapply your work to theircontext!
  12. 5 Share with a broadernetwork!Use other hashtagsto reach thebroader community
  13. 6Watch your work spread!**Unless you’re the keynote speaker at abig conference, 2000 views is morespread than who attended yourpresentation!
  14. Lastly…Share appropriate to your facultyagreement, and maintain yourprofessionalism within your community.Get out there & see what greatwork your colleagues are doing!