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Learning with online and mobile technologiesbook event


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This slide show provides an introduction to what you will find in this new book.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Learning with online and mobile technologiesbook event

  1. 1. Introducing a new book! A commentary from the authors
  2. 3. Listening, reading and sensemaking (Making sense of course content) Communicating and community (Communicating with a group ) Searching and researching (Searching, evaluating and using online resources) Writing and speaking (Preparing oral and written assignments) Learning using online and mobile technologies
  3. 4. Listening, reading and sensemaking Making sense of course content…
  4. 5. Writing and presenting Preparing oral and written assignments..
  5. 6. Communicating and community Learning with a group
  6. 7. Searching and researching Searching, evaluating and using online resources..
  7. 8.