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Cat Coloring and Drawing Activity Book


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This is the preview of my cat coloring and drawing activity book which you can purchase on Amazon. (affiliate link). I may earn a commission if you purchase this book through my affiliate link.

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Cat Coloring and Drawing Activity Book

  1. 1. Cat Coloring and Drawing Activity Book By Janet Giessl
  2. 2. Text and Picture copyright ©Janet Giessl 2020 All rights reserved Cover design created by Janet Giessl Editing by Janet Giessl This work including its parts is copyright protected. Any use without the written consent of the author is prohibited. This applies in particular to the electronic or other reproduction, translation, distribution and public access. Disclaimer: The author and publisher reserve the right to make changes in future editions of this publication which they consider necessary to ensure the accuracy of this publication. The reader takes the full responsibility for the use of the information within this publication.
  3. 3. About This Book This cat-themed Coloring and Drawing Activity Book is packed with 14 different coloring and drawing activities. Solutions for the Cat Spot The Differences Pages and Cat Cut and Paste Pages can be found on the final pages of the book. This is the content of the book: • Cat Coloring Pages • Cat Coloring Cards • Cat Coloring Bookmarks • Cat Find and Color Page • Cat Tracing Coloring Page • Cat Writing Coloring Page • Cat Coloring Mini Book • Cat Directed Drawing Pages • Cat Finish The Drawing Pages • Cat Mirror Drawing Pages • Cat Spot The Differences Pages • Cat Cut and Paste Pages • Cat Playdough Mats This book is ideal for children ages 4 to 7.
  4. 4. How To Fold The Mini Book 1. Fold the sheet in half vertically and horizontally. 2. With the paper folded in half horizontally, fold it in half again. If you open the paper at this point you should have eight equal rectangles marked. 3. Open the paper back up so it is folded once, horizontally and then cut along the dashed line at the center of the sheet using scissors or a craft knife. 4. Unfold the paper. 5. Fold the paper in half vertically. Take hold of the rectangle at either end and then push the paper together. The slit you cut will open up to form a diamond shape. Keep pushing the ends together until they meet. The title page should be at the front of the book. 6. Carefully neaten the folds as necessary.
  5. 5. Thank You! Thank you for having purchased my book. I really appreciate it. Are you interested in my other books? Please find them here: I would also appreciate it very much if you stopped by to visit my website and sign up for my newsletter to stay updated with new published books. Please leave an honest review.
  6. 6. Janet Giessl was a little girl who had two great passions: writing and drawing. Unfortunately, all her creative works only remained in the drawer. More than 30 years later, after getting married and two children, she now has the heart to publish her writing and illustrations. Janet Giessl is a servant of Jesus Christ, wife, mom, teacher, intuitive artist, and author.