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Rapid Response- Layoff Presentation


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Rapid Response- Layoff Presentation

  1. 1. Print CLEARLY to ensure speedy processing Please Complete the Confidential Registration Form in your Packets & Sign-In on the sheets provided While Waiting for the Presentation to begin … RR Event #: 2014 XXXX
  3. 3. How does Rapid Response help?How does Rapid Response help? By helping you navigate Unemployment Insurance (UI) Getting you started on your job search
  4. 4. Step One: Filing your UI claimStep One: Filing your UI claim How do I file a claim?How do I file a claim? On the Internet , go to the website: or by telephone Contact a Reemployment Call Center
  5. 5. Need help translating into another language?Need help translating into another language? Click on the Select Language upside down triangle (drop-down) and choose your language. The website will be translated; but it could take a few moments to load
  6. 6. Before filing,Before filing, make sure youmake sure you have…have…  Name, address and telephone number of all employers you worked for during the past 18 months  Drivers license, Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number (if you are not a citizen)  Union information: local number & address  Begin/end dates and reason for job separation
  7. 7. When filing a claim…When filing a claim… …be prepared to create a 4-digit PIN (personal identification number); and, if you file online a user name and password …provide dependency information, if you aren’t already entitled to the maximum benefit …consider having federal taxes withheld from your unemployment claim and forwarded to the Internal Revenue service to help offset your tax liability since unemployment benefits are subject to federal income taxes …provide your bank account information, if you choose direct deposit
  8. 8. What are my choices?What are my choices? Direct Deposit Debit Card Have your benefits deposited directly into your designated financial institution checking or savings account Use at any Bank of America with no fees, but be careful using the Debit Card elsewhere since you could be charged a fee or
  9. 9. TTo file online, you MUSTo file online, you MUST  Be a United States resident  Have worked in NJ for the past 18 months To file online, you MUST NOTTo file online, you MUST NOT  Have worked for the federal government or served in the military for the past 18 months  Have worked for a maritime employer in the past 18 months  Currently be disabled and unable to work File Online @http://jobs4jersey.comFile Online @ Click on the Blue – “File Here” button to get started…..
  10. 10. Filing by TelephoneFiling by Telephone Reemployment Call CentersReemployment Call Centers Northern Union City (201) 601 – 4100 Central Freehold (732) 761 – 2020 Southern Cumberland (856) 507 – 2340 If you live outside of New Jersey: (888) 795 – 6672
  11. 11. Step Two: Are you eligible?Step Two: Are you eligible? To be eligible for unemployment benefits you must meet one of the following requirements: 1. You must have worked at least 20 base weeks at $145 during a 52-week period (or base year) in covered employment or 2. Must have earned $7,300 during your base period
  12. 12. Let’s break this down…Let’s break this down… What’s the base year? …it’s the first four calendar quarters of the last five completed calendar quarters before the date of your claim What’s covered employment? …services performed by an individual for pay unless specifically prohibited by UI law or regulation
  13. 13. If your claim is dated in: Your claim is based on employment from: January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 October 2014 November 2014 December 2014 July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 Your regular base year period consists of 52 weeks that is determined by the date of your claim.
  14. 14.  Visit our website and use our Benefits CalculatorBenefits Calculator:  Your total benefits are based on your earned wages and the number of weeks worked (up to 26 weeksup to 26 weeks) Step Three: Calculating YourStep Three: Calculating Your BenefitsBenefits  If you worked for less than 26 weeks during the base year, your benefits will reflect your actualactual number of weeksnumber of weeks worked  Usually, your benefits are 60%60% of your average weekly before-tax wages during the base year
  15. 15. If you don’t qualify for the maximum weekly benefit rate, you may qualify for up to an additional 15% in benefits if: Your spouse or civil partner be unemployed the first week you file You have children or are a single parent Maximize Your BenefitsMaximize Your Benefits
  16. 16.  Severance or Bonus PaySeverance or Bonus Pay  Vacation or Sick days, HolidaysVacation or Sick days, Holidays  Social Security BenefitsSocial Security Benefits  Pension paymentsPension payments from employers outside of the base year Payments that do not affectPayments that do not affect your benefits…your benefits…
  17. 17. Payments that affectPayments that affect your benefitsyour benefits  If you take cash out of your 401K retirement or qualifying pension plan while collecting unemployment, your benefits will be reduced  If you have the federal tax of 10% withheld, your benefits will be reduced now as opposed to having to pay the taxes the next tax year  If your employer is required to give you notice, but chose, instead, to give you “payment in lieu of notice,” you must wait until those payments end to file for benefits CAUTION!!!CAUTION!!!
  18. 18.  It’s a good idea to work part-time during your job search; it extends your eligible benefit period for up to one year  By working part-time, your earnings will be deducted from your partial weekly benefit rate (PWBR), which is 20% more than your weekly benefit rate  So, if you are still searching for full-time work when your benefits would have ended, you will continue to receive benefits until all the money deferred because of the part- time work is gone Working Part-TimeWorking Part-Time
  19. 19.  You must be ableable, availableavailable and actively seekingactively seeking employmentemployment  You may be asked to provide documentation about your job search efforts  You will need contact unemployment to recertifyrecertify your benefits every two weeksyour benefits every two weeks via the phone or weeklyweekly via the internet by answering seven questions Step Four: Remaining EligibleStep Four: Remaining Eligible
  20. 20. And the questions are…And the questions are… 1. Were you able to work? 2. Were you available to work? 3. Were you actively seeking work? 4. Did you refuse a suitable job? 5. Did you receive any of the following types of payment this week: vacation, holiday, sick days, severance? 6. Are you receiving or have you applied for a pension other than retirement pay (not including social security benefits) from an employer included in your claim? (If yes, to question 6, has there been any change in the amount of your pension since you last applied for benefits?) 7. Did you work during the week(s) claimed?
  21. 21.  All unemployment claims begin on the Sunday of the week in which you filed  It is your responsibility to file promptly after your layoff.  Unemployment benefits are not retroactive and you will not be paid for weeks prior to the date you filed.  If you miss your filing day and fail to file within the seven day period, you will lose your benefits for the week you did not file About your claimAbout your claim
  22. 22. Jump start your job search…Jump start your job search… develop connectionsdevelop connections
  23. 23. …uses state-of-the-art technology to help you quickly connect to jobs, training, education and job-search resources
  24. 24. Now, take the next stepNow, take the next step in your job searchin your job search with….with…. …  Simply upload an existing resume or create a new one  Get better job leads  Customize your job leads  Think outside of the box
  25. 25. Once you’ve gotten yourself off to a good start by posting your resume and searching Approach your job search like any other job: Set goals Dedicate particular hours every day And take a break every once in a while Remember,Remember, looking for a job IS a FULL-TIME joblooking for a job IS a FULL-TIME job
  26. 26. It’s time to join –It’s time to join – …joining a Jersey Job Club at your local One-Stop Career Center gives you the tools and support you need to find a job To get involved in the Jersey Job Club, just register online at:
  27. 27. Joining a Jersey JobJoining a Jersey Job Club helps you…Club helps you… …Get the personal attention and support you need to conduct a successful job search …Grow your network through shared experiences, support, and feedback from fellow jobseekers …Identify, create, and act on job opportunities you might not have known existed otherwise
  28. 28. Increase your existing job search skills or develop new skills through a variety of workshops with guest speakers that speak on a range of topics relating to your regional labor market including: Learn about the job opportunities in New Jersey’s key industry sectors from speakers who represent New Jersey’s Talent Networks and connect New Jersey employers with trained employees.
  29. 29. Talent Networks are a strategic partnership of employers, educators and workforce development professionals working together to strengthen the workforce in specific key industry sectors:  Advanced Manufacturing  Financial Services  Health Care  Life Sciences  Retail, Hospitality and Tourism  Technology and Entrepreneurship  Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution
  30. 30. How can Talent Networks help you?How can Talent Networks help you? Talent Networks help you connect by: Providing reemployment information, tools and opportunities Hosting networking events Providing sector-specific workshops at local Jersey Job Clubs Providing materials and job aides
  31. 31. Visit aVisit a One-Stop Career CenterOne-Stop Career Center Here, you can access all of the state’s job-searching services – at no cost to you. The One-Stop Career Center is a partnership of government, community-based and educational institutions, working together, to help you get the skills you need to find and keep a job.
  32. 32.  Help you develop your job search action plan by reviewing your education and work history and help to match your skills to jobs available in your area;  Provide guidance in exploring occupations that best utilize your existing job skills;  Assess your skills and, if necessary, discuss training options; and  Refer you to support services to make getting and keeping a job easier. Speak with one of our dedicated careerSpeak with one of our dedicated career counselors who will:counselors who will:
  33. 33. a training program to secure the skills you need to succeed your high school equivalency diploma You may be eligible to enroll in…You may be eligible to enroll in… Prepare for…Prepare for… your reading, writing and math skills Freshen up…Freshen up…
  34. 34. Network! Network! Network! …utilizing websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to connect with people in your field …start a blog to highlight your expertise expertise And don’t forget …And don’t forget …
  35. 35. Thank you for taking the time today to learn about the programs and services available to you On behalf of the New JerseyOn behalf of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentDepartment of Labor and Workforce Development