Language in Motion: teaching with the flow 2010


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Language in Motion: teaching with the flow 2010

  1. 1. Tesol Italy 2010 By Janet Bianchini
  2. 2. What is this "innit" I hear everywhere? Somebody stopped me in the street and asked me for a "ciggie". Why do people say "Cheers, mate" all the time? Why do young people say "I'm not bothered". I heard someone say they were having bangers and mash for their dinner. I often hear "Are you gonna watch the footie tonight?" What is “footie”?
  3. 3. • I’ll see you, innit? • I saw him, innit? innit • Cheers, mate! • No probs, mate!mate
  4. 4. Source of new words? acronym borrowed new from old
  5. 5. acronyms SKIers wags borrowed angst al fresco new from old pants wicked
  6. 6. What “wicked” news has just been announced? Who said it was “wicked”?
  7. 7. Tocatchaprince "We reckon Kate and her pals popped down to the bookies and filled their boots. She's caught a Prince and we've been caught out," said spokesman David Williams of bookmaker Ladbrokes. Quote from yahoo news 15/11/2010
  8. 8. Mostly from the Internet “e-lingo” webspeak pingback apps link love lol Research source: On Language, The Web Is At War
  9. 9. You are my BFF, lol! I just lurve chillaxing with you, babes!
  10. 10. Yeah, IMHO, we do need to big up the sales to avoid overleveraging
  11. 11. ? Image source: Google images
  12. 12. Definition of a sheddie: Buzz Word from Macmillan Dictionary: html
  13. 13. Strip Generator Cartoon strips to animate your students!
  14. 14.
  15. 15. PhotoPeach Create fun slideshows showing new vocabulary
  16. 16. Zimmer Twins Fun Animations!
  17. 17. Zimmer Twins Let’s chill!
  18. 18. XTRANORMAL Animations to inspire dialogues
  19. 19. Which word is different and why?
  20. 20. nimby foodie brolly techie dinkie
  21. 21. brolly It’s not a person!!
  22. 22. “RECESSION CHIC” is a) style and elegance on a tight budget b) living beyond one's means during a recession c) trying to look chic but not succeeding “ADORKABLE" means a) adorable and cuddly b) delightful and charming in a sociably awkward way c) an adorable young lady from Dorking
  23. 23. New Words created by Lorella Paltrinieri from Italy
  24. 24. A TOXIC BACHELOR, who was also a CRACKBERRY, had a SENIOR MOMENT, the other day. This is a section from a “Community Dictation.” Students are given a part of a story written on a piece of paper. They have to stand up and put themselves in order of the story and then in turn, they dictate their part of the story so that everyone writes the full story. Students then do peer correction.
  25. 25. In the Top 20 words from 18/11/2010
  26. 26. Article by Veselin from Bulgaria
  27. 27. How do I keep my English up to date?
  28. 28. Resources slang.html dictionary/latestEntries.htm te/
  29. 29. Janet Bianchini TESOL Italy National Convention 2010 Language in Motion: teaching with the flow Twitter @janetbianchini