The Journey 13 5 09


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A description of WW Consulting's approach to Organisational development

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The Journey 13 5 09

  1. 1. r T h e J o u r n e y A ste p by step approach to success r
  2. 2. The Journey Stay put? The Ripple Effect Vision Who’s coming? Moving forward r Worldwide Consulting T: +44 (0) 1270 758781
  3. 3. Mike Emerton Jan Emerton (Director) (Director) r Step by Step… Business improvement Over 25 years working in partnership through people development with world class companies Established in the UK in 1982, WW Consulting is a successful global consulting group, recognised for integrity and business focus. Our multi-national team of experienced consultants all share the key attributes of passion, expertise and empathy. Our commitment is to add value by helping people learn, grow and succeed, with the aim of improving business performance and building talent for the future. Are we there yet? Through the rough and the smooth Riding the wave We’ve arrived
  4. 4. STAY PUT … To succeed organisations can’t stand still They need to be constantly moving forward, developing a culture that positively promotes change and builds performance
  5. 5. We live in a challenging, changing world requiring new skills, new perspectives and new ways of working. … or begin the journey? Staying put is not an option We’ll enable you to equip all of your people for the journey. Our integrated change management process provides a complete toolkit for leading and managing complexity. Our ‘Change Loop’ methodology champions and develops change agents and creates an organisational culture by providing direction and alignment of business objectives. “I gained the tools to analyze and handle my job and its changes”
  6. 6. THE RIPPLE EFFECT 7 Key Steps The smallest action causes ripples that can create dramatic far-reaching effects
  7. 7. Where do we need to go and how A proven approach. are we going to get there? Seeing organisations and interelationships as All companies need a consistent approach a whole rather than as individual elements to people development at every level – Organisation, Team, Individual and Self. The ‘ripple effect’ is our ‘systems thinking’ framework and an effective methodology for growth. The Seven Steps are: 1. Vision Where are we going? 2. Key stakeholder involvement Who’s coming with us? 3. Strategy All moving forward in the right direction 4. Development & Support Keeping things rolling 5. Leading through turbulence The rough and the smooth 6. Riding the Wave & Preparing to move on 7. Evaluation /Learning We’ve arrived, what’s next?
  8. 8. VISION - WHERE ARE WE GOING? The best leaders set a clear compelling vision for the future
  9. 9. How do leaders make the vision live and turn it into reality? What will it be like when we get there? We develop leadership capability at all levels enabling you to: “Leadership is not only a skill you have or don’t have. I now know that there is a • Create focus, drive and energy around goals learning curve and development curve” • Clarify ownership & accountability and set the example by living and breathing your values • Motivate and communicate effectively across organisational and functional cultures “The programme provided me with a toolkit for improving my leadership • Operate with emotional and social intelligence capabilities, aligning my leadership style • Develop strategic and operational excellence to others in my organization” • Demonstrate courage, integrity and openness to change
  10. 10. WHO IS COMING WITH US? People own what they help to create Identify key stakeholders
  11. 11. Gaining commitment and developing your people for the future “The benefit for me was to see Talent management has never been more and realise the power of a well important than it is today. How do you find and functioning team” keep key people and build core strength and new skills for future success? “I want to cascade and transfer the learning among my team - Our approach is to help you identify key we own what we create” individuals and teams and determine the criteria and skills needed to succeed. We will evaluate your current performance, culture and business climate in the context of the strategy and the vision. Next we introduce our ‘High Performing Teams’ framework. Our approach is to help teams Involving everyone. understand the framework, what each element means and the implication for the team and the business. Once commitment to the journey is obtained, we work with teams and groups on how to get there, using our extensive toolkit of team development activities.
  12. 12. ALL MOVING FORWARD A map for the journey and a detailed plan that is understood and acted on by everyone
  13. 13. in the right direction. Harnessing the energy We will help you develop a communication and performance management strategy to systematically link performance levels and development needs to business objectives. We’ll show you how to align people by “I learned a great deal about motivation empowering them to play a full and active and how best to work with other people part in the decision making process and who may not think like I do” reviewing progress. “I have been given tools and We begin the process by capturing views, processes that I will use in my managing attitudes and perceptions. and leading that will help increase the bottom-line” Then we will help you to set up robust performance management processes. Next, we will design and deliver appropriate training or development solutions. Finally, we’ll measure results against your pre-determined benchmarks and milestones.
  14. 14. ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? Maintaining momentum and creating a ‘can do’ culture
  15. 15. Practices and procedures to support, motivate and Keeping things rolling. develop your people We provide a comprehensive range of bespoke solutions and programmes to motivate your people and keep the organisation on track. “The coaching session was a wake-up call Facilitation – anytime, any place, anywhere! for my behaviour” From a half day team meeting to a full organisation – wide event. “Great facilitators who keep participants engaged” Supporting and mentoring – we provide experienced professionals to help challenge “ Excellent coaches who really added your thinking and offer fresh perspectives. value to the programme” Coaching – we identify innovative coaching solutions which are tailored to your specific needs. Working with individuals or groups the format can be face-to-face, telephone or online.
  16. 16. THROUGH THE ROUGH The business climate changes Strategies to take changing circumstances into account through the good and bad times
  17. 17. Great leaders adjust the and the smooth. sails appropriately In our fast changing global environment organisational, cultural and individual differences must be factored in to cope with turbulence. “Great international knowledge and awareness of cross-cultural problems” “WW’s fresh points of view on the cultural differences were very important. Very good experience in showing problems and the right approach to We will help you deal constructively with manage cultural problems” differences; positively address challenging behaviours and barriers, introducing you to new support systems as needed. Globalisation – we provide strategies to develop cross cultural awareness and resolve dilemmas. Team building and team climate diagnostics – when teams are faced with problems we can help them get back on course. Conflict management strategies – we have a range of solutions to help people manage conflict effectively. Resistance to change – we provide teams and individuals with the skills and confidence to understand and handle resistance.
  18. 18. RIDING THE WAVE Celebrating success What’s new? What’s different?
  19. 19. What appears to be the end of a journey is just the start of another. Successful companies recognise that they should already be looking for the next wave. Blue water thinking It is precisely when we are doing well that we should be preparing for the next journey. Blue water thinking means constantly challenging complacency and scanning the horizon to look for new, uncharted possibilities. “I gained courage for new ideas and creativity” and moving on. Drifting around here is not an option Our programmes are designed to provoke and stimulate your people to think and operate more successfully. Creativity is important but innovative, forward- thinking strategies are crucial. We bring a culture of innovation into your organisation and the skills to support it.
  20. 20. WE’VE ARRIVED, Seeking out new horizons
  21. 21. A new ripple effect now what? starts here Now a learning organisation is created. By using systems thinking , the ‘ripple effect’ becomes a day-to-day reality. Motivated and revitalised by success, your ability to look back, re-evaluate and reinvent is now enhanced and improved. “I think this programme has opened up a new level of networking that is the foundation for cultural and business change in the future” “This course has been intensive but with massive value” “An amazing experience The vision for the next journey is clearly from start to finish” communicated and a new map is ready.
  22. 22. THE JOURNEY
  23. 23. CONTINUES… “ I have worked with Jan and Mike from WW for many years, both in Europe and the United States, and have found them one of the very few consultancies who can bridge the cultural gap seamlessly with both individuals and groups. Without their hard work in introducing culture, understanding and the need for superior performance the teams I have had work with them simply would not have made it ” as collective units
  24. 24. r Worldwide Consulting Dragon’s Wharf, Dragon’s Lane Moston, Sandbach Cheshire, CW11 3PA UK T: +44 (0) 1270 758781