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How did you attract your audience


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How did you attract your audience

  1. 1. How did you attract your audience?When doing our project we generally wanted to keep itsimple but effective as possible on our target audience. Sofor the beginning of our video we didn’t have a logo so forour video we decided to introduce it in a different mannerof a flashback and good use of camera shots along withtense musicThis instantly gives the audience the impression about thetype of film that it is and is going to be. This also straightaway starts to build a sense of enigma from the severaldifferent techniques e.g. music, camera use.
  2. 2. How did you attract your audience?• We did later on in the film after the flashback in the film then introduce the credits of the film we did with a sense of iconography and a more creative idea not using computer generated images, this ended up fitting it well as the storyline makes it have sense, as the folders are to imply the case and the people they are going after and their job role requirements which would include working in a office and having those files etc.• We introduced are credits in sections as this we believed it was more effective and attractive to the audience as it kept the suspense theme going and ‘putting the pieces together’ concept to it, and the final scene of the agent receiving the cheque the title of our film ‘The searchers’ then comes which works effectively and ironically to what the audience will believe what will happen which is this agent then get searched until they kill him.
  3. 3. How did you attract your audience?• Our group thought this would make the audience feel in suspense and want to watch more to find out what would happen next and attract them to find out more. The use of music to accompany it as shows sympathy but then adds still a tone of tensions which makes it very attractive to the audience as starts showing and portraying the emotions and shows the change of emotion as well so the music leads the narrative in a sense, the audience would have the stereotypical ideas before which would gratify their expectations. The use of simplicity of the font keeps the focus on scenes plus still leaves an agent theme to it as they way it goes across the page leaves a suspicious edge to it, which fits to the dominant ideology.• The conventional and at times unexpected techniques that we used for the credits for example I believe helps our film into being attractive to the audience. I would say that our film does have a ‘A Bourne ultimum’ theme to it through little dialogue at the start and uses of flashbacks and early actions scenes that leave the audience suspicious to why, so the audience could have that impression to it. Through the film it does convert and subvert as you can never really work out fully who is the hero or protagonist of the film which creates more suspense and enigma.