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Research assistance and counsulting


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Research assistance and counsulting

  1. 1. (Guidance)
  2. 2. ResearchAssistance
  3. 3.  Research Assistant A research assistant (in some institutions referred to as research officer) is a researcher employed, often on a temporary contract, by a university or a research institute, for the purpose of assisting in academic research.
  4. 4.  Research Assistant Research assistants are an important component to the research process and particularly to large research projects conducted at larger organizations such as universities. Research assistants are particularly integral at research universities where faculty members are expected to carry out funded research as part of their job.
  5. 5. What does aResearch Assistant Do?
  6. 6.  On Academic Discipline The tasks of a research assistant will vary greatly from one academic discipline to another. Research assistants to professors in the humanities and social sciences will be involved in much different work than those working within the natural sciences and mathematics.
  7. 7.  On General Tasks Many research assistants may assist with general tasks required in most courses of inquiry. This may include conducting a search for scholarly literature relevant to the research project, searching the library, copying articles, ordering additional articles and books, and formulating a bibliography. Other general tasks may be related to clerical and record-keeping for the overall project.
  8. 8.  Research Tasks Depending on the academic field and the particular principal investigator in charge, a research assistant may be treated as more of a research associate and expected to make much more significant contributions to the overall project in addition to the general tasks. Research assistants may be tasked with collecting data by planning and implementing experiments, conducting interviews, administering surveys, or coordinating focus groups.
  9. 9.  Communicating Research Research assistants may be charged with assisting a researcher with preparing presentations about research project results for professional, scientific and academic conferences. Power point slides may need to be crafted for oral paper presentations, and posters will need to be created for conference poster presentations.
  10. 10. ResearchAssistanceExamples
  11. 11.  http://www.research-
  12. 12.  Research Assistance has been providing high-quality library research reports to the academic and business communities since 1969. With more than 25,000 topics to choose from, you have access to the best single research source in America.Research Assistance also offers: Consultation on appropriate methodological procedures and statistical techniques. Processing and analysis of statistical data. Written drafts of Methodology and Results.
  13. 13.  s/research-assistance.html
  14. 14.  Research Appointments & Paper Consultations Request a research appointment with a research librarian who will provide advice on defining your topic, developing your research strategy, locating and using subject-specific data sources, and identifying potential research problem areas. Please include a description of your topic and times you are available to meet.
  15. 15.  Research Classes Each semester, the Library offers research classes on a variety of subjects to assist students working on research papers and assignments for their substantive and clinical courses, as well as journal work. Library research classes and training sessions offered by LexisNexis and Westlaw are all listed in the HLSL Legal Research Training calendar.
  16. 16.  hassistance.html
  17. 17. Getting Help with Research Projects Use Find Resources for locating library materials. Use Research Guides for identifying recommended resources on a given topic or an industry, such as "company research" or "biotechnology industry." Use Fast Answers for getting answers to specific research questions such as "where can I find a list of recent mergers and acquisitions?" or to ask your own question of library staff.
  18. 18. 
  19. 19. Librarians dedicated to subject areas are here to help you with all aspects of the research process, including: Figuring out research topic ideas Finding background information on your topic Identifying high quality, scholarly resources for your topic or project Strategizing on how to manage citations Set up a one-on-one research session with your subject librarian. Request a research consultation.
  20. 20.
  21. 21.  A number of tools exist to assist researchers in locating Harvard Law School Librarys Historical & Special Collections materials. For biographical research on Harvard Law School graduates, please see our Biographical Research Guide. Links to Harvard University online catalogs can be found in the "Find It Fast" box on the right of this page. The Harvard Law School Librarys reference team has put together an excellent list of resources— Research A-Z—to direct researchers and patrons to online sources and guides for the study of the law and legal history.
  22. 22.  psy- ab&q=research+assistance&oq=research+assist ance&gs_l=hp.3..0i10l4.1447.7554.0.8273.19.14.0 . 1.11.0...0.0...1c.NeL8TweWC8k&pbx=1&bav=o n.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=c91a62c1434e7451&b iw=1163&bih=644
  23. 23.  Research Assistance Program Our Research Assistance Program (RAP) is designed to encourage post-publication research that provides new information about the applications and characteristics of our instruments. By making the results of such studies available to the field, you will be contributing to scientific knowledge and sound professional practice.
  24. 24.  /support/rap/ m
  25. 25. ResearchConsulting
  26. 26.  Research Consultant A research consultant is a specialist that performs targeted research and provides a final report to the client. This type of consultant is most commonly found in scientific, government or engineering services firms. The need for these types of specialist services is standard in these industries, as permanent staff are not experts in the specific areas.
  27. 27.  Research Consultants Does! Supporting and working alongside more senior recruitment consultants, as a Research Consultant youll be responsible for collecting, analysing and presenting data in a variety of formats
  28. 28.  Daily, you might be tasked with interviewing employees, both existing and potential. Youd be using a range of surveys including employee engagement, exit interviews, compliance surveys and action planning. Your research data would then help employers to market their vacancies as best they can.
  29. 29.  Researching, of course, would be your main duty. If you were starting a research project for a client, for example, you might start with creating a strategy, then move onto compiling reports and summaries of the data gathered ensuring its absolute accuracy.
  30. 30.  m
  31. 31.  The Research & Instructional Support (RIS) Department offers a research consultation service for students, faculty, and staff. This is an in-depth, customized, one-on-one meeting with a RIS staff member to discuss possible information resources and search strategies for class assignments, papers, presentations, Masters theses, and doctoral dissertations.
  32. 32.  Library Research Consultations connect researchers to the information and skills needed to support research. Research Consultations with subject experts are tailored to the needs of researchers.
  33. 33. What can you expect from a Research Consultation? help finding scholarly information related to research topics strategies for searching specific databases access to the information identified assistance with systematic reviews Research Consultations are available to higher degree students, postgraduate students, honours students, Faculty and academic staff.
  34. 34.  orm
  35. 35. Reference staff member or subject librarian can assist you in: * Finding information resources in print or online * Planning a research strategy * Designing catalog and database searches * Conducting literature searches for grant proposals or other reports * Navigating to journal articles, images, data sources or digital texts * Using citation management software, such as RefWorks or EndNote
  36. 36. A few examples of typical research consultations include: Undergraduate students Writing course term papers or honors theses Sharing citations with other students on a team project Graduate students Identifying databases and other resources for thesis work Formulating reference styles for journal article submission Compiling and managing a personal citation database
  37. 37. Faculty Locating resources for research or grant proposals Integrating a large citation database into manuscript preparation Compiling and displaying source materials for a course Web siteCampus administrative and professional staff Locating sources for statistical data for reports and presentations Posting a database of subject references on a Web site
  38. 38. THANK YOU 