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  1. 1. What is Library Instruction?
  2. 2. Library instructionalso called ; bibliographic instruction (BI) user education library orientation
  3. 3. Library instruction• consists of "instructional programs designed to teach library users how to locate the information they need quickly and effectively.
  4. 4. Library instructionusually covers; the librarys system of organizing materials the structure of the literature of the field research methodologies appropriate to the academic discipline specific resources and finding
  5. 5. Library instructionIt prepares individuals to make immediate and lifelong use of information effectively by; teaching the concepts and logic of information access and evaluation fostering information independence and critical thinking.
  6. 6. Library instruction• Library instruction "began in the nineteenth century, with instruction in library use offered by a number of libraries in the United States between 1876 and 1910, and then ramped up in the early twentieth century".
  7. 7. Library instruction• In a 1912 American Library Association survey, 57% of respondents offered required or elective library instruction courses.
  8. 8. Library instruction• academic library instruction was for the most part dormant in the library profession from the late 1930s until the early 1960s.• Some librarians were still participating in classroom instruction but the literature shows little
  9. 9. Library instruction• During the 1970s and 1980s, prior to widespread public use of computers, [library instruction] went far beyond teaching the mechanics of identifying and locating materials in the physical library.
  10. 10. Library instructionIt also included; critical thinking active (participatory) learning the teaching of concepts, such as controlled vocabularies
  11. 11. Library instructionIt focused on; the physical library as for the most part, that was all that users could try out during instruction.
  12. 12. Library instructionHowever, the goal was always teaching so that users would transfer what they;• learned to new situations• reference tools• environments new to them— that is, they would learn how to
  13. 13. Library instructionA related term, information literacy,is the ability to; is the ability to identify what information is needed understand how the information is organized identify the best sources of information
  14. 14. Library instruction locate those sources evaluate the sources critically, share that information.“It is the knowledge of commonly used research techniques".
  15. 15. Library instructionoccurs in; various forms such as formal class settings small group sessions one-on-one encounterswritten guides and brochures, audiovisual presentations, and computer-
  16. 16. Library instruction• Some university libraries offer specialized instructional sessions.• At these sessions the librarian works one-on-one with a user to assist him or her with specific research goals.• These sessions are sometimes referredto as a "term paper clinic" or a
  17. 17. Library instruction• Another option for library instruction consists of one- shot instruction sessions.• This slang term refers to "formal instruction given in a single session, as opposed to instruction extended over two or more
  18. 18. Library instruction• These class meetings are often held just before a term paper is assigned, and the goal of the librarian is to orient the class to the best library sources for use in a term paper.
  19. 19. Library instruction• Instructional ToolsBasic: Computer lab with instructor and student workstations Projector Printer Access to the Internet
  20. 20. Library instruction• Instructional Tools  Class recordingExtra: capabilities Software for  Software for creating tutorials creating online guides Whiteboard  Computer control Classroom technology response technology  Virtual sandbox
  21. 21. Library instruction
  22. 22. Library instruction
  23. 23. Library instruction
  24. 24. Library instruction
  25. 25. Library instruction
  26. 26. Library instruction
  27. 27. THAT’S ALL FOLKS Thank by: prepared you!Jean Clydee Fermanez Lachica Alyssa Marie Tan Paral BLIS-III