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Apps for AAC - Adding iPads to your AAC Toolkit Part 2


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Preconference workshop presented at AGOSCI 2013

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Apps for AAC - Adding iPads to your AAC Toolkit Part 2

  1. 1. Apps for AACAdding iPads to your AAC ToolkitJane Farrall, Janelle Sampson and Kelly Moore
  2. 2. Comprehensive AAC AppsAAC Rubric, Jessica Gosnell, MS, CCC-SLP, Childrens Hospital Boston
  3. 3. Sono FlexOutput Synthesised- male, female, boy, girlUnable to change pronunciationsSpeech Settings Speak after each word, Unable to speak after eachletter, no punctuation, Unable to adjust rateRepresentation Symbol Stix, text,Able to import own photographsOnly one symbol/ photo per buttonDisplay Symbol based, flick between home core page &contexts page, Horizontal orientation only, smallmessage window text size etc. Can customise label,message, symbol, part of speech,ABC keyboard, arrowbutton (after work is spoken)Feedback Features NoneRate Enhancement No word prediction,“history” list, scrolling pagesAccess DirectFine Motor Unable to change size of cells or number of cellsRequire swipe and pointSupport Manual/ video tutorialsMiscellaneous Edit on iPad, able to lock edit in settings
  4. 4. Touch Chat HDOutput Recorded and synthesised speech, 7 US and UK voices, male, femaleand childSpeech Settings Ability to edit pronunciation, rate and pitch adjustments, speak aftereach letter, word, sentenceRepresentation Symbol Stix, text, can import your own imagesDisplay Dynamic,Text to Speech, 7 page sets with ability to purchase additionalsets (e.g.WordPower), message window with symbols as an option,core and fringe vocab, page layout and messages can all be customised(colour, button, font), vertical and horizontal orientation, multi linemessage windowFeedback Features Highlight touch on buttonsRate Enhancement Word prediction, abbreviation expansionAccess Direct access (hold and release time, activate on release),Tilt thedevice to have message enlarge on screenFine Motor Point, Gestures can be added to pages or page setsSupport Website, live and recorded webinars, manual and quick reference guide,range of articles, ticket support system, emailMiscellaneous Vocab from message window can be sent to email, text, Facebook etc.Subscribe to iShare to share pages with community. Purchase WindowsEditor to edit on your computer. Can also edit on iPadProgram buttons to play media
  5. 5. Grid PlayerOutput Synthesised, one male and one female Acapela, 13 languagessupportedSpeech Settings Speak after word only, no pronunciation tool on iPadRepresentation Widgit and Symbol Stix, Snaps Photo Library, able to use ownphotos when using Grid 2 software, 3 pre-created sets, 2symbol based, 1 text based available in the app, 1 new inversion 1.4 photo based page set, and phrase set.Display Dynamic, text to speech (Qwerty/ ABC), horizontal only, nocustomisation on the app itself, large range of customisationavailable on The Grid 2,Feedback Features Buttons highlighted on activationRate Enhancement Word prediction, word lists for larger categoriesAccess DirectFine Motor PointSupport Within App email support, manual on websiteMiscellaneous Online Grids Account requiredPlay Grid Sets from The Grid 2 softwareNot all Grid 2 content (e.g. licensed) is able to be played onthe Grid Player
  6. 6. Tap Speak Choice 4.0Output Recorded and synthesised speech, 30 languages and 80 voicesavailable for downloadSpeech Settings Rate and pitch adjustment, no pronunciation tool, speak wheninserting messages into message windowRepresentation Now using Pixon symbols, PCS still available for existingcustomers, able to add own photos, keyboard and textbuttons available, library usage now optional in version 4.0,limited starter vocabularyDisplay 1-56 cells per board, individual boards or dynamic, messagewindow optional with customisable size, vertical andhorizontal orientation, edit page colour, range of KBFeedback Features Visual scanning, auditory prompt/spoken message, zoomRate Enhancement NoneAccess Direct, 1 or 2 switch visual and auditory scanning, configurablescanning,Fine Motor Touch mode,Tap mode, detect touch on release,Touchaveraging, anti stimming setting, grab, swipes, multiple fingersand pinch can be detectedSupport Website,You Tube videos, iBook user guide, emailMiscellaneous Edit on iPad, Backup to Dropbox
  7. 7. Speak ForYourselfOutput Synthesised, male & femaleSpeech Settings Speak on selection only,Adjust speech rate and pitch, nopronunciation tool,Representation Core word based, uses own “Smarty” symbol setDisplay Symbol with single meaning pictures, QWERTY keyboardpage,Ability to hide/ show words, unable to edit words onmain screen, ability to add own photos and customise vocabon secondary screens, horizontal orientation only, unable toedit text, button or symbol size, symbol/text in messagewindowFeedback Features NoneRate Enhancement Minimal navigation, app blocks duplication of vocabularyAccess DirectFine Motor Small cells 1cm x 1cm, pointSupport Installed programming guide, website, Facebook page,You TubeTutorials,Miscellaneous Edit on iPad, able to lock edit in settingsAble to text messages through iMessageBabble- toggle between the full vocab set and individualscustomised set
  8. 8. PredictableVerballyRocket KeysOutputSpeech SettingsRepresentationDisplayFeedback FeaturesRate EnhancementAccessFine MotorSupportMiscellaneous