Jisc RSC KAFEC - ICT Managers presentation Oct 2013


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An update on Jisc RSC

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  • Consultations - available face-to-face and online. RSC provide strategic consultations on a number of topics relating to the use of technology in teaching and learning and organisational effectivenessEvents - each RSC offers a programme of online and face-to-face events planned in response to national priorities and emergent regional concerns. Events are free or at a minimal cost.Networks - RSCs supports emergent and established networks for the development and sustainment of good practice. As appropriate, the RSCs support networks initiated by Partners, particularly as part of national framework agreements.Communication - RSCs signpost providers to relevant resources and activities. They also facilitate communication within and across learning providers by supporting staff in their development and use of conferencing and on-line communications.Training - RSCs broker training opportunities by working with Learning Providers who are leaders in their field and with third party providers (though they do not promote or favour particular commercial partners); RSCs will provide direct training where appropriate, particularly in relation to emergent priorities or techniques which can have a significant impact on overall organisational efficiency and effectiveness.Partner relationships - RSCs foster partner relations at both national and regional levels as a way of clarifying strategic direction and support for the FE and Skills and HE sectors. Resources - a common core of material supports the remit of the RSCs, developed by advisers with hands-on experience within the regions
  • Jisc RSC KAFEC - ICT Managers presentation Oct 2013

    1. 1. An Introduction to Jisc RSC SE 22nd October 2013 Jane Mackenzie j.mackenzie@kent.ac.uk Paul Gotch p.n.gotch@kent.ac.uk Go to View > Header & Footer to edit www.jisc.ac.uk/rsc October 25, 2013 | slide 1 RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning
    2. 2. Joint Information Systems Committee (Jisc)  Over the last 17 years Jisc has provided expert advice and practical support to help organisations achieve their objectives and enhance performance using technology.  We help organisations to get the most from technology, enabling them to reduce costs, work efficiently, adapt to change and enhance the quality of learning, teaching and research.  Through practical tools, helpdesks, workshops and consultancy services, we provide assistance with planning, managing and using technologies in the post-16 education sector and beyond.  www.jisc.ac.uk October 25, 2013 | slide 2
    3. 3. A Short history of JISC by Jisc . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_W0RGK2SQg&feature=em-share_video_user
    4. 4. The JISC family In addition to the Regional Support Centres Jisc offers a number of dedicatted specialist support services JISC Digital Media Still and moving images and audio JISC Legal Legal advice for ICT in education JISC Procureweb Procurement support JISC Regional Support Centre Southeast JISC infoNET Infokits, case studies and training JISC Netskills Technology training and staff development JISC TechDis Technology and inclusion advisory service
    5. 5. The RSC SE Adviser Team Go to View > Header & Footer to edit October 25, 2013 | slide 5
    6. 6. Presentation Title Go to View > Header & Footer to edit October 25, 2013 | slide 6
    7. 7. What can the RSC do for you?         Free Consultancy Events Networks Free Innovation forums, Moodle Forums Communications F2F Training and webinars Partner relationships Resources Go to View > Header & Footer to edit October 25, 2013 | slide 7
    8. 8. A Quick tour of the RSC Website  http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southeast  http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southeast/courses-andresources/moodle-courses.aspx  http://moodle-rsc.ukc.ac.uk/webcast/  http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southeast/casestudies/summaries.aspx  http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/infokits/e-safety/ October 25, 2013 | slide 8
    9. 9. Presentation Title Thank you for listening Please call us if you would like Jisc RSC to support and advise you Jane Mackenzie E-learning Adviser Work Based Learning (WBL) JISC Regional Support Centre South East Skype Jane.Mackenzie11 Twitter JaneMackenzie2 Email j.mackenzie@kent.ac.uk Mobile: 07714140570 JISC RSC SE at the University of Kent - www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/southeast Go to View > Header & Footer to edit October 25, 2013 | slide 9