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  1. 1. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , , , , , , , , , WDASAM/FM , , , , , , THE PHILADELPHIA ZOO , , KIMBERLY CLARK , , , , , , ...a great partnership in 1998 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , PRESENTED BY. , , , , KIM DZIABIS , , WDASAM/fM , GENERAL SALES MANAGER , , , , , lISA BOWER BOSTON ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, , ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE WDASAM/fM , JUNE 1998 Submitted by Carol Green Williams
  2. 2. KlmbeTly ClaTk1s DTlmaTY sales oblectlvesl ~ Increase sales of Huggies products within Philadelphia County ~ Increase Huggies' market share within Philadelphia County As the saying goes quot;you've come to the right placequot;. Ofthe approximately 248,000 African American women 18+ who reside in Philadelphia County, WDAS AMlFM reaches almost 70%. (Arbitron Fall, 1997) The stations are the ideal commercial and promotional vehicles on which to carry the Huggies message into the African American community. Participation by the Philadelphia Zoo is a partnership that will provide: A promotional venue that appeals to mothers with young children (primary Huggies consumer) ~ Continued support of Philadelphia's urban communities ~ Increased promotional exposure for Huggies products
  3. 3. Conceptual Tlmlnq African American Cultural Fest, August 1998 OverVlew The Philadelphia Zoo's highly successful and very popular event, the African American Cultural Fest, is scheduled for August 1 and August 2. This two day event is expected to draw approximately 15,000-20,000 people. The unique celebration of African American culture includes participatory African dancing, live music, face painting, storytelling, mask making, craft making along with other family-oriented activities. Beginning in mid-July, WDAS AM/FM listeners will be encouraged to purchase Huggies products. Consumers will be rewarded for their purchase by receiving discounted admission to the African American Culture Fest. Each proof-of-purchase will earn the consumer a $2 discount on up to four tickets. Tlcket CJlveaways 20 family four packs oftickets will be given away to WDAS AM/FM listeners prior to the African American Culture Fest. Huggies will sponsor these on air-giveaways. Additionally, 30 tickets will be available for usage by Kimberly Clark personnel and/or trade partners. Stahon SUppOTt WDAS-FM will be on location at the zoo on Saturday, August 1 from lOam-3pm. Patty Jackson will broadcast live from the zoo, and Huggies will be the premier sponsor of this remote. Three times per hour Patty will highlight Huggies' sponsorship. Additionally, WDAS-FM will air 30-30 second promos that will promote the August 1 remote as well as the Huggies redemption program.
  4. 4. Promotional Exposure There are numerous opportunities for Huggies to receive promotional exposure during African American Culture Fest. They are as follows: ~ Three weeks prior to the event, zoo signage will include information about the African American Culture Fest redemption program. A Huggies logo will be included (along with a WDAS logo) in the zoo's newspaper advertising used to promote African American Culture Fest. Huggies banners will be displayed at the WDAS-FM remote site on Saturday. On Sunday, the banner will remain on display at the zoo. Huggies will be given space near the Children's Petting Zoo on Saturday and Sunday. Banners will be displayed and Kimberly Clark representatives will distribute Huggies coupons and or product samples. This is a great location to distribute Huggies calenders since the Petting Zoo appeals to families with young children. RadIO Support ~ Two week flight on WDAS AMlFM, July 6-19 18 :60 combo commercials per week (to include redemption program) 20 :20 combo promotional mentions featuring on-air ticket giveaways 30 :30 FM promotional mentions running July 20-31 that will feature the redemption program and the August 1 remote 15 :20 live promotional mentions during the WDAS-FM five hour remote on August 1
  5. 5. Elements • Sponsorship of the August 1 live remote • Sampling location at the Children's Petting Zoo • Redemption program • 20 four packs of zoo tickets for on-air giveaway • 30 zoo tickets for Kimberly Clark • 30 :60 combo commercials • 20 :20 combo promos • 30 :30 FM promos • 15 :20 FM promos during remote • Writing and production of commercial and promotional copy • Coordination of promotional partners • Redemption fulfilment (zoo will coordinate) • Complete program wrap up report Total Value. $30.880 Total Investmenb $11.500 * Pending approval of all promotional partners
  6. 6. SUMMARY A promotional partnership between WDAS and the Philadelphia Zoo provides Kimberly Clark with an opportunity to increase Huggies sales and to showcase Kimberly Clark's commitment to the African American community. These promotional concepts were developed with Kimberly Clark's primary objective in mind, to sell more Huggies products to African American consumers. Participation by the Philadelphia Zoo is crucial to the success of these programs. The zoo's commitment to participate in the Project Safe Baby Month program is predicated on Kimberly Clark's involvement with WDAS and the African American Cultural Fest. We consider the relationship between WDAS and Kimberly Clark to be very important one. The station is committed to providing results for Kimberly Clark. Thank you for your time and consideration.