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Old Man And The Sea2


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Old Man And The Sea2

  1. 1. Brewster Is Reading… The Old Man and the Sea Test Your Knowledge 1. The protagonist of this tale is an old Cuban fisherman who goes fishing every day despite his terrible luck. What is his name? ______________________________________________ 2. In the village, the old man has only one true friend: a young boy. The old man and the boy used to fish together, but the boy’s parents made him stop because the old man was “salao.” What does “salao” mean? ________________________________________________ 3. What was the young boy’s name? _______________________________________________ 4. One day in September the old man is fishing. First he hooks an “albacore” then he hooks a great marlin. What time of day did the old man hook the marlin? _____________________ 5. In order to help himself catch the fish, what does the old man do? ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Land now out of sight, the old man is surprised to see a little bird flying across the water. It rests on his taut fishing line. What kind of bird was it? _____________________________ 7. While hanging on to the line, the old man’s hands got cut, burned and in general badly hurt. One of his hands cramped. Which hand was it? ________________________________ 8. What baseball player does the old man think of often during his ordeal with the marlin? ______________________________________________________________________________ 9. When the old man is finally able to kill the fish and lash it to the boat, what does he wonder? ______________________________________________________________________ 10. What is the very last line in the “The Old Man and the Sea?” ______________________________________________________________________________ Fill in the answers and return to the library by May 23, 2007 for a prize drawing at the final celebration on May 24, 2007. Name: _________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ E-Mail: _________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _____________________________________________________________ Brewster Ladies’ Library May 2007