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Make Economic Cents Handout 2009 Ch F V4


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Make Economic Cents Handout 2009 Ch F V4

  1. 1. Resources for Chris Farrell’s “Preserve Your Financial Health!” The Saint Paul Public Library, the James J. Hill Reference Library and the City of Saint Paul’s Planning and Economic Development Department are hosting a series of seminars called Make Economic Cent$ designed to help our citizens search for a job, start a company, and stay financially fit in uncertain times. How do I access the information? The Saint Paul Public Library’s materials (marked “SPPL”) can be accessed from any Saint Paul Public Library SPPL location. Contact Saint Paul Public Library at 651-266-7000 for assistance. The James J. Hill Reference Library’s materials (marked “Hill”) may be used only at the James J. Hill Reference HILL Library. Contact the Hill Library at 651-265-5500 for assistance. Personal Finance Kiplinger’s practical guide to your money : keep more of it, make it grow, enjoy it, protect it, pass it on by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine Editors (2005) – Covers a variety of personal finance including how to save, how to save; how to build credit; and how to finance cars, a college education, and divorce. SPPL Personal finance for dummies by Eric Tyson (2006) – A complete introduction to managing your finances. Topics covered include reducing your spending, understanding different investment options, and financial goal setting. SPPL Right on the money: taking control of your personal finances by Chris Farrell (2000) – Advice on sound financial decision-making on numerous topics, including budgeting, investments, credit card debt, buying a car or home, and paying for college. SPPL The road to wealth: a comprehensive guide to your money: everything you need to know in good and bad times by Suze Orman (2008) – A guide to personal finance at all stages of life. Topics addressed include debt management, home ownership, and retirement. SPPL over
  2. 2. 2 Home Mortgages Home buying for dummies by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown (2008) – Includes sections on how to know if you are ready to buy, how to find a lender and how to refinance among others. Helpful appendix explains interest rates and shows tables of what loans look like over a repayment term. SPPL Your first home : the smart way to get it and keep it by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox (2008) – A step-by-step approach to purchasing your first home. Covers how to prepare for home ownership, how to search for a home, and how to keep your home once you own it. SPPL Bankruptcy The complete Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy guide by Edward A. Haman (2007) – Explains how to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy; includes necessary forms. SPPL The complete Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy guide by Edward A. Haman (2007) – Explains how to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy; includes necessary forms. SPPL Investing Foreclosure investing for dummies by Ralph R. Roberts with Joe Kraynak (2007) – How to successfuly invest in foreclosed homes, including how to bid at auctions, what paperwork you need, and what types of homes to avoid. SPPL Stock Investing for dummies by Paul Mladjenovic (2006) – A complete introduction to investing in stocks. Topics covered include how to choose stocks that are right for you, how to understand stock indexes, and how to protect your profits. SPPL The smartest 401(k) book you’ll ever read: maximize your retirement savings–the smart way! by Daniel R. Solin (2008) – Advice on choosing and managing your retirement savings plan. SPPL Investor’s Business Daily Geared towards individual investors, this daily newspaper provides information on stocks, mutual funds, and commodities. HILL SPPL Money Popular magazine covering all aspects of personal finance and investing. HILL Value Line Investment Survey Use Value Line to get current reports on publicly traded companies, targeted towards the investor. HILL Web sites Smart Money This site is part of the Wall Street Journal network and provides articles and tools related to personal finance, investment, and more. Yahoo! Finance Provides financial statistics, how-to guides, and articles on personal finance and investment.