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Loyal Tec White Paper Ra3

  1. 1. connecting north oak cliff families for over 80 years MAR 2008 Babbling with Brooke. A FEW WISE WORDS FROM OUR RECPTA PRESIDENT The moms have been asking each other about activities and classes for babies. Here’s one I found...Play Wisely is a new baby activity class of- fered by ASI Gymnastics, Like High- lands branch at Greenville Avenue and Forest Lane, 972-671-5510. Play Wisely is the new way to play for babies and toddlers, featuring The Directionality MethodTM, a RECPTA Restaurant Review patent pending system for enhancing natural learn- ing and movement ability. Babies acquire fun and Cafe Italia (on Davis at Bishop) amazing new baby skills. They play together pur- TRACY AND PAUL WEHRMANN posefully, and have fun that lasts a lifetime. You get The long… the chance to know your baby better. These classes develop attention, recognition, and memory skills, Tex-Mex is nothing new to Oak Cliff. But Dal- in addition to developing balance, coordination, and Ital? That could be a good description of what is mobility skills. Featured in Dallas Child Magazine being served up at Café Italia in the Bishop Arts in September, and on Good Morning Texas WFAA District, a relative of the restaurant of the same Channel 8 in October. Website: www.asigymnastics. name on Lovers Lane west of Inwood. com/playwisely The menu is an interesting mélange of Italian Baby and Toddler Classes restaurant staples (bruschetta, lasagna, risotto), Babies 1 (Early Sensory Skills) variations thereon (smoked salmon manicotti, 4-8 months hazelnut gnocchi), and bold, Texas-influenced of- Turn on and tune in! ferings (osso buco tamales, collard green agnolotti, chicken-King Ranch pasta). Babies 2 8-12 months Of the staples, the Calamari is exceptionally Learn to move and move to learn. tender. The Tagliatelle Otto formaggio al Tartufo is very similar to a thick alfredo and comes with the Toddlers 1 same rewards (flavor) and penalties (calories and fat 12-18 months grams). The pizzas are a solid choice as an entrée, First steps and first words. an appetizer, or for the kids. Toddlers 2 In the variations and Dal-Ital choices, the mus- 18-36 months sels steamed in Shiner Bock are outstanding and Know and go skills. –Brooke Wise, President, RECPTA CONTINUED ON PAGE 6
  2. 2. THE KESSLER SCHOOL. OPEN HOUSE THURSDAYS 9:00AM TO NOON. Our Pre K Level I and II program reflects the belief that children are active learners. That builds meaning and understanding through full participation in their learning environments. This child-centered program combines high expectations for each child with respect for individual development. • National Academy of Early Childhood Programs & SACS Accredited • Enrollment for the 2008-09 school year begins December 1, 2007 • Low Student to Teacher Ratios • Pre K – 4th Grade • Before & After School Care To arrange a tour, please call 214-942-2220. Currently accepting applications for mid-term enrollment in Pre-K Level II, Kindergarten, and 1st grade. info@thekesslerschool.com www.thekesslerschool.com The RECPTA Event of the Year: Are you ready to buy or sell your Rockin’ for Rosemont, home? Contact Heather Vest of Abio The Auction Realty for the highest level of personal service! Heather is a Cliff Dweller, a You are coming to the Rockin’ for Rosemont RECPTA mom and wants to be your auction and party benefitting the Rosemont choice Realtor. Cell (817) 996-1953 Elementary School Arts Programs aren’t you? It hlvest22@gmail.com won’t be the same if you’re not there! The event will be held this Friday, April 4, 2008, from 7:00pm until midnight at the Salon Las American on 1004 For Worth Avenue, across from The Belmont Hotel. Tickets are only $25 per per- son! You get all kinds of big fun, food, and bands for that miniature price. @kessler travel • Cruises CRUISES & L A N D VA C A T I O N S www.kesslertravel.com • Spa Rockin’ for Rosemont will feature a silent auc- • Groups • Romantic Getaways tion and live auction, as always. New this year is • Packaged Tours the Wine Pull, a raffle of sorts where every ticket T • Ski/Golf wins a bottle of win worth over $20. There are • international Travel some choice wines in this pool! Food and drink • family will abound. • customized private tours This year, the event features many of our own Oak Cliff bands including: Floramay Holiday Band, Goodwin, Happy Bullets, Happy Campers, Lucky Pierres, Trinity River Whalers, and Fabsville. Irene Ellis, CTC, MCC 214.942.4841 irene@kesslertravel.com
  3. 3. The mini-mart in my attic. I wanted AND more. (This is how I came to have a mini-mart in my attic). Open that door and you LEA ANN STUNDINS, EDITOR OF THE NEWSLETTER hear George Burns telling Gracie “Don’t Open This is what a combination of a few slow free- That Door!” in your head. I have at least a dozen of lance months, a big income tax bill looming, and each of the 6 different cleaning products that will the 5th grade science fair will get you. As Quinn be used to clean my house for the next year. Sham- ran his own “The Elasticity of Bubblegum” sci- poo and toothpaste until Quinn hits high school. ence fair experiment, I decided to run one of my And then there’s the stuff I never have allowed own called “The Elasticity of the Grocery Budget”. myself to buy. You know, the extravagant stuff. Like We’ve all read about the price of groceries going fancy chocolates, grapefruit body wash, flavored up with the price of fuel. We’ve all cringed as we teas, and cheese already cut into little squares. I put a gallon of milk in our shopping cart that now have all that now, and am thoroughly enjoying it costs $4. I decided that I’d run an experiment to all. And by the way, I got all that stuff free or nearly see if I could do more with the less that I have and free. I started my research with internet coupons. win the mommy science fair. These are readily available, easy to print again and again, and there are many sites to get them. For years, I have faithfully clipped coupons and used them where I could, saving probably ten www.eversave.com to fifteen dollars on my $140 a week grocery bill. www.coupons.com And I thought “hey, I’m doing pretty good.” But at www.smartsource.com the beginning of February, I dove whole-heartedly www.coolsavings.com into researching the world of the “coupon mom”. And if you have a moment to spare, go to the And it is a world you know, with websites, books, websites of your favorite products, find the contact and blogs. I googled the websites, I read the blogs. us or consumer affairs email. Email them to tell And I learned that the only thing these moms like them how great you think they are, and ask them better than getting sixteen boxes of Betty Crocker for coupons. They will usually mail them to you, Cookie Mix for .14¢ each, is bragging about it on- or email you a link to some. Most manufacturer’s line. Much to my surprise, I learned that I liked seem to have printable coupons on their websites reading about it. And then trying to do it myself. already. Even the organics. I apologize to the moms I’ve accosted in the Every item my family uses on a regular or ir- mom’s day out parking lot, shoving coupons in regular basis, I now have at least 5 of. And all of their faces. I humbly thank all those who have it took only 6 weeks to stockpile and cost me no contributed their Sunday circulars to me during more than what I was already spending per week. the course of this experiement. I sit here sipping Often less. This week, I only had to buy fresh fruit, my free coffee and nibbling on my free chocolates milk, and meat. (and by the way, the milk and the as I write. Did you know free food tastes way better meat were organic AND I had a coupon for both). than food you had to pay for? So for those of you who only go organic, I say go here: And slowly being a coupon mom has become an addiction. I guess I could have picked a worse www.livingnaturally.com addiction. Karl says this is a much better than www.eatbetteramerica.com gambling, drinking, or watching “Wheel of For- www.organicvalley.com tune”.” He and Quinn crack up at how giddy I get www.organicprairie.com when I come out of Tom Thumb having paid $17 Print yourself 6 or 7 Muir Glen Organic Tomato for $84 worth of groceries. Feverish look in my eye. Products coupons for $1.00 off 1. Take them to Confident walk. Rushing to put it all in the trunk Kroger, or WalMart, or Whole Foods for that mat- of my CRV before the store manager comes run- ter. Print out an Organic Valley Milk coupon while ning out screaming that it was all a mistake. you’re at it, and get $1 off a half gallon of milk. I started getting my weekly grocery bill down Sign up for their Mom club, and they’ll send you to $120, then $100, $75...each week it got smaller a packet of coupons. Go to Whole Foods and take and smaller, while I still bought every single thing CONTINUED NEXT PAGE
  4. 4. www.iheartcvs.com or google CVS printable coupons, and print out one of the $4 off $20 coupons floating around out there on the internet. Now you’ve knocked down your purchase by $7. Now, since I’ve been playing this game for 6 weeks, I’ve accumulated about $35 in extra bucks, and they love me for coming in the store a couple times a week (even though my aver- age out-of-pocket has been around three dollars or less), so the register printed out a $10 off $50 coupon for me last time. Here’s how I’m doing the baby items deal next week: Buy: 5 packs of diapers for 8.99 each (44.95) 4 Gerber Graduates snack for 1.59 each (6.36) Total: 51.31 Coupons: $10 off $50 (from register tape) 5 $1 off Huggies manufacturer’s coupons (from Sunday paper two weeks ago) 2 .75¢ off Gerber Graduates anything (from ebay) $15 extra bucks (from three weeks ago) $14.97 extra bucks (from yesterday) $3.50 extra bucks (% back from Feb spending that totals and prints out a register quarterly) MINI-MART, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 What I pay: a handful of the Mambo Sprouts coupon books Nothing. at checkout, and cut out the $1.50 off a half gal- The secret to CVS it to buy items that you will lon of milk. But go to Kroger for the milk, it’s .70¢ need anyway that are having extra buck back deals. cheaper. You may not need this now, but you will...tooth- Do you have a CVS card in your purse, just sit- paste, shampoo, cookies, paper towels. We all use ting there not working for you? Did you know you this stuff. I never pay for it now. Then, go on-line to can get buy stuff at CVS with THEIR money not print out $4 off $20 coupons. Plan your purchases your? The program is called “Extra Bucks”, which using the circular and only spend $20 each trans- are CVS money that prints out at the register when action. Find or print out manufacturer’s coupons you buy certain items advertised in either the for the items to “stack” on top of the deal. After monthly deals book from the store, or the weekly your first transaction of $20, use what extra bucks deals circular from your Sunday paper. And, at you get to make your next “deal”. After about three CVS, you can use your manufacturer’s coupons to six weeks of playing this game, you get to the you’ve cut out from the paper or printed on-line point where you never use your own money. It’s ON TOP OF the CVS deals, often making them crazy, I know. But it works. I triumphantly contem- free. Next week, on of the deals is to buy $25 of plate my stores of plenty as I lather up with my certain baby items, and get $10 extra bucks. With free grapefruit body wash every morning. this deal you can buy 3 packs of Huggies diapers I’m sure there will be some of you who do not (which you are already going to have to buy for the want to invest the energy or time to do this. So, can little pooper in your house) and that register will I have your Sunday Coupon Circulars? Seriously, cough up $10. And they will be on sale for $8.99 can I? To those of you who want to know more, anyway. If you’ve got 3 Huggies coupons, add those next month, I’ll tell you how to “do” Walgreens and in. And, before you go, card and coupons in hand, Kroger, using ebay as your tool. Happy shopping. go on-line to one of my favorites: or email me with questions at leaann@dallas.net
  5. 5. Survival of the Mommiest in Architecture at the top of my class, landed a job Surviving the Road a top Historic Preservation Architecture firm, be- came licensed in a mere three years, and was run- to Parenthood ning high-profile projects just a few years into my career. My friends that I’d known since kindergar- Carrie Zaboroski ten became Veterinarians, Accountants, Engineers, and Doctors. We girls had the career thing down! I always enjoyed laughing with the sitcoms that I met Ray at A&M when I was nineteen…we fell trivialized the trials and tribulations of parent- head over heels in love from the beginning! We hood – knowing we’d be there someday. However, were married four years later, and after eleven I never anticipated that the road to parenthood years of marriage, I still count my blessings that could be so long or so bumpy for so many people, we found each other in this crazy world. He is my myself included. best friend and strongest supporter…and he still As a child of the 70’s & 80’s, I grew up I wanting makes me feel like the most beautiful, wonderful it all…a challenging career, a great house, and of woman in the world! Shortly after we moved to course a loving family. During my childhood, I was Dallas in 1999, we found the perfect neighborhood surrounded by stay-at-home moms, and into my for us…thanks to one of my best friends who lived teen years all around me were empowered women here in Winnetka Heights. After several months of getting out there in the work force, even in math poking around, we found OUR house. It seemed and science careers. When I was well into gram- a little big and at the high end of our price range, mar school, my mom went back to work part-time but it would be okay because we were going to fill as a computer program analyst – I wanted to be it with children and would need the space. (Neither just like her and have the perfect balance of career of us wanted to move after a few years as the kids and family! With my parents’ encouragement, I got bigger, and since we had already “started try- excelled in school and pursued academic studies in ing” it wouldn’t be long, right?) Architecture. I graduated with my Masters degree We were cruising along and enjoying life as DINKS, but after several months (and then years) we began to wonder – we had the careers, the house, and each other, but where were the chil- dren? We enjoyed impromptu happy hours and suppers with friends, exotic vacations, and lazy weekends, but then the holidays would roll around – that’s when I’d lose it. Mother’s Day was the worst. For most, Mother’s Day is filled with pam- pering, sweet handmade gifts, and cherished time with loved ones. However, this can be a difficult time of year for those who have suffered through years of infertility, or who have lost a mother or worse, a child. To me, it felt as if the commer- cials were mocking me. They seemed to run for an eternity and I could never change the channel fast enough! It was bad enough that I had lost my mother to cancer when I was 20 years old, but stack infertility and hormone treatments on top of it, and you get PMS on steroids! I really thought that if I heard “Just relax and it will happen” one more time, someone was going to have to put me in a straight jacket. But the topper was that, I believe I actually once told my sweet husband that he could divorce me and marry another woman who could bear his children. I was seriously loosing it – this was the low point. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE
  6. 6. For those of you faced with fertility challenges, Just after a business-related conference call I feel for you. No one will be able to say anything on Thursday, February 8th, I received a call from to make you feel better. So just do your best to our case worker. She had a match...a birthmother be patient with upsetting comments or questions, had selected us from our profile and the baby was and try to develop a coping mechanism – humor born two weeks ago! I instant messaged Ray ask- usually worked for me. Therapists never really ing him to close his office door and call me. Ray did much for me…I’d go a few times, but what was expecting bad news while he was dialing, but I’ve found through the course of mourning vari- thankfully the conversation went something like ous losses is that I just have to work through my this: pain by means of a creative outlet, which is gener- Carrie: “Are you ready to be a daddy?” ally writing. Through this self-therapy, I learned Ray: “Well, yes.” that I was blinded by my misery and had ignored Carrie: “Jenn called…they have a baby.” the fact that surrounding me were many loving Ray: “Oh..OH..OH!” mothers and children! I mean I knew it, but I didn’t know it. We decided to take a break from Ray decided to cut his day a little short and hormones, charting, and doctor appointments for come home. We called our case worker again, about a year. I had brought up adoption before, asked questions, laughed, cried, and finally set up but we began to seriously consider it only after a time to meet our new baby. We were going to be we had exhausted our tolerance for medical treat- parents at 12:30pm on Friday, February 9th. (At ments and had taken time to grieve. We both had that time we didn’t know if our baby was a boy to be ready, and though I thought I was ready a or girl...I wanted to be surprised.) That Thursday year after trying, Ray needed much more time and afternoon was filled with phone call after phone really, so did I. call on three different phones, not to mention instant messaging at the same time. (For those of Our adoption process started in January 2006 you, who have biological children, imagine making with a one hour informational meeting. In July we the announcement that you’re pregnant and that attended an all-day seminar and began our home you’re going to the hospital all at once!) study. Our case worker made this process very easy for us and we completed it before we went to The next day at 8:30am, Ray’s mom and stepdad Italy in September. We were approved and were arrived from Houston...no, they didn’t fly on an made an official “Waiting Family” in November airplane, but they did fly up IH-45 in their truck 2006. At that point, we got the room ready (well, and apparently didn’t sleep that night. (They were finished the construction) and gathered the bare just a little excited to meet their first grandbaby.) essentials, leaving everything in boxes - we didn’t While the grandparents began the spoiling routine want to get our hopes up too quickly, since they – AKA a trip to Walmart – we left around mid- told us the average wait time is 6-9 months. morning to trade in my convertible for a Passat As life has its way of leading you where you need Wagon. We also had friends shower us with vari- to go; in January of 2007, I was offered a position ous hand-me-downs, picked up a few boxes on the with Rebuilding Together - the non-profit with way, and then we were off to meet our baby!!! whom I’d been volunteering the last couple of We arrived at the adoption agency full of emotion, years. This new job was something that I could do and of course had to fill out a mountain of paper- mostly from home, and would be part time – man- work before we could meet our baby. During that aging home repair projects. While it was a difficult process, we found out that “it” was a “he”! Then decision to leave my work and my colleagues at the moment came to meet him. Wow...I’m not Architexas, it seemed like the perfect opportunity sure how it happens in the hospital, but it was the for my life goals and for our future family - albeit a most amazing feeling in the world! I was in tears little early...or so I thought! My last day at Archi- at how happy this moment was and how I would texas was January 31, 2007 and my first official day always remember every detail!!! He was perfect with Rebuilding Together was February 5, 2007. in every way. Ray and I just kept looking at each Also at the end of January, we had (again...prema- other...grinning, crying, and feeling completely turely, or so we thought) found a car to replace my terrified. (I even needed help changing the first “non-practical” convertible. It was scheduled to be diaper – he was just so tiny!) ready for pick-up on Friday 2/9. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE
  7. 7. Our son was born on January 24, 2007, weighed Home Remedies First Aid Cures 7 lbs 0 oz, and was 19.69”. He was welcomed home on February 9, 2007 when we named him Frank Louis Zaboroski. Frank was in foster care JEN LOCHRIDGE in the interim with two incredibly loving families. (He had to be moved from his first family’s home due to an illness in the house.) Fortunately, we had the opportunity to meet both of his foster mothers and they were very helpful on offering us loads of information! (Frank’s favorite blanket is one that his 2nd foster mom made for him.) We ALTOIDS: Before you head to the drugstore for a took our son home that joyous Friday afternoon high-priced inhaler filled with mysterious chemi- and wondered, “What are we supposed to do with cals, try chewing on a couple of curiously strong him now?” Well, instincts, along with the help of Altoids peppermints. They’ll clear up your stuffed books, family, and friends have certainly guided us nose. along the way and here we are now having recent- GATORADE: Did You Know that drinking two ly celebrated Frank’s first birthday! glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately-- without the unpleasant side Mauro Cianciulli - He’s a HANDY effects caused by traditional ‘pain relievers.’ GUY who can help you with your COLGATE: Did you know that Colgate toothpaste repairs/improvements at home, both makes an excellent salve for burns. big and small. Competetive pricing!! Bravissimo work!! 214-886-5355 Best Kept Secret – Spread it around. North Oak Cliff Library Storytime every Free storytime with craft, songs, stories, and more. All conveniently located in our neighborhood. Friday mornings at 10:15. On Tenth Street. wednesday is mother’s Quick, this toddler’s making me crazy! day! Your sweet small child has just learned the word “done” and likes to say it and stand up 2 minutes after you’ve gotten them into When you dine with us on Wednesdays, the tub. We have just discovered that those RECPTA moms, you get a free rose with colorful plastic letter that you stick on your your dinner, just for being you. And your refrigerator, also stick to the bathtub. Now we little ones will go home happy, full, and can’t get Luka out of it. We spell funny words covered in the best rice in town. that have sounds to make after spelling like cow (then say moo), puke (then make a throw up noise), bubbles (then smack a handful of bubbles from the tub on top of your head). The sillier the better. Clean and alphabetic. Buena Vista Restaurant and Club 1804 Fort Worth Avenue Send your “This Toddler’s Making Me Crazy” Dallas, Texas 75208 214 742 6911 ideas to leaann@dallas.net. Help your fellow RECPTA moms cope!
  8. 8. ITALIA CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the broth is worth soaking up with bread. The Pro- sciutto Pepper Poppers have quite a kick, with the filling of goat cheese and smoked gouda providing a different flavor to the standard stuffed jalapenos. The Pasta Sofia is dumplings stuffed with a mix- ture of chicken, cheese, and peppers topped with a jalapeno-cilantro pesto cream sauce, whose flavor is surprisingly mild, partially due to the pasta cas- ings being a bit too thick. The Chicken-Fried Pork Tenderloin is generously breaded but worth try- ing, especially since it comes with yummy creamy poblano pepper jack grits. TA DA! I finally made it! The atmosphere is upscale and dominated by a NEISHA SIMPSON, SUNSHINE BABY REPORTER wall of plates bearing the photos of famous Tex- ans. They had the good sense to build in outdoor 2008 Babies since February: seating (and covered at that!), one of the few things Sylvie Bee Grodach generally lacking in the Bishop Arts area. The pric- es are pretty high, with appetizers going for $7.95 Carl Grodach and Danielle Langston - $14.95 and entrees from $12.95 - $32.50. The ef- Big Brother Otto fort is made to be kid-friendly (even bringing pizza February 4th, 7lbs 8oz, 20” dough as a form of edible sculpting clay), but our Ruby Madeline Taylor experiences varied greatly in this regard. There is Dave and Yolanda Taylor no children’s menu, which may result in some wait Big Brother Tripp staff confusion when ordering for the young ones. February 11th, 5lbs 7oz Café Italia features a full bar and is located on the northwest corner of Davis and Bishop, in the for- Keiran Shroll mer La Familia grocery store. Dean Shroll and Aja Olson …and the short of it. February 27th Menu items we actually tried and what we Ella Katherine Stewart thought of them. Rated as poor, fair, good, or ex- Chris and Denise Stewart cellent. March 5th, 8lbs 7oz, 19.5” White Sangria: Fair Collin Peter Lochridge Red Sangria: Good Brett and Jen Lochridge Big Sisters Sarah and Emma Prosciutto Pepper Poppers: Good March 6th, 8 lb 11.2 oz, 22” Calamari: Excellent Mussels Steamed in Shiner Bock: Excellent Meals provided by: Debby Jewesson, Martha In- Pasta Sofia: Good grum (2), Sarah Tilly, Veronique Padalecki, Eliza- beth Moore, Laura Trubey, Cambria Kennedy, Lori Taglietelle Otto Formaggio al Tartufo: Good Richards, Gretchen House, Malena Lipscomb, Tori Chicken-Fried Pork Tenderloin: Excellent Fowler, Carrie Lackey, Michele Morgan, Shelly White Pizza: Excellent LIne, Jennifer Thrailkill, Jennifer Castro, Lea Ann Stundins, Ashley Bull (2), Lisa Chapa, Veta Red- Pound Cake Nutella Sandwiches: Fair mond, LeeAnn Derdeyn, Ashley Shultz, Neisha Mascarpone Cheescake: Fair Simpson, Laura Pulis. Thank you mommies! Bread Pudding: Excellent