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Jan07 Adultmedia


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Jan07 Adultmedia

  1. 1. Manchester Public Library New Adult Media Added January 2007 Adult Media Audiobooks—Always popular with commuters, try one for long car trips or while doing routine quiet tasks around the house, “CD BOOK” indicates a recording on CD, while “MP3 CD BOOK” is a recording in the denser MP3 format playable in computers and many newer CD players. Non-Fiction Audiobooks—arranged according to Dewey Decimal Number. Biographies are arranged alphabetically by the name of the subject of the book. CD BOOK 158.27 MARTINET 2006 The art of mingling [sound recording] : [proven techniques for mastering any room] / by Jeanne Martinet. CD BOOK 291.43 KORNFIELD 1996 Meditation for beginners [sound recording] / Jack Kornfield. CD BOOK 294.344 BSTAN-DZIN-RGYA-MTSH 1998 The art of happiness [sound recording] : [a handbook for living] / the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. CD BOOK 302.13 HEATH 2007 Made to stick [sound recording] : [why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck] / Chip and Dan Heath. CD BOOK 302.13 HEATH 2007 Made to stick [sound recording] : [why some ideas survive and others die] / Chip Heath and Dan Heath. CD BOOK 302.2 LOWNDES 2004 How to talk to anyone [sound recording] : 62 little tricks for big success in relationships / Leil Lowndes. CD BOOK 332.024 TYSON 2006 Personal Finance for Dummies CD BOOK 332.6 CRAMER 2005 Jim Cramer's Real money [sound recording] / James J. Cramer.
  2. 2. CD BOOK 332.6 TYSON 1997 Investing for dummies [sound recording] / written by Eric Tyson. CD BOOK 332.6322 MLADJENOVIC 2006 Stock investing for dummies [sound recording (cd)] / Paul Mladjenovic. CD BOOK 332.63228 GREENBLATT 2006 The little book that beats the market [sound recording] / by Joel Greenblatt. CD BOOK 448.3 FRENCH 2002 French I [sound recording]. CD BOOK 613.25 ROIZEN 2006 You, on a diet [sound recording] : [the owner's manual to waist management] / Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz. CD BOOK 613.71 WEIL 2006 Walking [sound recording] : [the ultimate exercise for optimum health] / Andrew Weil & Mark Fenton. CD BOOK 615.8 WEIL 2005 Heal yourself with medical hypnosis [sound recording] / Andrew Weil & Steven Gurgevich. CD BOOK 616.123 AGATSTON 2007 The south beach heart program [sound recording] : [the 4-step plan that can save your life] / Arthur Agatston. CD BOOK 616.85 WANSINK 2006 Mindless eating [sound recording] : [why we eat more than we think] / Brian Wansink. CD BOOK 618.92 IVERSEN 2006 Strange son [sound recording (cd)] : two mothers, two sons, and the quest to unlock the hidden world of autism / Portia Iversen. CD BOOK 646.7042 HEMINGWAY 2007 Mariel Hemingway's healthy living from the inside out [sound recording (cd)] : every woman's guide to real beauty, renewed energy, and a radiant life / Mariel Hemingway. CD BOOK 646.78 REAL 2007 The new rules of marriage [sound recording] : [what you need to know to
  3. 3. make love work] / Terry Real. CD BOOK 650.1 GOLDSMITH 2007 What got you here won't get you there [sound recording] : [how successful people become even more successful!] / Marshall Goldsmith with Mark Reiter. CD BOOK 781.64 SHEFFIELD 2007 Love is a mix tape [sound recording] : [life and loss, one song at a time] / by Rob Sheffield. CD BOOK 914.4361 WALK 2006 Walk & talk Paris [sound recording] CD BOOK 914.531 WALK 2006 Walk & talk Venice [sound recording] CD BOOK 914.551 WALK 2006 Walk & talk Florence [sound recording] CD BOOK 914.5632 WALK 2006 Walk & talk Rome [sound recording] CD BOOK 940.54 WEINTRAUB 2006 11 days in December [sound recording] : [Christmas at the Bulge, 1944] / Stanley Weintraub. CD BOOK 940.5426 THOMAS 2006 Sea of thunder [sound recording] : [four commanders and the last great naval campaign, 1941-1945] / Evan Thomas. CD BOOK B BURROUGHS, AUGUSTEN 2006 Possible side effects [sound recording] : true stories / Augusten Burroughs. CD BOOK B FRANZEN, JONATHAN 2006 The discomfort zone [sound recording] / Jonathan Franzen. CD BOOK B NEWHART, BOB 2006 I shouldn't even be doing this : and other things that strike me as funny / by Bob Newhart. CD BOOK B TRILLIN, ALICE 2006 About Alice [sound recording] / Calvin Trillin.
  4. 4. Fiction Audiobooks—arranged alphabetically by the name of the author. CD BOOK ALLENDE 2006 Ines of my soul [sound recording] / Isabel Allende. CD BOOK BALDACCI 2006 The Collectors [sound recording] / David Baldacci. CD BOOK BRADFORD 2007 The Ravenscar dynasty [sound recording] / Barbara Taylor Bradford. CD BOOK BRAUN 2007 The cat who had 60 whiskers [sound recording] / by Lilian Jackson Braun. CD BOOK BROWNE 2006 The Sweet Potato Queens' 1st big-ass novel [sound recording] : stuff we didn't actually do, but could have, and may yet / Jill Conner Browne with Karin Gillespie. CD BOOK BROWN 2006 Slow heat in heaven [sound recording] / Sandra Brown. CD BOOK CHILD 2007 Deep Storm [sound recording] / Lincoln Child. CD BOOK CLARKE 2007 Breakpoint [sound recording] / by Richard A. Clarke. CD BOOK CLARK 2006 Santa cruise [sound recording] : [a holiday mystery at sea] / Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. CD BOOK COONTS 2006 Deep Black [sound recording] : Jihad / by Stephen Coonts & Jim DeFelice. CD BOOK COULTER 2006 Pendragon [sound recording] / Catherine Coulter. CD BOOK CUSSLER 2006 Treasure of Khan [sound recording] / Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler. CD BOOK DEMILLE 2006 Wild fire [sound recording] / Nelson DeMille.
  5. 5. CD BOOK DEUTERMANN 2006 Spider Mountain [sound recording] : a novel / P.T. Deutermann. CD BOOK EVANOVICH 2006 Thanksgiving [sound recording] / Janet Evanovich. CD BOOK EVANOVICH 2006 Full scoop [sound recording] Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. CD BOOK EVANOVICH 2007 Plum lovin' [sound recording] : a Stephanie Plum between-the-numbers novel / Janet Evanovich. CD BOOK FLUKE 2006 Cherry cheesecake murder [sound recording] / by Joanne Fluke. CD BOOK FRAZIER 2006 Thirteen moons [sound recording] : [a novel] / Charles Frazier. CD BOOK GAIMAN 2006 Stardust [sound recording] / Neil Gaiman. CD BOOK GARDNER 2007 Hide [sound recording] / Lisa Gardner. CD BOOK GARDNER 2007 Hide [sound recording] / Lisa Gardner. CD BOOK GARWOOD 2006 Shadow dance [sound recording] / Julie Garwood. CD BOOK GRIFFIN 2006 The saboteurs [sound recording] / W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. CD BOOK GRIFFIN 2006 The hunters [sound recording] : a presidential agent novel / W.E.B. Griffin. CD BOOK GRIPPANDO 2007 When darkness falls [sound recording] / James Grippando. CD BOOK HARRIS 2006 Hannibal rising [sound recording] / Thomas Harris.
  6. 6. CD BOOK HILLERMAN 2006 The shape shifter [sound recording] / Tony Hillerman. CD BOOK HOWARD 2006 Drop dead gorgeous [sound recording] / Linda Howard. CD BOOK ILES 2006 True evil [sound recording] : [a novel] / Greg Iles. CD BOOK JANCE 2006 Dead Wrong [sound recording] / J.A. Jance. CD BOOK JOHANSEN 2006 Stalemate [sound recording] / Iris Johansen. CD BOOK JUDSON 2006 The darkest place [sound recording] / Daniel Judson. CD BOOK KLAVAN 2006 Damnation Street [sound recording] / Andrew Klavan. CD BOOK KRENTZ 2006 White lies [sound recording] : an Arcane Society novel / Jayne Ann Krentz. CD BOOK LANDAY 2007 The strangler [sound recording] / William Landay. CD BOOK LEON 2006 Through a glass, darkly [sound recording] : [a Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery] / Donna Leon. CD BOOK LOWELL 2006 Desert rain [sound recording] / Elizabeth Lowell. CD BOOK MACOMBER 2006 Susannah's garden [sound recording] / Debbie Macomber. CD BOOK MCCARTHY 2006 The road [sound recording] / by Cormac McCarthy. CD BOOK MCGARRITY 2006 Nothing but trouble [sound recording] / Michael McGarrity. CD BOOK MICHAELS 2006
  7. 7. Sweet revenge [sound recording] / Fern Michaels. CD BOOK MICHAELS 2006 Fool me once [sound recording] / Fern Michaels. CD BOOK MICHAELS 2006 Lethal justice [sound recording] / Fern Michaels. CD BOOK MILLER 2006 The man from Stone Creek [sound recording] / Linda Lael Miller. CD BOOK MOORE 2006 A dirty job [sound recording] : [a novel] / Christopher Moore. CD BOOK MOORE 2006 Fluke or, I know why the winged whale sings [sound recording] / Christopher Moore. CD BOOK MOORE 2007 You suck [sound recording] : [a love story] / Christopher Moore. CD BOOK NANCE 2006 Orbit [sound recording] / John J. Nance. CD BOOK O'SHAUGHNESSY 2006 Keeper of the keys [sound recording] / Perri O'Shaughnessy. CD BOOK PARKER 2006 Blue screen [sound recording] / Robert B. Parker. CD BOOK PARKER 2006 Hundred-dollar baby [sound recording] / Robert B. Parker. CD BOOK PATTERSON 2006 Cross [sound recording] / James Patterson. CD BOOK PELECANOS 2006 The night gardener [sound recording] : [a novel] / George Pelecanos. CD BOOK PERRY 2004 A Christmas visitor. [sound recording] : a novel / Anne Perry. CD BOOK PETERS 1999 Die for love [sound recording] / Elizabeth Peters ; read by Liza Ross.
  8. 8. CD BOOK PRIEST 2006 The prestige [sound recording] / by Christopher Priest. CD BOOK ROBERTS 2006 Morrigan's cross [sound recording] / Nora Roberts. CD BOOK ROBERTS 2006 Dance of the gods [sound recording] / Nora Roberts. CD BOOK ROBERTS 2006 Valley of silence [sound recording] / Nora Roberts. CD BOOK ROBERTS 2000 Carolina moon [sound recording] / Nora Roberts. CD BOOK SPARKS 2006 Dear John [sound recording] / Nicholas Sparks. CD BOOK STABENOW 2007 A deeper sleep [sound recording] : [a Kate Shugak novel] / Dana Stabenow. CD BOOK STEEL 2006 HRH [sound recording] / Danielle Steel. CD BOOK TRIGIANI 2006 Home to Big Stone Gap [sound recording] : a novel / Adriana Trigiani. CD BOOK TRUMAN 2006 Murder at the opera [sound recording] : a capital crimes novel / Margaret Truman. CD BOOK TUROW 2006 Limitations [sound recording] / Scott Turow. CD BOOK UNGER 2007 Sliver of truth [sound recording] : [a novel] / Lisa Unger. CD BOOK ZIGMAN 2006 Piece of work [sound recording] / Laura Zigman. Music on Compact Disc
  9. 9. CDISC4 DIFRANCO 2006 Reprieve [sound recording] / Ani DiFranco. CDISC4 GARLAND 1990 Greatest hits [sound recording] Videos Non-Fiction Videos—arranged according to Dewey Decimal Number. DVD 333.7932 WATT'S 2006 Watt's new CT! The power of choice [videorecording] : electricity in Connecticut / CT Department of Public Utility Control. DVD 361.1 NOBELITY 2005 Nobelity [videorecording] / [presented by] Monterey Media, Words & deeds ; written and directd by Turk Pipkin ; produced by Christy Ellinger Pipkin. DVD 613 CASTLE 2006 Castle [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project ; based on the book by David Macaulay ; producers: Larry Klein, Mark Olshaker ; written by Mark Olshaker. DVD 613.7 ABS 2006 The abs diet. Workout 2 [videorecording] : the get fit, stay fit plan /cMen's Health Magazine; Rodale ; David Zinczenko with Ted Spiker. DVD 613.71 FAT 2003 Fat-to-firm fitness ball workout for dummies [videorecording] / Dragonfly Productions ; producer/director, Andrea Ambandos. DVD 613.71 PILATES 2001 Pilates workout for dummies [videorecording] / Dragonfly Productions, Inc. ; Produced and directed by Andrea Ambandos. DVD 613.713 SHAPING 2004 Shaping up with weights for dummies [videorecording] / with Tracy York. DVD 613.7148 BILLY'S 2006 Billy's bootcamp elite Mission 2 Maximum power [videorecording]. DVD 613.7148 BILLY'S 2006
  10. 10. Billy's bootcamp elite Mission 3 Rock solid abs [videorecording]. DVD 613.7148 BILLY'S 2006 Billy's bootcamp elite Mission 1 Get started [videorecording]. DVD 618 WOMEN'S 2006 Women's health [videorecording] : the wedding workout / Directed by Andrea Ambandos. DVD 618 WOMEN'S 2006 Women's health. Train for your body type [videorecording] / produced by Dragonfly Productions ; directed by Andrea Ambandos. DVD 641.8654 MARTHA'S 2006 Martha's favorite cookies [videorecording] / Martha Stewart Living Television. DVD 677 MILL 2006 Mill times [videorecording] / Unicorn Projects, Inc. ; based on the book Mill by David Macaulay ; produced and directed by Larry Klein ; co-producer Mark Olshaker ; written by Mark Olshaker and Larry Klein. DVD 690.68 PYRAMID 2006 Pyramid [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project ; based on the book by David Macaulay ; executive producer Ray Hubbard ; written by Mark Olshaker ; produced by Larry Klein and Mark Olshaker ; a presentation of WHYY TV Philadelphia. DVD 726.6 CATHEDRAL 2006 Cathedral [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project ; based on the book by David Macaulay ; executive producer Ray Hubbard ; written and produced by Mark Olshaker and Larry Klein ; WHYY Philadelphia. DVD 745.593 ART 2005 The art of scrapbooking, vol. 1 : [videorecording] : if my husband can can you!/ Legendary VIdeo. DVD 759 IMPRESSIONISTS DISC 1 2006 The impressionists [videorecording] / BBC ; Koch Entertainment LP ; written by Sarah Woods, Colin Swash ; produced and directed by Tim Dunn, Mary Downes. DVD 781.66 JIMI DISC I 2005 Jimi Hendrix [videorecording] : Live at Woodstock / produced by Janie
  11. 11. Hendrix and John McDermott ; co-produced by Bill Rush. DVD 792.5 ANDREA 2006 Andrea Bocelli [videorecording] : under the desert sky / a production of Sugar S.r.l. and Thirteen/WNET New York ; producer, Mitch Owgang ; directed by David Horn. DVD 793.732 WORDPLAY 2006 Wordplay [videorecording] / [presented by] the Weinstein Company, IFC Films, O'Malley Creadon Productions ; in association with Grinder Films ; produced by Christine O'Malley ; directed by Patrick Creadon. DVD 796.332 MARSHALL 2006 Marshall University [videorecording] : ashes to glory / written by Deborah Novak and John Witek ; directed by Deborah Novak. DVD 910.92 CONQUEST DISC 1 2005 Conquest of America [videorecording] / produced by Lone Wolf Documentary Group for AETV ; writer, Rocky Collins ; directed by Tony Bacon, Rocky Collins, Lisa Wolfinger. DVD 915.61 HIDDEN 2005 Hidden Turkey [videorecording] / produced, directed, edited by Jan Thompson ; written by Bruce Kraig ; Food for Thought Productions (Chicago), Inc. DVD 937 ROMAN 2006 Roman city [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project presents ; based on the book City by David Macaulay ; produced and directed by Larry Klein ; written and co-produced by Mark Olshaker. DVD 940.5318 AMERICA 2005 The American experience. America and the Holocaust [videorecording] : deceit and indifference / a Fine Cut Productions, Inc. film ; WGBH Boston ; written and produced [and directed] by Martin Ostrow. DVD 940.544 TUSKEGEE 2004 The Tuskegee airmen [videorecording] / Rubicon Productions ; produced and directed by W. Drew Perkins and Bill Reifenberger. DVD 946 CASTLES 2003 Discoveries--Spain. Castles, cathedrals & Roman ruins [videorecording]. DVD 973.0496 AFRICAN 2006 African American lives [videorecording] / a film by Kunhardt Productions ;
  12. 12. executive producers, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., William R. Grant, Peter W. Kunhardt ; writer Henry Louis Gates. Jr. ; series producers, Graham Judd, Leslie D. Farrell ; a production of Kunhardt Productions, Inc. and Thirteen/ WNET New York. DVD 979.13 COLORADO 2005 Colorado river [videorecording] : Glen & Grand Canyons, Arizona. DVD 994.02 VOYAGE 2005 Voyage of the Courtesans [videorecording] / written and directed by Mark Lewis ; a Film Australia/Essential Viewing production for Thirteen/WNET, New York in association with ABC and BBC. DVD 998 UNTAMED 2006 Untamed Antarctic [videorecording] : the world of Luc Jacquet / Saint Thomas Productions ; Mona Lisa Production ; France 3 ; Studio Canal ; [director], Luc Jacquet. Entertainment Videos—arranged alphabetically by title. DVD ALICE 2006 What Alice found [videorecording] / Castle Hill Productions and Dream, LLC present a Factory Films and Highland Entertainment production, an A. Dean Bell film ; produced by Richard Connors ; written and directed by A. Dean Bell. DVD ARCHANGEL 2006 Archangel [videorecording] / a Power/BBC co-production ; produced by Christopher Hall ; screenplay by Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais ; directed by Jon Jones. DVD BELOVED 1999 Beloved [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures presents a Harpo Films/Clinica Estetico Production ; a Jonathan Demme picture. DVD BLACK 2006 The Black Dahlia [videorecording] / Universal Pictures in association with Millennium Films present a Signature Pictures Production for Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. KG III and Nu Image Entertainment GMBH, a film by Brian DePalma ; produced by Art Linson, Rudy Cohen, Moshe Diamant, Avi Lerner ; screenplay by Josh Friedman ; directed by Brian DePalma. DVD CAROUSEL DISC 1 2006
  13. 13. Carousel [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox ; produced by Henry Ephron ; screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron ; directed by Henry King. DVD COVENANT 2007 The covenant [videorecording] / Screen Gems, Inc. ; Lakeshore Entertainment ; Sandstorm Films ; produced by J.S. Cardone, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg ; written by J.S. Cardone ; directed by Renny Harlin. DVD CRANK 2007 Crank [videorecording] / Lakeshore Entertainment ; Lions Gate Films ; Radical Media ; produced by Michael Davis, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Skip Williamson, Richard S. Wright ; written by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor ; directed by Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor DVD DIGGING 2006 Digging to China [videorecording] / Moonstone Entertainment in association with Davis Entertainment Classics & The Ministry Of Film, Inc. ; produced by Marilyn Vance, Alan Mruvka, John Davis, J. Todd Harris ; written by Karen Janszen ; directed by Timothy Hutton. DVD DOCTOR DISC 1 2007 Doctor Who. The complete second series [videorecording] / BBC Wales ; produced by Phil Collinson. DVD FINAL 2006 Final days of planet Earth [videorecording] / director, Robert Lieberman. DVD FINDING 2006 Finding Preet [videorecording]. DVD GABRIELLE 2006 Gabrielle [videorecording] / Azor Films ; Arte France Cinema in co-production with Studio Canal, Love Streams Productions, Albachiara S.p.a., Network Movie Film- und Fernsehprokuktion ; with the participation of Canal+, arte France Developpement, Eurimages, Region Ile-de- France,Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) ; produced by Patrice Chereau ; written by Patrice Chereau & Anne-Louise Trividic ; directed by Patrice Chereau. DVD GREY'S DISC 1 2006 Grey's anatomy. Complete second season uncut [videorecording] / Touchstone Television.
  14. 14. DVD GRIDIRON 2007 Gridiron gang [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Industries ; Original Film ; Visual Arts Entertainment, Inc. ; Stanhaven Productions, Inc. ; Relativity Media ; produced by Neal H. Moritz, Lee Stanley ; written by Jeff Maguire ; directed by Phil Joanou. DVD I DISC 1 2005 I [heart] Huckabees [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents in association with Qwerty Films a Kanzeon/Scott Rudin/NI European Film Produktions production ; produced by David O. Russell, Gregory Goodman, Scott Rudin ; written by David O. Russell & Jeff Baena ; directed by David O. Russell. DVD ILLUSIONIST 2006 The illusionist [videorecording]. DVD INFERNAL 2004 Infernal affairs [videorecording] = Wu jian dao / Miramax Films ; Media Asia Films presents a Basic Pictures production ; produced by Andrew Lau ; directed by Andrew Lau & Alan Max. DVD JOAN DISC 1 2006 Joan of Arcadia. The second season [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Television and CBS Broadcasting. DVD KING DISC 1 2006 The King and I [videorecording] / [presented by] Darryl F. Zanuck ; produced by Charles Brackett ; screenplay by Ernest Lehman ; directed by Walter Lang. DVD LADY 2006 Lady in the water [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures ; Blinding Edge Pictures ; Legendary Pictures ; produced by Sam Mercer, M. Night Shyamalan ; written by M. Night Shyamalan ; directed by M. Night Shyamalan. DVD LAST 2006 The last kiss [videorecording] / DreamWorks Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment present a Lakeshore Entertainment production, a Tony Goldwyn film ; producers Andre Lamal, Marcus Viscidi ; produced by Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi ; screenplay by Paul Haggis ; directed by Tony Goldwyn.
  15. 15. DVD LITTLE 2006 Little Miss Sunshine [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Films ; Big Beach Films ; Third Gear Productions LLC ; Deep River Productions ; Bona Fide Productions ; produced by Albert Berger, David T. Friendly, Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub, Ron Yerxa ; written by Michael Arndt ; directed by Jonathna Dayton, Valerie Faris. DVD LONG 2006 Long distance [videorecording]. DVD LOST DISC 1 2006 Lost. The complete second season [videorecording] : the extended experience / Touchstone Television ; Bad Robot. DVD MOZART 2006 Mozart and the whale [videorecording] / Millennium Films presents a Robert Lawrence production for Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. KG II ; a film by Petter Nss ; produced by Robert Lawrence and Ron Bass ; Produced by Boaz Davidson ; produced by Frank Demartini and James Acheson ; written by Ron Bass ; directed by Petter Nss. DVD NIGHT 2007 The night listener [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents ; Hart-Sharp Entertainment and IFC Productions in association with Fortissimo Films ; produced by Robert Kessel, Jeff Sharp, John N. Hart Jr., Jill Footlick ; screenplay by Armistead Maupin & Terry Anderson and Patrick Stettner ; directed by Patrick Stettner. DVD PLAYING 1998 Playing God [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures presents in association with Beacon Pictures a film by Andy Wilson. DVD POSEIDON 2006 Poseidon [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Virtual Studios, a Radiant Production/Next Entertainment/Irwin Allen Productions/Synthesis Entertainment production, a Wolfgang Peterson film ;produced by Wolfgang Petersen ... [et al.] ; screenplay by Mark Protosevich ; directed by Wolfgang Petersen. DVD PROTECTOR DISC 1 2007 The protector [videorecording] = [Tom yum goong] / the Weinstein Company ;Sahamongkolfilm International ; Baa-Ram-Ewe ; story by Prachya Pinkaew ;written by Napalee Piyaros Thongdee, Joe Wannapin,
  16. 16. Kongdej Jaturanrasmee ; producers, Prachya Pinkaew, Sukanya Vongsthapat ; directed by Prachya Pinkaew. DVD RED 2006 Red doors [videorecording] / Polychrome Pictures presents a Blanc de Chine Entertainment production ; a film by Georgia Lee ; produced by Jane Chen, Georgia Lee, Mia Riverton ; written and directed by Georgia Lee. DVD ROCKY III 2004 Rocky III [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; United Artists ; a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production ; written and directed by Sylvester Stallone ; produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff. DVD ROCKY II 2004 Rocky II [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; United Artists ; a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production ; written and directed by Sylvester Stallone ; produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff. DVD ROCKY IV 2004 Rocky IV [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; United Artists presents a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production ; written and directed by Sylvester Stallone ; produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff. DVD ROCKY V 2004 Rocky V [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; United Artists presents a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production ; directed by John G. Avildsen ; produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff ; written by Sylvester Stallone. DVD ROCKY 2004 Rocky [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; United Artists ; a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production ; a John G. Avildsen film ; directed by John G. Avildsen ; produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff ; written by Sylvester Stallone. DVD SEX DISC 1 2002 Sex and the city. The complete third season [videorecording] / Home Box Office. DVD SHERRYBABY 2006 Sherrybaby [videorecording].
  17. 17. DVD SNAKES 2007 Snakes on a plane [videorecording] / Hannah Rachel Production Services Ltd. ; Mutual Film Corporation ; New Line Cinema ; Patchwork Productions ; produced by Craig Berenson, Don Granger, Gary Levinsohn ; story by David Dalessandro and John Heffernan ; screenplay by John Heffernan and Sebastian Gutierrez ; directed by David R. Ellis. DVD SOUTH DISC 1 2006 South Pacific [videorecording] / [presented by] Rodgers and Hammerstein ;originally produced on the stage by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Leland Hayward and Joshua Logan ; produced by Buddy Adler ; screenplay by Paul Osborn ; adapted from the play 'South Pacific' by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan ; directed by Joshua Logan. DVD TERMINATOR 3 DISC 1 2003 Terminator 3 [videorecording(DVD)] : rise of the machines / C-2 Pictures ;Intermedia Film Equities, Ltd. ; IMF Internationale Medien und Film GmbH & Co. Producktions KG ; Mostow/Lieberman ; producers, Mario F. Kassar ...[et al.] ; screenplay writers, John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris ; director, Jonathan Mostow. DVD WORLD 2006 World Trade Center [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Michael Shamberg/Stacey Sher/Moritz Borman production, an Oliver Stone film ; produced by Michael Shamberg ... [et al.] ; written by Andrea illustrated by David Murphy.