Investing For Dummies


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Investing For Dummies

  1. 1. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC picture are all the Powerbars. My kids eat these as snacks before games, so we Tips & Talk tend to go through quite a bit of them, and they are fairly expensive, at least $1.50 each. Just recently, they were on sale at Albertson’s 10/$10. I knew that there were 1/$1 c/o floating around, so I with the 3 oldest being on highly traded for all I could get. I ended up Working Out a Deal competitive traveling teams. As a getting enough coupons to (Front cover) general rule, they drink a lot of purchase over 100 bars. ( I “I remember growing up in Gatorade and eat Powerbars for in- lost count because as I was upstate NY and my parents collecting between meals and snacks. The buying them, my kids were those green stamps. I remember licking products the kids are holding and eating them, so I never got them and sticking them into the books. I sitting on were all free!!! When I look at an official count!) On top of was always counting the books and this picture or tell friends how I did it, this, there were Catalinas saving up for something special. It was I am still amazed myself. that came out with each always fun to go to the redemption “It all started last summer order--‘Save $3 on your center and figure out what my family when I noticed an ad in RC about next trip.’ Tiger’s Milk bars would get. I guess that excitement has getting free Gatorade stuff with labels were also on sale at 2/$1, so for each carried over into my adult life. and CRT. Well, I always keep the CRT on Catalina, I was able to get 6 Tiger’s Milk “I have only been refunding for every purchase, so I was in good shape bars. The cashiers would see me go a few years, but I’ve been couponing there, but what about the labels? This is through the cash line many times most of my adult life. I have always been something I don’t usually keep around because as soon as a Catalina came out, a sale shopper and bargain hunter. just in case. I needed 50 labels I would get more Tiger’s Milk bars. I It all started when I saw an ad in from the 32 oz. size for each ended up getting 3 full cases of these the Sunday paper for one of those cooler and I was hoping to get bars also. coupon wallets. With the wallet I at least 2, one for each of my “As you can see by my picture ordered, I received info on RC, so I 2 older kids’ teams. At the (on the cover), my athletes had fun decided to try it out. Boy, am I glad time, Gatorade was also posing for this picture and trying to hold I did. I have learned so much from 10/$10 at Albertson’s. My all the bars for display. They now truly the people on the chat boards, the husband bought cases since he coaches a understand why Mom spends all this traders and the magazine. I have used all youth team and he is always bringing time and energy clipping coupons and these tips to purchase many items for drinks for the team. My kids, the team trying to get free stuff. minimal cents, to get lots of free items and myself were busy stripping labels off “Thanks RC for such a great and refunds. Living in San Jose, CA, we the bottles. No one could drink a hobby. I really appreciate all that it don’t get the double coupons or many of Gatorade without first giving me the teaches my kids about budgeting, the big deals that I am always reading label. At my daughter’s soccer spending and shopping for deals.” about; but when I do see a great offer, tournaments, I would ask anyone who Diane Straetker, San Jose, CA I’m trading for coupons and I stock up as had a bottle if I could get the label. Most much as possible. We also don’t see many would look at me funny but would gladly refund or rebate slips out here, so peel it off the bottle. anything I get comes from a trade. “As the summer wore on and “One of my favorite buys was Couponing Coast to Coast the number of games increased, we “This summer I went to Hilton when Maxaroni first came out, there found ourselves buying more Gatorade Head, South Carolina with my family-- were $1/1 c/o floating around. When it at every sale. Without realizing it, I had my husband and two boys, a 10-year-old went 10 for $10 at our local Albertsons, collected 150 labels by the end of the and 5-year-old. We stayed at a timeshare I knew I had to try it. I traded for so promotion. I was so excited to have that we had traded for. What a beautiful many that my 2 freezers were full to the finally collected the labels and CRTs, area! brim, but what to do with all this food? even if it took all summer and “My coupon friend, Julie, had My 4 kids could only eat so much. I participants from multiple sports teams. asked me to do one thing for her while on created a soup out of them, adding the I happily sent them away and anxiously vacation. She asked if I could go to the frozen packages to chicken broth with awaited my rewards. When they finally various East Coast supermarkets and get carrots and sausages. The end result was arrived, I was very pleased. I received 3 her copies of their circulars and even a very delicious, cheesy soup that we all large coolers, each with 6 water bottles East Coast coupons to compare the ones ate happily many times. and a holder for them. We have used we have here in San Diego, California. I “My most successful deal is the them many times. It’s so easy to fill the figured ‘no problem,’ my husband and one in which I’ve included the picture of water bottles and carry them to a game. two boys are used to coupons being an my kids. I have 4 kids--Riyana is 13, The large coolers make wonderful ice everyday part of their lives, though they Jerik is 11, Kerene is 9 and Jaeton is 6. chests on the soccer field. tease me about it, too. All 4 of them are very involved in sports “The other great deal in this
  2. 2. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC “The first day we arrived in Hilton Head we HAD to go to Piggly Wiggly. Really. As a timeshare owner, you always go to the supermarket first to get groceries that will save you lots of money by fixing meals in the room. Well, the Piggly Wiggly amused my boys to no end. They kept asking why was it called the Piggly Wiggly and why did their mascot look like Porky Pig with a butcher's hat? After getting my friend the store's circular, I found out in my travel book that the Piggly Wiggly, founded in 1916, is the world's first true s e lf-service gr o c e r y s t o r e A n entrepreneur named Clarence Saunders pioneered the store in Memphis, Tennessee. It said that when asked about the store's name, Mr. Saunders replied, ‘So people will ask that very question.’ Well, my two boys just enjoyed driving by all the Piggly Wiggly Clint & Sean enjoy looking for pirate treasure in Hilton Head while stores in the area. their Mom looks for coupon treasures. “On another day in Hilton Head, we passed by a Bi-Lo while sightseeing. Of course my husband was in the middle of our vacation I realized presentation, we received $150 in leisurely driving on the road trying Sunday had passed already Marriott gift certificates. That turned to keep track of the road signs when a nd I had completely out to be a great day! Our two boys got I blurted out, ‘There's a Bi-Lo in this forgotten about the Sunday to play in the Marriott's rec center and mall!’ Naturally he wanted to keep paper. How could that made custom T-shirts; we were able to on driving but then asked, ‘Is this happen?! My husband said to use their beach area and cabana and for Julie?’ I smiled. His response me, ‘Oh no, Julie's gonna get walked away with our prize. We later was, ‘You coupon people!’ so he mad at you.’ I told him that used those gift certificates for a free pulled into the parking lot while I would not be the case, that dinner at a yummy BBQ place and had went in to get their circular. she would be very happy with all these enough left over to ‘pay’ for a 90-minute “The same thing happened East Coast circulars. I was a bit bummed dolphin sunset cruise along the area's another day when I spotted a Winn- I forgot though; I'd have one less week of waterways--FREE dinner and FREE Dixie sign. We were driving all over the coupons when I got back to San Diego. Oh entertainment. Before our vacation mall and couldn't find it. We finally well, I continued to enjoy my vacation. ended, we were invited to share our determined they had closed down that “The one store we couldn't stop comments regarding our stay with the particular store and had something else at was Kroger because I spotted it when timeshare resort's sales reps. We were replacing it. That was a shame. My two we were driving on the other side of the given a FREE breakfast and got a chance boys remembered the name, Winn-Dixie, road. It would have been a messy u-turn to talk about our experience. The from the movie they had seen last to get to it. It would have been interesting comments help the timeshare company summer; you know the one with the to go to it because Kroger is the parent improve or refine the resort's amenities little girl who finds a stray dog at the company of Ralph's, which is the for future visitors. Of course your time is Winn-Dixie supermarket and names him supermarket we have here in San Diego. valuable, so for this one-hour chat we got that. Anyway, I later found out that the “During our stay in Hilton Head, breakfast and a $100 check. Wow! Our name refers to the 1955 merger of the coupons, rebates, offers and promotions boys got to watch a DVD in the rec room Winn & Lovett stores from Florida and were never far away. Not only were we for an hour and thoroughly enjoyed that Georgia and the Dixie Home Stores of stopping by some East Coast since they had forgotten to pack their the Carolinas. supermarkets for circulars, but we had DVDs and the mini van we were renting “We drove by a Publix once and shopped at one for our weekly groceries. had a DVD player. They actually they had lots of back to schools sales and We had also used coupons on various survived the road trips without the circulars. My friend Julie would enjoy all attractions or entertainment and, of those. I remembered that when I was course, had taken advantage of Early Bird pregnant one of the baby sites for free dinners where available. goodies was Publix, but I couldn't “One really nice perk came when participate in it because I lived in San we attended a timeshare presentation by Diego and not in their area. Somewhere Marriott. After listening to the one-hour
  3. 3. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC DVDs. Impressive! every year when we were kids. So with Children two and under are free. The “When we arrived at the airport this year being the 50th Anniversary, I lucky thing about buying them in Utah is on Saturday, my husband scored an HAD to go, and what better time to take there was no sales tax on them! (Must be early Sunday edition of the newspaper in my parents along? My mom was there the something about them being used in the Dallas, Ft. Worth airport. (We had year it started AND 50 years later. another state.) Also, we have an flown San Diego to Dallas, Ft. Worth and “Disneyland inspires me to think Executive Account so we get 2% back on Dallas, Ft. Worth to Savannah, then of wonderful memories and special time purchases--not much but it’s something! driven into Hilton Head). He was shared with my family but beneath all Anyway, if you bought the tickets at the actually quite proud of himself for doing that there is a big, huge price tag, so I parks upon arrival you’d pay $294 total so! Now I'd have Dallas and San Diego wanted to tell you how our budget- for adults and $231.75 total for coupons. Julie could see the differences strapped family afforded our children. You can see it pays to in the coupon inserts, too, when I shared awesome California trip. think ahead and shop before! them with her. “A good place to start is “More preparations “Our vacation was now over but park tickets. That’s where a Costco included getting bottles of water we had lovely memories of East Coast membership comes into play. I for nearly free using $3 coupons beaches and attractions plus some FREE didn’t start doing serious from the beer companies that didn’t deals along the way with the much couponing/refunding until last May ’05. require beer purchase. I picked up snack wanted store circulars, and coupons for Before that I spent hundreds of dollars at foods the whole month before at my friend Julie. My husband deserves Costco every month—supposedly saving Walgreens and grocery stores when they the credit for that. He was a really good on bulk. Most groceries you can get were on sale and especially if I had sport driving to the supermarkets. cheaper on sale with coupons elsewhere coupons to sweeten the deal. None of the Obviously, when we got home it was a but there are items you can get for the parks cared if we brought in bottles of given that coupons would continue to be best price still at Costco such as gas, water or packaged snacks. I even bought part of my life. When the mailman photo processing, electronics, plants…and Disney gummies for our time spent at dropped off our held mail, there was a Southern California City Passes. These Disneyland. Having snacks to pull out copy of Refund Cents for me to read. passes include a 3-day park hopper to during waiting times, shows, or grumpy Page 2 reminded me about the Quaker Disneyland and Disney’s California times was a life-saver, and I knew I granola bar lunchbox offer. I had Adventure (including one early wouldn’t have $5 - $10 to shell out for forgotten about it, so that Monday I admission), one day at the San Diego Zoo just snacks; paying for meals would be headed to our Ralph's for granola bars or Wild Animal Park, one day at Sea quite enough! Bringing our own water which happened to be on sale, and of World, and one day at Universal Studios. was essential as a bottle of water in the course I had two sets of different value We bought two adult passes for $164.99 Disney parks will cost you $3.50--as coupons, Dallas ones and San Diego each and one child’s pass for $112.99. We much as a case at home! ones. I was able to get the required have a three-year-old and a 2-year-old. “Our biggest preparation for the amount to send in for my son's FREE lunch box. “Whether I'm on vacation or at home, coupons ARE my life. They save my family money to go on vacation and allow us to do fun stuff, sometimes for free, sometimes as a bonus. I truly do enjoy coupons and all they have to offer. Thank you Julie for introducing me to this way of life many years ago.” Karen Koehler. San Diego, CA Disneyland with Our Budget Intact “I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I will admit I even took a university course on Disney history when I was attending college. I’ve decided to blame it on my heritage. My grandparents took my mom and her two sisters to Disneyland in 1955 when it first opened. In turn, my parents took my brother and me to the Goofy, Rosie, Susan & Bruce Armstrong, Betty & Anell Slavick, Gwen, ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ just about and Mickey at Disney’s California Adventure.
  4. 4. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC trip happened a week before we left. A brought a cooler with a sack lunch so Newport Beach and having dinner at friend of ours was moving and I zero expenses that day! We ate the condo which had a full kitchen. convinced them to have a joint garage dinner at our friends’ home Of course I brought a box of sale with us. I was able to sell a lot of and then drove to Newport packaged foods to eat, but we surplus from deals I had stockpiled in Coast where we would be had to visit the local store to my basement. I get six inserts a week, so sharing a two-bedroom condo get perishables. my stores aren’t quite as crazy as some with my parents. “Monday morning of you that get twenty or more inserts “This trip we lucked dawned and I was up early and but I still had a decent amount of stuff out since my parents own a excited for our first day at from Catalina deals especially. I sold all timeshare condo and were able to Disneyland. If you love going to my extra Band-Aids from that $10 back get it traded for one in California. When vacation as Disney as much as I do then J&J deal for $1 a box. People were we have gone in the past we have always I have two words for you: Disney Visa. excited about all the baby wipes I have stayed at different budget hotels near the About two years ago we got a Chase been getting with Huggies coupons. entrance of Disneyland so it’s quick to Disney Visa. There are lots of extra Gum was a huge hit. I sold lots of walk there in the morning and easy benefits to having a Disney Visa when Progresso soup bowls for 75¢ each. enough to walk back for naps or a swim. you visit the parks. Starting with arrival People loved buying hair color for $2 or Our favorite so far was the Carousel Inn thanks to our Disney Visa we were $3 a box. Let’s just say I sold a lot of we booked through Orbitz for $69 a provided with 2 free stroller rentals. freebie toiletries. A great seller were night. It was very nice and had great Three days of 2 stroller rentals would Barbies I got from Amazon for $3.33 and service. It was much better than some of have set us back $42 and we were happy sold for $8 - $10. It was a lot of work but the other hotels we’d stayed at in the past not to have to cram a double stroller into I ended the two days with $750–enough (Fairfield Inn). Some of the hotels don’t our over-packed car. to pay for our park tickets, hotel stay on think they need to keep up quality since “That first day we headed the way to California, tolls, parking fees, all that matters is their location close to straight to Fantasyland to enjoy some and gas! favorites and then went to a “We were lucky to be Minnie & Friends Character able to go to California during a Breakfast. Character meals are slow period, after spring break “It was a lot of work but I ended so fun. You get a good meal, get and before summer. We left on a the two days with $750 – enough to pal around with characters Thursday after my husband got without waiting in any lines, and off work. That night we drove to to pay for our park tickets, hotel the characters actually have time Las Vegas and stayed at a nice stay on the way to California, to spend with your kids and casino resort hotel called the tolls, parking fees, and gas!” make them comfortable before Fiesta Rancho that I had booked you take that picture. You aren’t for only $40 on I was just at the front of the line and surprised at how nice the room shoving them toward a huge was plus Vegas (not on the strip) is Disneyland. It’s hard to beat $69; you just startling-at-first character, to get a fast cheap on week nights. have to check out all the websites for a picture. The meals are the best but they “The next day we drove to San good deal and be sure it’s by the entrance. are expensive. That’s where I again am Diego and stayed with some old college Some will make believe they are. It may promoting my Disney Visa. (No, friends. We went with them to the San say .2 miles from the park, but that may unfortunately I’m not getting any kick- Diego Wild Animal Park. My two-year be .2 miles from the back side of the park backs from Chase). With our Visa card old especially was fascinated with the and you’d have to ride a shuttle or walk we saved up $155 in Disney Reward animals, pointing at them and saying, all the way around the park to the Bucks just for buying things on our card ‘Cow, COW!’ After correction she began entrance. We’ve used shuttles before, but and paying it off each month. This was calling all of them, ‘Deer, DEER!’ We nothing beats the ease of being close free money to use at Disneyland just by enough to walk there in the time it takes making purchases with our card. We waiting for a shuttle. Someday I’d like the used that $155 to pay for our character ultimate convenience of staying at a meals and a few more lunches; so even Disneyland Resort Hotel but we just though character meals are something of haven’t found a deal cheap enough for us a splurge, we used our benefits to get to be able to afford that yet. Maybe that them free because they are awesome and can come after a HUGE garage sale, sigh! we wouldn’t want to miss those fun, This trip we got free lodging, but we did relaxing meals. For the rest of our meals have travel time (half hour from I covered the expense with money from Disneyland + $1.50 toll) and that $10 refunds. parking pass to buy each day. “We had a fun day enjoying “On Sunday we had a nice favorites and a few new rides. We got to relaxing day playing in the sand at hear my 3½-year-old, Gwen, scream in
  5. 5. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC terror on Space Mountain and then say, missed and then to California Adventure your families to Disney without breaking ‘That was a little scary’ when we got off. in the evening to see the Electrical the bank. My one last word of parting We didn’t have to wait in line longer Parade. Now for a little more ‘Mommy advice is this: don’t go on peak travel than a 10 minutes all day, so that was magic.’ I bought a Cinderella bracelet for times, you won’t get your money’s worth perfect. We also saw a beautiful parade Gwen and a Tinkerbell bracelet for Rosie, if all you do is wait in lines and it will be for the 50th celebration. which blinked a light back and forth too exhausting to fight the crowds. “T u e s da y we had a n around the bracelet, perfect for nighttime Otherwise all I can say is…going to entertaining day at Sea World watching parade-wear, for $3.33 on sale at Disneyland is the BEST!” fun shows and great up-close animal Walgreens. They loved playing with them Susan Armstrong, Lehi, UT encounters. during the parade, especially while the “On Wednesday we visited kids around them had their Disney-priced Disney’s California Adventure. Got glow toys. Sometimes There’s a another Visa Card bonus--a free 5 by 7 “That night I went to get some th portrait with Mickey & Goofy with our important Disneyland 50 anniversary Casualty whole party of six people. We had an souvenirs and our Disney Visa scored us “I have started getting up real enjoyable day including the new cute an impressive 20% off on a $50 purchase. early on Sundays to go through the Monsters, Inc. ride and the Twilight “We left for home on Saturday paper and go shopping early so I have the Zone’s Tower of Terror that my parents after a full week of fun. We never would rest of the day to do whatever. This loved. Their Broadway style musical, have been able to go if I hadn’t have Sunday I had a great shopping day. I Aladdin, was amazing. To end the day worked hard at couponing and refunding started out going to Staples to get the we had an incredible dinner at Ariel’s the last year, but it was worth it! Next three FAR pens that were listed. I turned Grotto Restaurant with the Disney vacation I’m shooting for is one of those in an ink cartridge, so after refunds, I Princesses. The food was delectable and 4 days at Disney World, then a 3-day will make $3 on three sets of pens and came in large quantities. The princesses Disney Cruise. I think it will take me a mechanical pencils. were so sweet and personable. I few years to achieve this one, but I can’t “Next Stop--Toys R Us to pick surprised my girls with having outfits wait to start working toward it! I hope up some items for a baby basket and for them to wear to dinner. For Rosie, I’ve given you a few ideas on how to get back-to-school items for the kiddos. My my 2-year-old, I had a Tinkerbell outfit I got on c l e a r a n c e f r o m D is ne y D ir e c t .c o m a f t e r Halloween for $9.74. For Gwen I got a Cinderella dress, her favorite princess, off eBay for less than half the price of the dress at Disney Direct. I also got Cinderella dress shoes for Gwen and princess white sandals for Rosie on clearance at our Kmart’s going out-of- business sale. “On Thursday we went to Universal Studios. Shrek 4-D was a lot of fun, especially for our Shrek- obsessed 3-year-old. I looked at all the Shrek merchandise at the gift shop on CityWalk, gasping at the prices. I noticed (of course) the clearance racks at the back of the store. I scored finding a Shrek sweatsuit for Gwen for $9-- regularly $30 and a ‘Universal Studios’ Spiderman T-shirt for $8, normally $20, for my Spiderman-loving husband. “Friday was back to Nikki’s children survey a great day’s treasures. Oops on the chocolate, though. Disneyland to see anything we
  6. 6. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC son goes to a private school and it starts coupons, so I got six white outs, four having a four-day sale and included in in Pre-K (age 4), so my daughter will be mechanical pencils and three 5-packs of the sale was Hunt’s Snack Pack starting pre-school this year and is in highlighters for free. I will take the UPCs puddings 4-pack on sale for 77¢ each. I need of a backpack and lunch box. Toys and send them in for the BIC product thought to myself that I had a few 35¢/2 R Us had a deal where if you purchased promotions and receive a couple of gifts coupons that would be tripled to $1.05, a back pack you received a lunch kit for from them. leaving me to owe 49¢ for every two I free, so for $14.99 I received a very nice “Back out into the heat to Bed, bought. Super Girl backpack with free water Bath & Beyond. I purchased two 5-qt. “I thought to myself I needed to bottle and a purse-shaped Super Girl Invitations pans that had a $10 rebate on get more coupons, so I jumped on eBay lunch box with water bottle. To my each. I used a 20% off coupon on each and purchased some thinking they surprise there were coupons inside the purchase; so after rebate and coupon, probably would not arrive in time for the lunch box and free pencils from Crayola (bonus). Toys R Us was also running a special on Crayola crayons, B1G2F, so I bought 6 boxes of crayons for $2.02. I headed back to the baby section to pick up some baby items for a gift basket for someone at work. A lot of their baby washes were marked down plus Toys R Us had a coupon for $1 off 2 baby wash items. I bought two baby washes for $1.48 each - $1 coupon (the good thing is I will be reimbursed for these from my office). “Back in the car I went and ran over to Walgreens to pick up the weekly good deals. I bought Listerine AquaBloo which was FAR, chocolate covered raisins B2G1F (bought six). I purchased four poster boards for 40¢, one package of Chinet plates on sale for 99¢ - 50¢ coupon, sixteen packages of gum for $2, two 20-count pack of Crayola pens that will be FAR, four packages of movie-size Junior Mints, and three spiral notebook which are FAR for a total of $11.85. “I ran across the street to Rite Total out of pocket with sale and coupons $19.60 Aid for their weekly deals. I purchased four Coppertone Continuous Spray both pans will cost me $12. sale. They came on Saturday and I was (B1G1F-$5 Rite Aid Coupon-$5 Rite Aid “By this time it was time to head so happy. I headed to my local Kroger Skin Rebate), two Coppertone Kids --the heat outside was up to 101 degrees, store and saw that the display of Hunt’s sprays (B1G1F-$2 Rite Aid Coupon-$5 the back of the Excursion was getting full pudding was pretty well gone but Rite Aid Skin Rebate), two Superman and I was tired. I got home, unloaded thought I would check and see what they school folders that were 75% off, four everything and realized that I had left the still had. I started looking and found a packages of Stride Gum (79¢-B1G1F chocolate in the car the entire time, so bunch of the chocolate ones left so I coupon)k and Fructis styling spray even though I had a great shopping day, started to load my cart up with them and (FAR-$1 c/o). Total = $3.47. my chocolate suffered. Oh well, there has headed to the U-Scan. “I throw everything in the car to be a casualty sometimes!!!” “Now my Kroger store's coupon and head down to Kmart for the Fruit of Nikki Hammon, Vancouver, WA policy is two like coupons per order, so I the Loom Deal. There I found five saw the manager at the U-Scan and packages of children’s underwear on asked him before I started making my clearance for a total of $7--will send in purchases if it would be okay to separate for the $5 Kmart gift card. I also my orders into six separate orders. He purchased five men’s t-shirts for my The Proof Is in the Pudding said that would be fine, so I completed all oldest and husband. These were on sale “I just had to let you all know six of my transactions and paid 98¢ for 5/$10, and I will send these in for the about a good deal at Kroger. Our sales every four packages of Hunt’s Snack Fruit of the loom $10 gift card deal. run Thursday - Wednesday; and when I Pack puddings. I left with 24 packages of Kmart also had BIC highlighters, pencils received my ad on Wednesday, I was in puddings and headed home. “Once and white out for 99¢. I had thirteen $1 total shock when I saw Kroger’s was I got home and put the puddings on the
  7. 7. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC counter I thought to myself that this myself to waiting patiently for my ship to simply kept rolling them over, was too good of a deal to let go and I still come in--that it did--the following week! purchasing the 6-count soft chew Rolaids had 20 coupons left to use, so I went to “When I first heard about the as well that were 99¢ a pack. The another Kroger. This store seemed to be Pfizer ECB deal (buy 2 Pfizer products Listerine strips were still a better deal pretty well wiped out of Hunt’s pudding. receive $5 ECB), I kept wondering how I for me, however, especially with my I thought they have to have some more could get the most out of the deal. stack of coupons. somewhere in the store, so I headed Thanks to everyone who posts on the “With my four-year-old son in down the pudding aisle and found some message board, I learned that ALL Pfizer tow we hit the stores in Tucson, more and did the deal again, this time products (any size) counted towards shopping every day and alternating CVS doing seven more transactions with four ECBs. Here in Arizona we've been cards so that I wouldn't have to wait a packages per transaction for a total of 28 without official ECBs for a number of full 48 hours for the ECBs to show up on more pudding packages and a weeks now due to the merge with Osco; mine and my husband's card. When all cumulative total of 52 packages. I still but again, thanks to the message board, I was said and done, I had accumulated a had 10 coupons left to use and planned found out that ECBs are nationwide--not total of $800 ECB during the week for to use them on Sunday, the last day of just in certain advertised areas, and so I both cards, and my out-of-pocket the 4-day sale. pounced! investment was only $65 plus the “Below is a picture of my 52 “This deal was exhausting for me coupons purchased on The Coupon Hunt’s puddings, all of which I will be but well worth it. I have two CVS cards, Master website. $800 – I could barely donating to my local Ronald McDonald one for myself and my husband, and I believe it! There were two advantages to House since this is one of the items on utilized both on alternating days. Starting alternating cards--I didn't have to wait 2 their list of needs at the moment. I love on the first Sunday, I purchased Pfizer full days for the ECBs to show up on my the thrill of getting a good deal. Thank products using already existing ECBs and account plus the ECB amounts were a you everyone at Refund Cents for then simply rolled them over all bit more manageable. helping me locate some of these deals. throughout the week, utilizing coupons “The ECBs have all been spent. “I figured out my savings: total when I had them. I purchased a bunch of I used $120 worth for glucose measuring purchased 80 packages; amount before Listerine $1 Pocket Pak coupons (good machines for which I'll receive full cash sale and coupons 80 x $1.69 = $135.20; for 24 or higher count) from The Coupon rebates. I'm a diabetic and I need a back amount I would have spent without Master, and they were good enough to get up machine, plus I shared a few with a coupons 80 x 77¢ =$61.60; amount my coupons out to me quickly. The 24-ct. woman from work who has diabetes and saved with coupons and sale $115.60; pocket pack Listerine strips were reduced no health insurance and who needed a total out of pocket with sale and coupons to $1.49 each on clearance here, so for new machine. Some of the other ECBs $19.60.” each 98¢ I spent, I made $5 in ECBs and were rolled over into the following Angie Hossler, Fort Wayne, IN Do I Love CVS! “I read the message board faithfully and kept gnashing my teeth in envy as I heard about all of the wonderful Sunsilk deals that e ve ryone was getting from CVS. Unfortunate ly here in Arizona, there was no such great deal to be had--Sunsilk never was reduced to the lower price that would make the bottles free with coupons and ECB, WOW! 800 CVS ECB’s – even Caelan can’t help smiling. so I r e s ig ned
  8. 8. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC weeks’ ECB deals, and some deal!” Christmas gifts were purchased. I Lorain Dedmon, Sparkman, took $300 ECB and purchased over- AR the-counter medicine with them, which were in turn donated to the needy. “So after sharing Rolaids Doing a Good Turn and Listerine with family and “In the April issue I sent friends, I'm left with 100 Listerine in a photo of 4 t-shirts that I had Pocket Paks and a huge pile of received from Hot & Lean Rolaids which will be donated to Pockets, Reeses, and Hershey v a r io u s h o m e l e s s s h e l t e r s UPCs. I donated these to the throughout the area. Sure, I could Veterans home in Sandusky, OH. try and sell the stuff online, but I A few weeks ago a friend and I enjoy sharing the bounty with took in 25 more t-shirts. Then others and the folks at the local Hot Pockets, who had stopped Gospel Rescue Mission were happy their offer the end of March, with the idea of handing out a small started it up again, this time good compact mouth antiseptic for those until the end of August 2006. in need who may not have access to Lorain and her sisters scored all sorts of Since I still had UPCs left, I sent dental care all the time. Even more deals, including Ultra Sheer Relaxer for 2¢ them and received 30 more shirts, than CVS, I love Refund Cents; the so I have a total of 41 t-shirts and message board and magazine are both bottle of French’s bold mustard and a 2- 1 baseball cap ready to take over invaluable resources for me when it liter bottle of Dr. Pepper plus 2 packages the Veterans home. comes to my new coupon hobby. Don't of Dentyne Ice gum. After coupons, my “I also send for different toys forget to read the message board and total came to $2.45. I was available like the race cars from check it daily for all of the good deals surprised the cashier doubled that are to be found! The next big one all of my coupons because might be just around the corner in your usually the cashiers will only neck of the woods.” double one coupon. Amiee Imperio, Tucson, AZ “Still another sister, Linda, scored an unbelievable deal on Ultra Sheer Relaxer. A Tale of Four Sisters We were at her favorite Wal- “My sister Wanna has done it Mart looking at the clearance again! She didn’t have to pay anything aisles when we came across for her purchase of a 2-liter Coke and a the Ultra Sheer Relaxer medium size bag of Cheetos. She had boxes. Linda grabbed one and found in her wallet a free coupon for the found a scanner. It scanned Coke and I had given her a 55¢ coupons for 2¢!! I was still looking at for the Cheetos. The new male cashier stuff on the aisles and Linda had a few problems getting the cash started calling my name register to take the coupons but with the louder and louder. By the help of his supervisor was able to get time she made it back to me, them to go through. When he subtracted she was totally excited! At the coupons, the total was ‘0.’ The first I didn’t believe her, but cashier was so impressed that he kept then I told her to grab all the the receipt! relaxer on the shelf, which Rita has lots of t-shirts to deliver, “Another sister, Irene, and I was 6. We found a different so many that the table isn’t big enough to display were in Kroger looking for good deals. scanner and scanned them them all. We ran cross Kraft BBQ sauce on sale again–still 2¢!! Linda’s total 2/$1 and a bottle of Frank’s hot sauce was a mere 13¢ for a product Hersheys. I got 9 and then gave a friend for 99¢. I gave her a coupon for 50¢/2 that usually costs between $5 - $6 a box. the UPCs so she could get 9 herself bottles of the barbecue sauce and a 50¢ Linda gave one of the boxes to our niece because she has 9 grandchildren. coupon for the Frank’s. The cashier rang and we snapped a picture of the “I also got 6 sets of us up, looked at the total, and then remaining five boxes. We now have jewelry–bracelets, necklaces, and looked again–the total was 7¢! I didn’t enough Relaxers for 12 touch-ups because earrings that look like miniature candy do quite as well but still did pretty good. there are 2 relaxers in each box. Needless kisses for little girls. I’m sure they will I bought 6 bottles of the BBQ sauce, a to say, we were very happy about this love them. The Kellogg’s DVDs are fun.
  9. 9. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC I will get 8 for 2006 and 8 more in the this past March and I can future. We use a lot of Kellogg’s cereal. honestly say it was the These DVDs are very interesting and best family vacation we different. We also ordered the street have ever had. It stop signs from Kellogg’s. I’m sure the included round trip kids that get the cars will have fun with airfare for four, hotel these as well. room at the Royal Pacific “I also collect Campbell’s labels Resort (on site at and help a friend who is a physical Universal), three-day education teacher for handicapped park tickets to both of children. I have been very lucky the Universal receiving 5 labels for 3 forms. My friend Amusement Parks, and a has gotten a lot of items from VIP Tour of Universal Campbell’s for the handicapped children. Orlando. The biggest She is nice enough that after she gets problem, though, is that what she needs, she tells me to order my daughters (ages 3 baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, and and 5) now ‘expect’ me to basketballs for myself which I donate to win another such trip!!! the Salvation Army at holiday time for “Some other them to give to people who can’t afford recent fun wins include a to buy a Christmas. This June I sent in trip for two to a 31,000 points to receive these items. As Hollywood Movie you can tell, I get a lot of Campbell’s Premiere (we have not labels. I also ordered dolls and plush yet taken this trip), a figures for smaller children to donate as $1,000 ARV DeWalt well. Cordless Tool Set (DH “I don’t find forms around here, loved his one!), an XBOX so I buy them so I have them to trade for 360, some cash prizes, labels. I enjoy doing this since I can help and ~40 of the 5 free 2- other people with my time. I hope I can liter Coke coupons. On Entering Faithfully = Free Trip to Universal Studios continue doing this as long as I am able average, I estimate that I to put ads in Refund Cents. I have never usually win something every week (keep frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, learned to use the computer; but since in mind, I enter a LOT of sweepstakes). unlimited, etc), by prize (cash, cars, I’m 82 years old, I don’t think it’s really Usually, the prize is something small electronics, etc). necessary for me to learn it now. I love such as a coupon or a t-shirt. It's fun to “When you register at the site sending and receiving things through w i n a n y t h i n g ! M y da u g h t e r s and log in, the site can be used to track the mail as it seems a more personal way automatically scan the front porch when sweepstakes for you. This is particularly to help others.” we pull into our driveway each evening to important with the one-time-only Rita Abbott, Elyria, OH see if there is a package of some sort. If entries; you do not want to enter one of there is, there are usually exclamations those twice and disqualify yourself. You of, ‘We won again!’ As a general will be able to click on the ‘daily’ tab to You Have to Enter to Win!!! reminder, all sweepstakes wins are go to your daily entries. You can click on “I've been entering sweepstakes considered taxable income. a link to see all of the sweepstakes that for so many years, and I wanted to write “In June, 2005, I had a great expire today. You can click on a link to an article to encourage others to also time attending a national sweepstakes see all of the new sweepstakes today. enter. I've been having a blast and have convention in Moline, IL. It was fun to be The info on all sweeps come from had fun results! Each year in January I with others who share such a great hobby members. I am registered as a make my wishlist of prizes I'd like to and boy, was I inspired after hearing of ‘Premium’ Member. This means I paid a win. In January, 2005, my wishes were others' wins (one person had won 13+ small fee to have access to more (higher simple, albeit pretty unrealistic: an iPod, cars in their sweepstaking career!). $/better odds) sweeps than the average a trip to Las Vegas, and a trip to Although I missed this year's convention user. DisneyWorld. The results: we won two in Arizona, I hope to attend next year's “Another perk of Premium iPods, two all-expense paid trips for two convention in Michigan. I owe many membership includes use of the to Las Vegas, and although I did not win (most!?) of my sweepstakes wins to SHAZAM button--for example, I can go a trip to DisneyWorld, I did win an all- This to page 4 of 10 of my ‘Dailies,’ push the expense paid trip for four to Universal site has has been mentioned in RC SHAZAM button, and 15 separate Studios in Orlando, FL (see attached previously. It is a wonderful website with windows open on my Internet browser so photo)! sweepstakes organized in many I can quickly go through and enter that “We took the trip to Orlando categories – by expiration date, by page's dailies. I use the program
  10. 10. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC Roboform, which is a form filler instead take yogurt to work with me as a healthy I am very happy with the deals I got that of typing my NAZP on an online entry snack instead of buying junk food out of day.” form. I push a button on my browser the machines. Debbie, PA and the program fills in those fields for “Next on the list were Chore Boy me. I registered my copy of this program sponges. The single ones are 79¢ every because I find it SO helpful. day and I had 50¢/1 coupons for those. “There is also an active Picked up 4 of those for free and actually What a Surprise!! discussion forum available on the made a profit of 29¢ on each one for a website on many different topics . Some total of 84¢ overage to use on something “I had read in Chit Chat that topics are not even sweeps related! else. some lucky Amazon customers were When people ask us how we WIN so “I also had some of those great getting nice complimentary boxes of much, my husband usually laughs and free Iams dog treat coupons that I traded groceries to give them a sampling of the says something along the lines of, ‘She for a few weeks back. My one dog turns new grocery section. For several days enters so many, odds are that there had been excited stories sh e will eventually win from RC members in many parts SOMETHING! Sometimes the of the country. There had been prizes are just bigger than many theories about what kind others!’ ENTER TO WIN--I'm of customer profiles generated sprinkling ‘lucky fairy dust’ in these gifts, but there was no your direction!!! consensus as to why certain Tami Thompson, Coralville, people were chosen. IA “I was happy for them, “P.S. For the record, I have NOT but I didn't expect to receive one. yet won my 2006 goal of a I have been one of their minivan, nor have I won the customers since I finally bit the Albertsons/Gatorade Cooler bullet and started to venture sweeps this year, yet I still keep onto the Internet seven years trying!!!” ago. How could I fail to be? The first thing I asked my long suffering son who was teaching me the basics was how to get to Another Great “I’m very happy with the deals I got that day.” - Debbie what was then the Refunding Shopping Day Makes Cents website. Then once “Weis recently had a there I immediately acquired a his nose up to them, but the other one log in name and password. I've missed good sale on certain items that I had loves them so I only picked up 4 packs for coupons for, without having to trade for now. Still have more of those coupons to very few days since reading all of them and then waiting and hoping they use at a later date. Only had to pay tax on Michele's message and Chit Chat. Most get to me before the sale ends. I went on those. days I'm there several times. Both are the last day of the sale on my way to constantly filled with good Amazon deals. “Last item on the list was Degree Also, reading is my favorite hobby, and work so I was in a hurry. I hate shopping deodorant on sale for $2. I had a $1 like that; I like to take my time and coupon and Weis has this item listed on my main extravagance is buying books. I search for the deals, but this time I their store rebate, so with coupon and immediately discovered the good knew exactly what I was looking for. So store rebate this was free also. I really Amazon selection and reasonable pricing. with only 20 minutes to shop, I grabbed like this deodorant better than anything I loved being able to sit at home and read my cart and headed into the store. excerpts from them to help me decide else I've tried--works the best for me even about purchasing. That's so much more “First stop was the dairy on the hottest days. Too bad I only had 1 section; Yoplait yogurt was on sale 10/$5 coupon for this deodorant cause even at convenient that doing it in a bookstore. which I had five 50¢/2 coupons. Weis $1 it's still a good deal. “Still. I live alone and have a doubles all coupons up to 50¢, so these house filled with an accumulation of over “My total was $28.45 before fifty years of being there. I have more were free after the coupons. I like to coupons. Total after coupons was $1.27, kitchen supplies than I'll ever use, as I do plus I will get $1 back from the Degree so much less cooking than I did when I rebate making the grand total for the day had a ravenous family. My grocery needs 27¢ and that is tax from the Iams treats. now are much less, too. I have plenty of The cashier and the guy behind me were bedding and household linens that have so impressed. The cashier said, ‘Wow, you been accumulated over the years. I give can't beat that.’ The guy behind me a few toys as gifts to friends’ children wanted to know if I did that every day. and grandchildren, but I need few of Unfortunately not, but I sure wish I did. these as my only grandson is in college.
  11. 11. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC I've never signed up for their prime time favorite things that I saw immediately shipping, even on a trial basis, as I never upon opening the box, but later I counted have any trouble bringing any eligible 43 separate items in all. There were: order up to the amount required for free Airheads, Annie's Homegrown Shells & super saver shipping. I can always find a White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese (full book to add to it. Usually I have one size), Balance Bar (full size), Betty reposing in my cart or on my wish list Crocker (full size), Breathe Right, just waiting for an order than needs a Caramoo, Carr's (full size box), Cheerios little extra added. 1.8 oz. cup, Chex Mix 4.5 oz. size, “I felt sure I had been ordering Cinnamania, Clif (full size), Corn Nuts, a lot less than the people exclaiming on Country Time, Crystal Light, Cutter, Chit Chat about the nice boxes they had no idea how long it had been there as Emerald Nuts, Frosted Mini-Wheats, gotten. The only exception to this was UPS always rings the doorbell on my General Foods International (full size), my many orders containing books, and I front porch when they leave a box there. Go Tarts (full size), Kashi, Kleenex, doubted that they'd consider a dyed in There's no doorbell on this unused porch. Mentos (full size), Millstone, Motrin, I knew this must have been Oreo, Planters, Power Bar (full size), left by a new or substitute Progresso Soup 15.25 oz, Purpose Wash employee. and Moisture Lotion, Rayovac (batteries “When I went out to and flashlight), Ritz, Slim Jim, South get it and saw that it came Beach Diet, Special K, Tide To Go Pen from Amazon, I became (full size), Tylenol, Wild Oats, Wonka excited because I was (full size Nerds rope), Wrigley, Yogos, expecting no order from them. and Yuban. I ripped into it and saw “After I recovered a little from another inside box was checking this nice assortment, I was marked ‘Amazon Grocery.’ I thankful that the box was intact. I had tore into it and found the no idea when it was delivered, but I know letter saying they were it had to sit there for at least one night. sending me this gift for being There are a lot of little four legged one of their best customers. I predators in my neighborhood. It is am so glad that a woman who surprising they hadn't sampled it before buys mainly books rates like I had a chance. that with them. “The letter from Amazon that “The box was just full was in the box they ask me to click of goodies. It contained 43 around on the grocery part of their site items in all. Some were and tell them what I think. I certainly samples, but many were full am going to do that as well as thank size. I appreciated both them for the wonderful thoughtfulness because many were things of allowing me this chance to sample that I wanted to try before things. I will try everything in the box buying. This is important to even though many are things I'd never me now since there are no have purchased myself. Knowing how teenagers here who will eat much I love to eat, I'm sure there are lots most anything. Many of them of these products that I'll be buying more are things that I've used and of in the future. With gasoline the price loved for years. Yuban is a it is and my legs the age they, are, I will favorite coffee and here was a be happy to buy nonperishable items full 11 oz. can. I can't resist from Amazon and have them delivered to Betty Crocker Warm Delights my door as reasonable prices with special Hot Fudge Brownies, and the offers often included. I love the Amazon made Barbara’s day. box contained a 3.1 oz. promotion codes they often give for bowl.There was a 7.05 oz. box buying certain items, and I notice several of my favorite Carr's Assorted of these are offered in the grocery the wool reader someone who would be Biscuits. There was a Clif bar, and that's section. A ten-dollar promotion code likely to buy many groceries. I just felt my choice for a healthy energy snack. The makes it easier to buy a book that I want happy for the people who got the nice Tide to Go Pen that was enclosed went to read. surprise but didn't expect one. Then one straight to my car because I'm a klutz “I hope that every RC member morning I looked out a window and saw who often soils her clothes. gets a box, too, and I'll be reading Chit a box on a porch that I never use. I had “The above are just a few of the Chat and the magazine to share in your
  12. 12. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC happiness and surprise Chit Chat. Everyone does such when you receive it. a good job at listing all of the M a y be a l l o f u s good deals they get! I appreciate expressing our thanks everyone! I also love reading to Amazon will Michele’s Updates every day. encourage them to Sometimes I even check several surprise us with other times a day, especially when all things in the future. I of the Amazon toys shipped certainly will be doing free. I have been stocking up that as well as sending my gift closet for my daughters them grocery orders for Christmas, also for now that I know more birthdays and Christmas gifts about what a nice for other kids that we buy for. assortment they offer.” It sure saves a lot of time and Barbara Sisson, money. We all love free Charleston, WV shipping! So thank you everyone! Keep posting all of the deals!” CVS Savings Sara Anderson “When I saw Rankin, IL the CVS Beauty News “We all love free shopping!” - Sara deals posted on Chit Chat, I didn’t think about it too much. Then I saw one trial-size Skin Effects Wrinkle Effects CVS: My Favorite Drugstore article that caught my eye. It listed hand lotion, two La Cross nail clippers, “I can go on and on about all the exactly what the lady had bought and two Essence of Beauty nail brushes, one good deals I get at CVS. Hope they keep did SO well! I don’t remember her name, Essence of Beauty mesh facial sponge, coming. but I thank her immensely!!! So, I was a one Essence of Beauty body wash sponge, “I coupon on a small scale little late getting started on the CVS one Maybelline loose powder, one compared to a lot of the people who write Beauty News deals. My local CVS did not Maybelline mascara, three Sally Hansen articles. I am very happy with the deals get the booklet in until almost the end of nail polishes, three Cover Girl nail I am able to get though. First, I always the month. I grabbed up several, and left polishes, and one Maybelline nail polish. use the CVS store card to earn credits plenty behind for other bargain hunters. “All of this will be put towards a with coupon credit at end of each I think I did fairly well for my late start. couple of Christmas gift baskets for two quarter, although I must say I don't end I only paid $11.46 for $79.58 worth of teenaged girls at my church that run the up spending much money so I don't get a merchandise. I used the Beauty News Children’s Church program that my 4- lot of credit. coupons, manufacturers coupons, Extra year-old daughter attends. They will love “Second, I use my credit card Care Bucks, and Extra Care coupons and all of it! which pays 5% with CVS drug store combined it with the current sale flier. I “I love reading all of the posts on purchases. I like the card that will cut a have to say that I am so very lucky with my cashiers at my local CVS. They are always helpful, and I never have any problems! One cashier, who is my favorite, even said, ‘Wow, you did really well today!’ “In all I got a jumbo pack of Pampers d i a pe r s , o n e f r e e American Greetings card, a bottle of Nuprin ibuprofen, a three pack of Orbit gum, three-trial size Christophe shampoo, a Lamisilk cream, six trial-size Pantene hairspray, six CVS and garage sales are a successful mix.
  13. 13. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC check up to $300 per year. each week's ECB and sales. The twelve lids reduced to $4.99 for set of 2. WOW, “Third, I look at circular each week $5 off $20 coupons have been a big what timing. week to see the items on sales and savings. I never found these coupons so I “It wasn't hard to fill up all match coupons with the sales or trade had to trade for them. I traded for four these containers. I filled the first large for coupons on website or RC yahoo sets–one for my mother and three for me. container with my shavers. With all CVS groups. It is so easy to use three each week. I bargains on Schick Intuition Razors and “Fourth, CVS runs specials to usually get a raincheck each week as my Schick Titanium razors and previous get so much extra CVS spending money local CVS runs out of items so if the sales offers I have a large supply to fill that when purchasing certain items each aren't that good for the week I can always container. My second container has week. It takes several days after use the rainchecks. I have four CVS Scotch Brite mops and toilet cleaner purchase to get the coupon which will be within a 15 miles radius, so I usually try items and refills, Grab-It mops, and below the receipt. When cashing in these going to another CVS to get the sale Swiffer products. My third container has coupons, more seem to spit out. items, especially if I have a coupon Brillo pads and miscellaneous light items “Fifth, after a holiday they expiring. Since CVS has limited shelves to like Mr. Clean Erasers which are a hot always mark items on clearance, usually have a large inventory, they usually do selling item. Sure wish they would go on 50%, then 75%, and then 90%. run out by Saturday so I try to shop sale along with coupons. I would surely “Sixth, I go to more than one before then. The ECB promotions have stock up if that happened! I usually can store. Each store has their own been very good with CVS, but after they sell a dozen each sale. I put them in front clearance. are printed, you have to use them within as an attraction cause everyone loves “Seventh, each week there is three weeks. My local store lets me use them. Also I'm amazed how Dawn 12 oz. always something that is a good buy. more than one so I have no problem using sells for $1 with no problem. CVS usually CVS doesn't have room to stock their them. I only do one to three each week so has them on sale for 88¢ (no limit) and shelves though so chances are by it is a small amount, unlike the articles I after the usual 25¢ coupon, I get them Saturday I might need to get rain read about in Refund Cents. Wow, $300 in for 63¢ plus tax but will buy with ECB checks. Rain checks do not expire. I do ECB--I can't imagine. usually. I did have one person say they try to get there during the week for “I have been having quite a few could go to CVS and get for 88¢ on sale. those really good specials. sales at a local flea market selling my No problem! “Here are some of my CVS excess products. I just use empty “Another good deal was the One deals this year: January, after the cardboard cartons from work for my Touch Diabetic meters. CVS had both holidays, CVS put on clearance the products. The boxes wear out fast due to brands on sale for $30. With the coupon Ocean Spray cranberries in the can (the heavy items or loading conditions. out that meant FREE. Now I gave some berry kind-- just the kind we love). I was Anyway, my husband said I should invest away and am selling them at the flea hoping for the same deal. My husband in plastic containers with lids. CVS had market for $10--sheer profit!! Love it! and I stopped at the perfect CVS. They such good timing. I looked in the flier and “I didn't get in on the Sunsilk had them on clearance for 90% making they were running a special on the products and missed out on the Rolaids each can 13¢. I was so excited. I didn't containers I thought was a good size (26 but I'm totally happy with everything I have any coupons; but for that price, x 16 x 18) for only $4.99, a $3 savings. have gotten from CVS--sure hope it who cares!! You guessed it, I had my $5 of $20 keeps coming. Thanks, Michele, for “Also on that 90% clearance, I coupons plus some ECB so that meant having your newsletter and especially found 3 baby ceramic picture frames free containers. Each time I have a sale at your website which keeps us informed (two pink and one blue) and I had a baby the local flea market, my husband loads daily.” shower to go to the following weekend. up his truck with all my items and then Marie Kunz, Schwenksville, PA The regular price was -- after the sale I load the let's see at 90% that balance into my PT A Refunder's Summer would make it $1.30-- cruiser. I usually sell “It's good that the word ‘fun’ is wow! I took 2. When I half of what I bring. I part of refund, refunder, and refunding. went up to the register wasn't sure how the I'm sure we all agree that our great they didn't ring up with containers would fit in hobby provides savings, camaraderie, 90% off. The cashier my cruiser but it was and FUN! didn't want to give to me. perfect (three across “This has been a busy few Thank goodness I left one when my seat was put months with several excellent offers; on the shelf. I told him down). Okay, now I think Post/ Nabisco and Kellogg's at $10 where the discount shelf wanted other each. Forms are not plentiful anymore, was and there was one containers with or but there are many high value cash-offs left. Okay, they had to without lids which were (some as high as $7 or more on one item) give me the sale price. Unfortunately, smaller for my heavy items like cleaning so shoppers can always save big bucks at there was nothing else much left on this liquids/ soaps. Perfect--the following week the check stand. Another plus is the B 1 shelf, but I did good!!! CVS had their 12 x 12 x 12 crates reduced G I Free offers. I do most of my grocery “Can't wait to see CVS fliers for $1 and containers that are 10 x 8 x 8 with shopping at Safeway, and they will give
  14. 14. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC you the product at half'price if you “Isn't it amazing how three batteries, and several pair of gardening cannot use two of them. Recently they strangers can begin to chat like old gloves were mine for $15. The store is featured boxes of 18 eggs. Since 36 eggs friends? We sat for awhile, then walked to close to me, and for small items is are way too many for me, I bought one the Food Pavilion for lunch. After an excellent--saves tile a trip to Home box for a little over a dollar. enjoyable lunch, we came to my home for Depot! Albertson's had a coupon in their “Alas, we have no CVS stores dessert and lots more conversation. flier that was good for a free 1.75 quart here, but the competition is fierce Mostly we talked about our backgrounds of Breyer's ice cream when a Sara Lee among all of' our supermarkets. Last and our families. There are pictures of my pound cake was purchased. summer, particularly, there were so two grandsons all over my home, and “Safeway has introduced many many 10 for $10 sales and with coupons Robin has a grandson as well. The photo new organic products, identified with a that often meant free. There are also 5 of Jane and me was taken in my dining large ‘O.’ These include jams, cereals, for $10 with an instant rebate of $2. room. She has on a white top, and is fresh chicken, olive oil, and lettuce. Reading the weekly ads is an education wearing glasses. It is dark outside the Booklets with $1 cash-offs were stacked in itself and only takes a few minutes. glass patio door because of the rain. After at checkstands and at the courtesy desk Safeway and Albertson's double 4 all, this is Oregon! I appreciated the and there was no limit. Signature soups coupons per shopping trip and extra ads trouble that Jane and Robin went were featured as well. One cashier gave are always available. through just to visit me. six of them to me! I might add that the “Summer officially began on the “On May 31, l flew to AZ to visit products are excellent. Memorial Day weekend and that was my family. All rebate money goes into my “Bed, Bath & Beyond frequently special for me. Jane Elliot was driving travel fund. Refunding has been a serious mails their offers, either 20% off one from her home in CA through OR to hobby for almost 40 years now, and for purchase, or a $5 saving on $15 total. I visit relatives in ID. Jane posted on the past 30 years I've had a special bank needed Brita filters, and the 4-pack cost OTCC, hoping to meet some Oregonians account. Small amounts really add up, $23.99 (ouch!) but with the discount of along the way. We made plans to get and the credit money I get for sending in $5 and a rebate of $4, the cost was together on Saturday, May 27. To make new offers is banked as well. Being with $14.99. it easy, I suggested meeting at Target in my family and playing with my grandsons “Every two to four weeks, the Gateway Mall, right along Interstate is definitely my favorite thing. I like to Safeway prints a customer appreciation 5 on the Eugene-Springfield border. think that they keep me young, and certificate in our local paper worth $10 Jane was coming with a friend and we there's a wonderful park nearby with on $50. To qualify, your total must be agreed to meet about 11:30 at the coffee swings, slides, and climbing equipment. I $50 after all coupons are deducted. I plan shop by the front door. We hoped some stick to the slides but enjoy watching my these shopping trips very carefully and of the gals from the Portland area would older grandson do his gymnastics. try not to overspend. This August 13, I be able to join us, but due to holiday “My daughter and I enjoy also wanted to include the ten purchases plans they weren't able to come down. shopping at Safeway, and checking the for my Kellogg's shopping spree. My list “Target is the best place to buy ads and Sunday inserts is an eye-opener. and coupons were safely tucked into a Fuji cameras and the cosmetics l like, so Large cities have very generous inserts, large envelope. I try to keep my order at I arrived early and shopped for my and it's worth investing $2 for a paper under $65, so when my coupons are upcoming trip to visit my family in AZ. that will yield $8 or $9 in coupons that I deducted, the total is close to $50. To This store is coupon-friendly, and it's a can take home and double. Whenever I'm spend more just doesn't make sense, so I pleasure to shop there. Shortly after away I scout for forms, but they're pretty estimate costs to keep on track. 11:00 I headed to the coffee shop and scarce nationwide it seems. We found $2 “First I checked out the found an excellent vantage point. I blinkies for Huggies wipes. The sale price Kellogg's/Keebler products--and yay-- decided against wearing the ever- was $2.29, so we stocked up. There most of them were on sale! popular red rose but told Jane that I'd was no limit, and the store kept To take advantage of sale wear a blue raincoat and have a copy of filling up the blinkie gadgets and the prices, customers must use Refund Cents prominently displayed. shelves. Those came in handy for their Club Card. I had (Some years back Jane's photo appeared my toddler grandson. plenty of cash-offs, too, in RC, and I pictured her to be a very “When it was time to leave, and loaded my cart with tall brunette.) I watched the doors, and as always when I visit AZ, all the Special K, Eggo waffles, it seemed that all the women in my area inserts and extra coupons I've Keebler butter cookies, were shopping in two's that morning. collected during my visit get stashed in Cheez-Its, and Nutri-Grain bars. (The Aha! A pair came in, smiled at me, my suitcase. So far none have been lost. last three are treats for my family's looked at my magazine, but kept going. Airport Security must wonder why visit.) Another nice sale was a B1G1F A bit later, Jane and her friend, Robin, anyone totes all that paper! from Celestial Seasonings tea--bought 2, arrived! They smiled and came right “Back home to serious clipping got 4, and doubled a $1 coupon. Other over. One was dark-haired, one was and checking the local ads--and this has bargains included a 2-pound loaf of auburn-haired, and both were of been a lucrative summer with several Tillamook Cheddar for $3.99 (with a medium height. And by the way, Jane excellent deals. True Value offered $5 off store coupon), albacore tuna for $1, a has auburn hair. a $20 purchase. A new broom, assorted gallon of milk for $1.98, boneless chicken
  15. 15. CCCCC Refund Cents CCCCC for $3.14, Arrowhead water for $3.99, of different types, 70 train cars, 44 people Crest toothpaste, and Ivory liquid. I paid and a couple of bags of miscellaneous regular price for broccoli, Imperial items like dollhouse furniture and margarine and Libby's pumpkin. gadgets. I only wish there was more “My checker was named Robin, curved track for us to buy that day; it and she is always very careful and goes pretty quickly when you start laying handled my coupons with ease. My cash- out the track in a small room because you offs with four doubles came to $9.20, the need 3-4 pieces to make a 90 degree special Safeway coupons came to $4.79, corner. and my total was $54.78. Then Robin “After we sorted it all we started deducted the $10 certificate for a making complete sets /track layouts for balance of $44.78. A funny note--she got gifts. We took a picture, boxed them up as to work very early, hadn't read the individual sets and marked them as to paper, and wasn't aware of the new their recipient. I will probably go back certificate! and make some other personalized pieces “None of this is spectacular-- for each of these sets as well. Each of many subscribers do fantastic deals--but these sets cost us only about $15 - $20 I was pleased with my bargains over the and would cost about $100-$120 in the summer. Today's paper has another store based on the pieces we used. In $10/$50 certificate, so here I go again.” addition to the sets we made up, we also Alice Dodge, Eugene, OR took the 2 Polar Express sets we bought and combined them to go around our Christmas tree. That will be Santa’s big surprise this year as our train last year An Unexpected “Train Trip” wasn’t working. This will be more fun-- (Continued from back cover) and quieter than an electric train with a “ husband headed straight whistle! for the loose track and I looked for the “I really thought we did quite complete train sets in boxes. I picked up well during our warehouse shopping trip, as many complete sets as I thought I but I was surprised to find out how well could use. I figured I could sort through we actually did. I went online and looked them later and put them back if my up prices for the individual pieces we husband didn’t agree with my choices. picked up. We spent $300 and came home The boxed sets were more expensive with over $3,300 of BRIO items! That’s than the loose track, but they would over 90% savings! I was totally make great gifts without too much overwhelmed. That total even beat my effort. My husband started stuffing 1 Geoffrey Store closing shopping trips. At gallon ziploc bags with loose track. One that time, I was excited to get baby gallon bags stuffed full were selling for outfits for a church baby shower for $1 $5. We got awesome sand shovels and each, saving 90%. But, this warehouse sifters, trains, train cars, people, sale will give us enough track and special dollhouse furniture, wooden animals, pieces for at least a year of birthdays and track, track, and more track this way! Christmas for our children and a nephew. What a bargain! We looked around at “We have already packed away the many other items for sale that day all of our track, noting which piece was and decided to buy a few baby toys for for which child at Christmas. Our gifts and a couple of erector sets for gifts children will be playing with train tracks as well. This trip to the warehouse sale for months with all the neat buildings and cost us $170 and we ended up with 4 new specialty track pieces that we got at large boxes of a variety of BRIO items. this sale. Maybe we’ll even be able to sell “When we sorted out all of our some of the specialty pieces on Ebay to purchases, we stacked them according to recover some of the cost for these gifts; type of piece or set. It took hours! We but even if we don’t, our shopping trip ended up with 6 erector sets, 3 BRIO was a tremendous success!” train specialty sets, 5 special BRIO Dawn Doll, Mt. Calvary, WI buildings to go with the train sets, 568 pieces of BRIO track (many special pieces which are really expensive), 4 mountain bridges, 67 scenery pieces for train sets like trees and barns, 56 trains