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Dummies Books


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Dummies Books

  1. 1. upcoming releases Basketball for QTY Menopause For QTY Dummies® Dummies® Andrew Gaze Lily Stojanovska The most successful Basketball FD A comprehensive focuses on getting Australian guide for reference guides globally involved with the women approach- are now written for an sport, as a player, ing menopause and coach or referee. wondering what to Australian audience. This book will help expect. Includes For Dummies® products you to understand the game and information on treatments and prepa- improve your skills. rations and how they may be affected are the first place to ISBN 1-7403-1135-3 Pb $39.95 by this change. turn to when you’re new 06/06 ISBN 1-7403-1140-X Pb $39.95 03/06 to a topic - but even if you’ve mastered a Technology QTY Laptops For QTY MYOB Software topic, For Dummies® is a Dummies® For Dummies® great quick reference or Dan Gookin Fourth Edition includes topics such Veechi Curtis refresher. as buying a new This popular guide to or second hand the business software laptop, broadband Australians most love and wireless to use is now technology, software, available fully revised presentations, power management and updated. ISBN 1-7403-1095-0 Pb and much more... $39.95 08/04 Every Day ISBN 1-7403-1123-X Pb $39.95 08/05 PCs For QTY The Internet For QTY The Dummies ® Dummies® Third Edition Third Edition Paul Wallbank Maryanne Phillips Includes update of This is the plain AUSTRALIAN Internet sites and internet service english guide of how to get online and where to go Dummies providers. when you get there. ISBN 1-7403-1086-1 Pb $39.95 04/04 ISBN 1-7403-1160-4 Pb $39.95 07/02 Way! Health QTY QTY Diabetes For Asthma and Dummies ® Allergies For Second Edition Dummies® Professor Lesley Asthma Victoria Campbell This handbook This book will help nurses your nose readers understand through hay fever the three different and sensitivity to varieties of diabetes moulds, covers and the implications for managing the the treatment of allergic skin and food disease and for managing lifestyles. reactions. ISBN 1-7403-1054-3 Pb ISBN 1-7403-1094-2 Pb $39.95 09/04 $39.95 02/03 QTY Breast Cancer For Dummies® Cancer Council Over 11,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Australia. This book includes information on preventative measures, helplines and support groups. ISBN 1-7403-1143-4 Pb $39.95 04/06 As at April 2006
  2. 2. Personal Finance QTY QTY Superannuation Choosing a Superannuation For Fund For Dummies® Dummies® Trish Power Trish Power From 1st July 2005 most employers Superannuation is a simple concept, will have to offer employees a choice of but legislation has been changed and superannuation fund. This book is jam- tweaked so much since its inception packed full of all the facts necessary to that many different rules apply to make an informed decision. different earning periods and different ISBN 1-7403-1125-6 Pb $29.95 people’s situations. QTY ISBN 1-7403-1061-6 Pb $39.95 09/04 QTY Personal Finance For Investing For Dummies® Dummies® James Kirby Barbara Drury The laypersons bible to investing in Personal Finance For Dummies cuts Australia. From shares to super, from through the intimidating subject of property to art, this refreshing guide finance and guides you into making enables the reader to not only understand sound decisions, no matter what your important investment terminology but income or personal financial situation. actually helps empower them to make ISBN 1-7403-1004-7 Pb $39.95 informed investment decisions. ISBN 1-7403-1041-1 Pb $39.95 07/02 QTY QTY Australian Wills and Estates Share Investing For Dummies® For Dummies Graham Cooke Second Edition This book provides readers with all the James Dunn information they need to make sure Discover how to pick winning stocks, their affairs, financial and otherwise, are recognise investment opportunities considered for when they die, including: and ditch the duds! understanding wills and why they are ISBN 1-7403-1146-9 Pb $39.95 essential, writing your will - including a 06/06 free will kit, what happens if you do not have a will, trusts and taxes, and estate planning for businesses. Finding & Managing Your QTY ISBN 1-7403-1067-5 Pb $39.95 08/03 Mortgage For Dummies® Maureen Jordan, Eric Tyson & Ray Brown The information in this book will empower the consumer and encourage them to get the best deal. Business ISBN 1-7403-1052-7 Pb $39.95 03/04 Small Business Job Hunting Business Plans QTY QTY For Dummies® QTY For For Second Edition Dummies® Dummies ® Veechi Curtis Jim Bright Veechi Curtis Covering all the Job Hunting For Tackles the planning essentials to help Dummies is the of your business in manage a small foolproof guide to this practical, fun business, including conquering the business guide. up-to-date information This book is an on law, tax, bookkeeping, how to create employment market. invaluable part of any new business business and marketing plans and much ISBN 1-74031-030-6 Pb $39.95 owner’s toolkit. more. ISBN 1-74031-109-4 08/01 ISBN 1-74031-124-8 Pb $39.95 Pb $39.95 11/04 QTY 04/05 QTY GST-BAS For Dummies® Quickbooks For Dummies® Angela Ryan Virginia Colbran and Two Years into existence, GST and BAS Stephen Blake seems to remain a persistent challenge Quickbooks For Dummies is a friendly, for many small-to-medium sized jargon-free reference to help you businesses. GST-BAS For Dummies easily navigate your way around the cuts straight through the intimidating Quickbooks program. Written for minefield of jargon associated with the both the novice and the complete tax and in a practical, fun and easy-to- professional this common-sense guide read style. leads you step by step through keeping track of every ISBN 1-74031-033-0 Pb $39.95 07/02 aspect of your business. ISBN 1-74031-002-0 Pb $39.95 07/03
  3. 3. Sport QTY QTY Aussie Rules For Dummies® Yoga For Dummies® Jim Maine Kelly Baker, Georg Feuerstein Packed with information, this great and Larry Payne guide takes you from the game’s This book gives you expert knowledge fundamentals and rules, terminology of yoga and demonstrates, in simple and and equipment to the finer points of plain language, that anyone can use strategy, individual playing styles and this practical mind and body discipline Aussie Rules folklore. So, if you want to unlock the body’s extraordinary to know a ‘crumber’ from a ‘smother’, potential. Use the many photos and or if a player is ‘on the mark’ or ‘on the ball’, jump in and illustrations to support you on your journey to improved appreciate Australia’s premier sport. health and greater peace of mind. ISBN 1-7403-1035-7 Pb $39.95 03/03 ISBN 1-7403-1059-4 Pb $39.95 02/03 QTY QTY Fishing For Dummies® Golf For Dummies® Steve Starling Jon Underwood and Fishing For Dummies is for Gary McCord anyone who has ever dangled a line or This accessible guide contains easy- dreamt of doing so - from choosing and to-follow instructions from one of the buying the right tackle to putting it all game’s great masters to ensure you together, rigging your line, tying knots, enjoy playing golf and experience the baiting the hook, hauling in a whopper camaraderie and excitement of the then cleaning and cooking your catch. game. ISBN 1-7403-1006-3 Pb $39.95 08/02 ISBN 1-7403-1011-X Pb $39.95 02/00 QTY Fitness For Dummies® Weight-Training QTY Kelly Baker For Dummies® This book is anyone’s Kelly Baker user-friendly, cost-effective personal Weight Training For Dummies is for trainer. It includes plenty of photos and those who want to body build, sculpt illustrations that will help understand their physique or simply preserve fitness jargon, show how to exercise, bone density. Loaded with step-by- and help maximise each workout, step instructions and photos that plus helps test fitness levels and set demonstrate proper techniques. realistic goals. ISBN 1-7403-1044-6 Pb $39.95 ISBN 1-7403-1009-8 Pb $39.95 06/01 01/02 QTY QTY Rugby Union For Dummies® Pilates For Dummies® Greg Growden Kelly Baker and Ellie Herman This fascinating new book explains This friendly guide helps how rugby union is played, its history, you develop your own Pilates fitness pro- its personalities and much, much more. gram perfect for home or the gym. Eight Rugby Union For Dummies will provide basic principles show you how to get information for complete newcomers the most out of your mat-based Pilates to the game, players wanting to refine routines and become stronger, more in their game, and for spectators who want control, and less prone to injury. Packed to increase their understanding and enjoyment of the sport. with step-by-step exercises, photos, and illustrations Pilates Rugby Union For Dummies also includes forewords by Nick for Dummies will help target problem areas while making Farr-Jones, ex-Captain for Australia, and Mark Ella former you feel and look better without doing aerobics. player for Australia. ISBN 1-7403-1074-8 Pb $39.95 10/03 ISBN 1-7403-1073-X Pb $39.95 09/03 QTY Football For Dummies® Reference QTY Kyle Patterson Do you get a kick out Tracing Your Family History of football? Discover Online For Dummies® how to improve The Society of Australian Genealogists, passing, dribbling, Matthew and April Helm understand football Did you know there are millions of rules, coach kids records and resources on the Internet to help you become your family’s effectively and get more out of the historian? This friendly and easy-to-use game as a spectator. guide shows you where to start, how to ISBN 1-7403-1122-1 Pb $39.95 10/05 find the best sites and sources, swap information with other researchers just like yourself and fill in your own family tree. ISBN 1-7403-1071-3 Pb $39.95 08/03
  4. 4. Parenting QTY QTY Pregnancy For Dummies® Baby’s First Year For Second Edition Dummies® Jane Palmer Mara Lee Author, and Sydney midwife, Jane This book takes the mystery out of parents Palmer, has revised and updated caring for their baby, including valuable the content of Pregnancy For information on daytime and nighttime Dummies taking on board all the routines; overcoming sleep problems; new research and trends. She has dealing with common childhood illnesses, included a whole new chapter on and encouraging and monitoring your working through your pregnancy baby’s development. and a chapter for older parents. ISBN 1-7403-1042-X Pb $39.95 05/02 ISBN 1-7403-1103-5 Pb $39.95 04/05 Culinary & Hospitality QTY Cooking For Dummies® QTY Gourmet Cooking For Margaret Fulton & Dummies® Barbara Beckett Charlie Trotter & Joanna Savill The complete reference to This book is the key kitchen companion delicious and healthy cooking with for those who love food but haven’t yet over 100 recipes for the budding the confidence to do it on their own - it’s cook or the accomplished chef. the ultimate kitchen compendium for the ISBN 1-7403-1010-1 Pb $39.95 time poor,and food loving community. 08/01 Elements of Asian food, Fusion, Cajun, Mediterranean, Seafood, French and Indian foods are covered. QTY ISBN 1-7403-1040-3 Pb $39.95 10/02 Australian & New Zealand Wine For Dummies® Maryann Egan In this interesting, entertaining new guide wine writer, grower and expert, Maryann Egan uncorks all the information on wine from the Antipodes. . ISBN 1-7403-1008-X Pb $39.95 11/04 Pets Gardening QTY Dogs For Dummies® QTY Richard Lawrence Gardening For Dummies® This is the canine Shirley and Jennifer Stackhouse reference for those who want all the Brimming with advice, resources canine basics in one easy-to-use and suggested planting choices, this book. Dogs For Dummies includes book is just what is needed to start information on choosing the right playing in the dirt - for those with a dog; how to socialise puppies; green-thumb to those who have never diets; behavioural problems; and picked up a garden trowel in their lives. dog tricks. ISBN 1-7403-1007-1 Pb ISBN 1-7403-1028-4 Pb $39.95 04/02 $39.95 04/02 Account Name: Date: Address: Account No: Order No: Customer Service Tel: 1800 777 474 Fax: 1800 802 258 Email: As of April 2006 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley, the Wiley logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for the Rest of Us!, The Fun and Easy Way are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wiley.