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Best Advertisement Management Plugins For WordPress


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Best advertisement creation & management plugins suggested by leading WordPress development company in India - eTatvaSoft. Check out the list & select suitable

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Best Advertisement Management Plugins For WordPress

  1. 1. WordPress Ad Placement Plugins
  2. 2. Why Advertisement Plugins? • Ads are important part to promote the website • To create & track ad campaigns, WordPress has different plugins • Instantly create & customize campaigns • Manage multiple campaigns easily WordPress development company India
  3. 3. Plugin’s Common Features • Statistical reports • Customizable post types • Specialized in ad placement • Run multiple ads simultaneously • Run ads on different types of businesses WordPress development company India
  4. 4. Top Plugins • BuyAndSell • AdSanity • Google AdSense • AdRotate • AdInserter WordPress development company India • WP125 • SwiftAd • WP Advertise It • Google DFP • Ultimate Ads Manager
  5. 5. BuyAndSell • Quick & Simple way to mobile & RSS ads • Create & Publish ads as well as promote • Easily add widgets, code & mobile ads • It uses SAAS platform to manage & serve campaigns WordPress development company India
  6. 6. AdSanity WordPress development company India Prominent WordPress development company in India – eTatvaSoft recommends this Ad Placement plugin. • Popular banner ad plugin • Create variety of ads • Easily manage ads & track clicks • Schedule ads on day, week or month basis
  7. 7. Google AdSense WordPress development company India • Top rated ad management plugin • It has remarkable features like one click ad layouts, mobile responsive ads, site verification, user friendly interface and much more
  8. 8. AdRotate • It increases website monetization • Run banner ads on page/post easily • Premium version has more features like adblocker help, email support & mobile ads. WordPress development company India
  9. 9. AdInserter • Users can add code into WordPress to display ads. • Use upto 16 code blocks • You can use JavaScript, PHP and HTML directly into a website WordPress development company India
  10. 10. WP125 WordPress development company India • Size specific ads : 125x125 are possible through this plugin • Schedule ads for specific time short & long term • Ad will automatically come up or take down, as having clicks
  11. 11. SwiftAd WordPress development company India • Improve engagement • Detailed reports on clicks & impressions • Seamless display • Geotargeting • Split testing feature
  12. 12. WP Advertise It WordPress development company India • Run irrespective size of ad blocks anywhere on page • Better alternative of Google AdSense as it can work with Google publishers easily • Insert ads into posts using shortcodes
  13. 13. WP Advertise It WordPress development company India
  14. 14. Google DFP WordPress development company India • Web based ads selling & serving platform • Reliable & Cost effective • Automatically choose the best paying ad for the spot • Good reporting tools
  15. 15. Ultimate Ads Manager WordPress development company India • All in one ad management system • It includes Google Analytics support, shortcodes, click views, custom post types & more
  16. 16. Contact us • If you have any website based on WordPress platform and having problem with plugin configuration or customization, contact our WordPress developers at eTatvaSoft : • • We will solve your queries on immediate basis. • Follow us on :  Twitter :  LinkedIn : WordPress development company India