8:00	  	          	  OPENING	  PLENARY	  ROUNDTABLE	                 Racial disparities                          Stories: ...
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International Qualitative Social Work Research Day


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International Social Work Research Day is the great social work get-together. Held in Urbana, Illinois, USA, Social Work Day is part of the International Congress on qualitative Inquiry. More than 1400 researchers from 70 countries and many disciplines attend. It's a time to share ideas and gain energy. This year it's on Friday 17 May 2013.

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International Qualitative Social Work Research Day

  1. 1. 8:00      OPENING  PLENARY  ROUNDTABLE   Racial disparities Stories: I Knew I Wanted To Do G LB TQ Humour Qualitative Research When…. 9:30     CONCURRENT  ROUNDTABLES  &  PANELS     Stories worth advocacy 11:00   CONCURRENT  WORKSHOPS  &  PANELS    1:20     CONCURRENT  PANELS     Clinical Social Work   Reform   Dignity  2:45     Concurrent  Brainstorming  Session         &  Panels     Historical Research  4:20     CLOSING  ROUNDTABLE     Ac tio n R ese arc h C o mmun ity Organ izin g “Town Hall” Meeting to Plan & Dream Bra instorm in g 5:30     RECEPTION  WITH  FOOD  &  DRINK     Writing Policy a uto ethno graphy Case studies   Social   Sex TraffickingInformation  &   Persons with disabilities Field research   JusticeRegistration   Military families Educationhttp://www.icqi.org Biography   reflexivity ethnography