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Why Invest in Social Media As A Sales Tool This presentation explains why smart, savvy brands are investing in social media (or social selling) as a sales tool.

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Why Invest in Social Media As A Sales Tool

  1. 1. Why  invest  in  social  media?   Jane  Frankland  Agency,  20013   ì  
  2. 2. Objective   ì Introduce  you  to  social  selling.   ì Add  value  by  giving  some   insight  into  social  media  as  a   tool  to  modernize  your  sales   approach  and  increase  sales.  
  3. 3. Introduction   ì  “Social”  is  being  touted  as  a  strategy  that  all   businesses  should  use  but  ….     ì  THE  ques3on  is  …should  you?   ì  Is  it  right  for  your  business?   ì  Will  it  deliver  REAL  results?   ì  Is  it  worth  your  TIME?  
  4. 4. How  I  got  into  this  “fine  mess”  
  5. 5. Recognized  authority  
  6. 6. ì Help  forward  thinking   brands  sell  more  in  the   digital  era.  I  do  this  through   consulNng,  training  and   coaching.  
  7. 7. Agenda   ì  How  to  use  social  media  to:   ì  Enable  sales     ì  Shorten  your  sales  cycle   ì  Support  your  business   ì  Get  a  compeNNve  advantage  
  8. 8. 1.               MARKETING   3.         RECRUITMENT   2.                                         SALES   4.  NEW  SERVICES/ IP  
  9. 9. Using  Social  for  Sales  &  Marketing   ì  
  10. 10. What  makes  a  good  sales  person?  
  11. 11. Buyers  are  different  
  12. 12. Buyers  now  seek  you  out  
  13. 13. Fact   ì 50-­‐70%  of  the  buying   process  happens  before   sales  execuNves  get   involved  (Source:   Forrester)  
  14. 14. Fact   ì 74%  of  B2B  decision-­‐makers   use  LinkedIn  to  help  them   with  their  B2B  purchase   decisions.    
  15. 15. Fact   ì 90%  of  CEO’s  and  IT   Directors  say  they  NEVER   respond  to  cold  emails  or   calls  (Source:  InsideView)  
  16. 16. Fact   ì 89%  of  consumers  begin   searching  for  products   and  services  using  a   search  engine  (Source:   InsideView)  
  17. 17. Savvy  entrepreneurs   ì  Shifing  their  spend  away  from   ‘interrup3on  adver3sing.’  i.e.   trade  shows  and  direct  mail  and   ‘outbound  marke3ng’  i.e.  cold-­‐ calling.  
  18. 18. Better  returns  through  social  media   ì  57%  acquire  clients  through   blogging   ì  44%  from  Twiher   ì  43%  of  B2B  companies  from   Facebook    
  19. 19. They’re  listening  
  20. 20. SOCIAL  
  21. 21. Where  to  focus   ì  To win in business now, you’ve got to be focusing on engagement, interaction and conversations. ì  Recent figures suggest that 90% of us buy on recommendation – even from people we’ve never met. ì  The reason – we’re programmed this way. We follow the herd, keep up with the crowd and so on.
  22. 22. Social  media  works  in  the  same  way   ì  Studies  show  that  the  average   conversion  rate  on  a  website   shoots  from  7%  buying  up  to   71%  when  we’re  recommended   via  social  networks.  
  23. 23. Social  media  shortens  the  sales  cycle   ì  When  you  ask  for  help  or  search  for   something  through  those  you’re   connected  to,  you’ll  find  that  you’ll  end   up  on  the  recommended  site  knowing  a   lot  more.     ì  AND  you’ll  be  more  focused  and  more   ready  to  buy!  
  24. 24. Key  thing  to  note   ì  Understand  this  and  you’ll  take   traffic  away  from  your   compeNtors  who  may  out  rank   you  now  in  terms  of  SEO.  
  25. 25. To  succeed  with  social  selling   ì  You  need  to  be  taught  how  to   use  it  effecNvely  –  as  a  process.   ì  You  need  to  know  your   objecNve  and  your  market.  Then   plan,  focus  and  take  consistent   acNon.  
  26. 26. Let’s  hear  it  from  the  frontline  
  27. 27. What  do  you  think  they  said?   ì  1,007  sales   professionals  from   USA,  UK,  China  and   Brazil  were   interviewed  to  get   their  thoughts.   ì  3  YEARS  AGO  here’s   what  they  said…  
  28. 28. Salespeople  are  desperate  for  help  
  29. 29. Selling  is  getting  harder   More  Insight     Less  Info  
  30. 30. More  work  for  less  return   More  Calls   Poor  Results  
  31. 31. Lead  generation  
  32. 32. Meeting  volumes  have  plummeted  
  33. 33. Targets  are  not  being  met  
  34. 34. Old  techniques  aren’t  working  
  35. 35. Change  is  needed  
  37. 37. Technology  is  the  enabler   ì  SOCIAL  that’s  changed  everything.   ì  We  FOLLOW,  LIKE,  LINK  and  SUBSCRIBE   and  make  friends.  We  network,  we   connect,  we  share,  we  contribute  and  we   support.   ì  Business  is  more  transparent,  agile  and   AUTHENTIC  than  EVER.  
  38. 38. It’s  your  choice   You  have  a  choice  –  whether  to:   ì LEAD  the  change.   ì FOLLOW  someone’s  change.   ì GET  LEFT  BEHIND.  
  39. 39. Consider  this…   ì If  you  choose  not  to,  one   thing’s  certain  –  your   prospects,  clients  and   compeNtors  are  going  to.  
  41. 41. Clients  access  information  
  42. 42. Decisions  are  made  
  43. 43. Overwhelmed  by  sales  messages  
  44. 44. BUT  …  THEY  STILL   NEED  SOLUTIONS   (&  NOW)  
  45. 45. Outwit  the  competition  
  46. 46. Out  maneuver  the  competition  
  47. 47. Stealth  sell  
  48. 48. CONNECT  MORE     DO  MORE   SELL  MORE  
  50. 50. Those  who  get  it  win   31%  greater  team   quota  with  social   selling  techniques   (Aberdeen  Group)  
  51. 51. 3  Levels  of  social  selling   LEVEL  3  –  Managed  Systems   LEVEL  2  -­‐  Strategy  &  Formal  Training   LEVEL  1  -­‐  Individuals  
  52. 52. To  stop  using  outdated  methods  
  53. 53. Empower  your  team  
  54. 54. Selling  Through  Social  Media   EssenNal  Steps  to  Take  to  Conquer  Social  Selling   ì  
  55. 55. Prospecting   ì ProspecNng  can  be  one  of  the   less  glamorous  aspects  of  sales   but  it’s  also  the  most   important.  If  you  don’t  have   leads,  you  don’t  have  sales!  
  56. 56. Creating  success   ì  Using  social  media  for  sales  has  been  on  the   radar  for  many  companies  but  few  achieve   success.  It’s  usually  because:   ì  Their  content  is  focused  on  sales,  not  the   customer   ì  Using  “old  school”  sales  mentality  with  new   tools   ì  They  provide  no  value  
  57. 57. A  replacement  for  cold  calling  
  58. 58. This  is  key…   ì  …  because  when  you  cold  call  normally,   there’s  no  prior  relaNonship  established   and  your  prospect  has  no  sense  of   obligaNon,  or  interest  to  give  you  the   Nme  of  day  because  they’ve  got  no  idea   who  you  are.  
  59. 59. Good  listening   ì  An  integral  part  of  the  sales  process   is  gerng  to  know  your  prospects   and  establishing  relaNonships—and   social  media  can  help  you   accomplish  this  quickly  and  easily.    
  60. 60. Get  good  at  conversations  
  61. 61. Think  great  customer  service  
  62. 62. “Price  is  what  you  pay.   Value  is  what  you  get”   Warren  Buffet  
  63. 63. VALUE-­‐ADD  
  64. 64. Recruitment   ì  
  65. 65. Recruitment   ì  Ernst  &  Young  are  notorious  for  their  grad   recruitment  via  social  media.  When  they   wanted  to  increase  their  brand  presence   across  UK  unis  they  had  1  person  registering   every  2.58  minutes.   ì  Recruitment  agencies  charge  20%.   ì  How  much  money  are  you  losing?  
  66. 66. Walk  in  your  buyer’s  digital  footsteps  
  67. 67. Create  digital  bait  (content)  
  68. 68. A  joined  up  approach  =  
  70. 70. IBM  
  71. 71. The  problem   ì  Finding  B2B  clients  —  telemarkeNng  and  email—were   not  working  for  cloud  compuNng  and  data  security.   ì  Commissioned  a  buyer  preference  and  it  revealed  that   1/3  of  its  B2B  buyers  were  already  using  social  media  of   various  kinds  (Twiher,  blogs,  online  forums)  to  engage   with  vendors  and  learn  about  products.   ì  75%  of  respondents  said  they  were  likely  to  use  social   media  in  the  future  as  part  of  their  buying  decision.  
  72. 72. The  solution   ì  Cloud  CompuNng  -­‐  7  inside  sales  reps  with  Twiher  and   LinkedIn  accounts  and  collateral.   ì  "intelligent  listening”  to  learn  what  conversaNons  were   going  on  about  cloud  compuNng,  what  trends  and  issues   were  being  discussed,  and  what  the  hot-­‐buhon  topics  in   the  field  were  for  users  or  considerers.   ì  Tested  an  offer  of  60  days'  free  trial  of  the  product  via   the  7  reps  and  published  only  in  their  social  channels;  it   was  released  on  the  web  a  week  later.  
  73. 73. 400%   INCREASE  IN  SALES  
  74. 74. Innovation   ì  An  innovaNon  jam  in  2006  brought  together   employees—and  friends,  family  and  clients—to   discuss  more  than  50  research  projects  within  the   company.   ì  From  there,  they  voted  on  the  10  best,  which   became  incubator  businesses  that  IBM  funded   with  $100  million,  all  based  on  “crowd”  discussion.  
  75. 75. What  was  the  ROI?   ì They  generated  $100  billion   in  total  revenue  for  a  100-­‐ to-­‐1  ROI  with  a  44.1%  gross   profit  margin  
  76. 76. SAP  
  77. 77. 6.  Dell  
  78. 78. Perform  at  a  higher  level   ì  This  is  your  choice.   ì  By  applying  a  proven  system,   you  can  predictably:   ì  Increase  your  reach  so  you   get  more  leads,  meeNngs   and  sales   ì  Increase  your  revenue     ì  Save  on  markeNng  and   recruitment  costs   ì  Improve  innovaNon  
  79. 79. Embrace  change   “The  rate  of  internal  change   must  be  greater  than  the   rate  of  external  change  or   the  company  will  fall   behind.”   -­‐  Jack  Welch  
  80. 80. Got  this  far?   ì Contact  me  now  to  discuss  how  I  can   help  you  &  your  team  perform  at  a   higher  level:   hello@jane-­‐