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The DailyWins Sales Accelerator (brochure)


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When it comes to developing business in a digital era, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that thanks to social media this game has just got harder. The good news is that by mastering social media you’ve now got more opportunities than ever to further your business growth.

In fact the Aberdeen Group recently reported that those who use social selling (a process whereby social media is used for sales) strategically achieve a 31% greater team quota. Now if that’s not enough to convince you, consider these statistics:

- 50-70% of the buying process happens before sales executives get involved (Source: Forrester)
- 90% of CEO’s (and IT Directors) say they NEVER respond to cold emails or calls (Source: InsideView)
- 97% of the time cold calling is ineffective (Source: IBM)
- 89% of consumers begin searching for products and services using a search engine (Source: InsideView)
- Social media produces almost twice the leads from trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC (Source: HubSpot)
- Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rates (Source: HubSpot)
- 45% more opportunities can be realised when social selling is used (Source: LinkedIn)

Whilst these statistics are insightful, the key thing to note is that results like these can only be achieved when social media is used strategically and tactically for business development. It’s not the be all and end all. It needs to fit into your methodologies as a layer. Regrettably, when it’s used in the wrong way, it will do nothing for your business aside from waste resource, time and money.

To address this, we’ve created the DailyWins SALES ACCELERATOR and the slideshare presentation you're about to view contains much more information.

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The DailyWins Sales Accelerator (brochure)

  1. 1. The DailyWins SALES ACCELERATOR A five-step process for becoming one of the fastest growing companies in your industry Over 12 months we consult, train and manage your teams through proven processes so you can leverage your business and grow it to the next level. We invite you to raise your game.
  2. 2. 2 “To drive business growth you must be ahead of the game” True performance based businesses operate in a state of readiness. They see opportunities when others don’t. They take measured risks, act fast and want what’s current. 1 Being in business has never been so fashionable. However, most business owners know that building a profitable asset takes strategic planning, hard work, investment and time. Furthermore, with one in three businesses failing, it’s not easy and it’s not for everyone. Having chosen to go into business and having successfully moved beyond the start-up phase there’s never been a better time for you to take your business to the next level than now. The reason why is because of technology. Thanks to the Internet, technology advancement is accelerating fast and it’s changing the business game. With the world speeding up we’re all busier than ever. We’re more connected. We’re fighting off more competition. And, we’re struggling to deal with the harsh reality that 50-70% of the buying process has happened before we get a chance to sell, and 95% of cold calling is ineffective. In order to survive, let alone thrive in this new digital world, it’s essential to find ways to overcome these challenges so you don't get left behind or worse go out of business. 2 It’s time to modernize your sales approach, leverage off the technology you have at your fingertips and ride the digital wave. Through the DailyWins Sales Accelerator we can help you do this. By combining people, technology and our unique 5-step process we’ll work with you and your teams to develop a focused and modern business development strategy that will drive the performance of your business. Lead generation will be targeted, the costs to acquire clients will be lower and conversions will accelerate. Your business will move to the next growth phase fast, efficiently and without impacting your time. Through the DailyWins Sales Accelerator we’ll address the barriers that are holding your sales back, identify the critical steps you need to take in order to get your business to its next growth phase and work with your teams along the way. Start-up 0-400k Lifestyle 400k-2m Wilderness 2m-10m Performance 10m+ Exit
  3. 3. 3 “According to an IBM study cold calling is ineffective 97% of the time.” 1 What is the DailyWins Sales Accelerator? It’s a 12-month modern sales programme that helps you get more out of your sales and marketing efforts and become one of the fastest growing companies in your industry. It uses the following five-step process: 1. You need to ASSESS your sales approach. There are a number of hurdles a business has to overcome if it is to succeed and if your business isn’t optimised for results your sales will be hindered. The best way to tell is by having an independent assessment of your sales approach and benchmarking. 2. You need to DESIGN a modern sales plan. In today’s market having sales targets or end of year goals is not enough. If you don’t have a detailed sales plan that incorporates modern sales tactics, or the one you’re using isn’t performing, you’re going to miss out on opportunities. 3. You need to IMPLEMENT the sales plan. Performance in a business not only depends on effective planning but on plan implementation. Typically this involves workshops and training for the executive and business development teams although some businesses want buy-in from a wider audience and therefore choose to include additional teams. 4. You need to MANAGE the teams. Some businesses understand that they need to modernise their sales approach so they invest in training. However, many don’t see a return on their investment. Sadly, that’s because delivering training and workshops are not going to 2 increase performance and impact the bottom line on their own. The only way you’re going to reap the rewards of your teams’ new learning is by changing their behaviour. This requires ongoing management. 5. You need to REVIEW the results. UK companies spend more than £30bn a year on improving employee performance, however, over half of them have no idea whether their profits, productivity or customer satisfaction have changed. This is shortsighted. We believe all plans need to be measured, reviewed and revised for sustainability and improvement. That’s why we measure the impact of our steps and communicate a true picture of your return on investment. How will my business benefit from the DailyWins Sales Accelerator? These five steps provide a powerful guide for improving sales and increasing growth. However, they are useless unless executed. With us at your side, The DailyWins Sales Accelerator empowers you to do this so you can create a high performance business that’s dedicated to efficiency and optimising results. 1. Assess 2. Design 3. Implement 4. Manage 5. Review Credibility Circulation Connection Content Communication Consideration Reduce prospecting time and effort by 70%, lower your cost of sales and improve profitability. Attract 45% more opportunities by modernising your business development approach. Get through to more decision makers, book more meetings and enjoy a 51% likelihood of the sales team achieving quota. Empower your sales and marketing team to attract more clients, earn more commission and retain a happy, motivated and performing team. Access additional management resource and up- to-date business development knowledge that compliments your existing team. Have more eyes on your business, extend your reach and lower your risks of being overtaken by your competitors.
  4. 4. 4 86% of business decision makers use social media for business reasons. 1 How does the DailyWins Sales Accelerator work? The Assessment: Once you’ve joined the DailyWins Sales Accelerator we’ll schedule your assessment. This is where we’ll dive into your business and look at what’s really going on. Through a series of meetings and online tools we’ll ascertain where you are now, where you want to be and how we’re going to get you there. We’ll review your online profiles, resources, policies, procedures and plans, and check whether they’re helping or hindering performance. By the end of the assessment we’ll be able to ascertain if there are any overlooked opportunities that will optimize capability. We’ll then formulate a report for you that will document our findings. Resources required: Over the course of a day we’ll meet with the key stakeholders of the business i.e. the business owner and Sales and Marketing Manager or Director. Marketing and sales executives will need to complete online questionnaires. Designing the Plan: Based on the findings of the assessment a strategic plan will then be produced. It will set the objectives; define the technologies (platforms and tools) that will be used and the processes. It will require a half-day workshop with the key stakeholders. Implementation: This is where the sales and marketing teams will be trained on social selling and modern marketing tactics. Executive and management training is also advised as performance is heightened when teams and clients see management buy-in. We’ll be going through the six pillars of social selling, the ZMOT and why social capital is now the new currency: 2 Throughout the implementation plan we’ll equip your teams with presentations, videos, exercises and done for you sheets to keep them stimulated. These will be accessible via our online portal. Management: A new habit takes 21 days to form if it’s repeated daily. Knowing this, we deliver a daily series of exercises via email to the team. Each email reminds them of the lessons they’ve learnt and helps them to change their sales behaviour in a relatively short time. Each month we’re also back onsite to inspire the teams, deliver more training or consulting, answer any questions and review progress. If any changes are to be made to the plan it’s here where we discover and tweak them. Reviews: Following our time onsite we’ll produce monthly reports that will detail how the teams are performing against the objectives that were set at the planning stage. At the end of the 12-month period a benchmarking report will be created to evaluate the effectiveness of the DailyWins Sales Accelerator. C redibility C onnection C irculation C ontent C om m unicationC onsideration FINANCIAL INTELLECTUAL SOCIAL Your learning & development of skills & expertise Your asset/ network of personal & professional contacts Your accumulation of wealth Known, liked, trusted
  5. 5. 5 1 Who delivers the DailyWins Sales Accelerator? Jane Frankland delivers the DailyWins Sales Accelerator. Jane is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) and has had a successful career incorporating entrepreneurship, business consultancy and speaking. She has built and sold her own seven-figure technology business and is frequently invited to speak about entrepreneurship and women in business at events around the world. For the past 18 years Jane has held directorships and management positions within her own companies and at several large PLCs. • An experienced business development consultant with advanced proficiency in current sales and marketing techniques including lead generation, client acquisition and account management. • Blogger, influencer, social media evangelist with a Klout score consistently above 64 (top 5% of users globally). • 18 years of selling professional services into SME and blue-chip businesses. • A proactive and enthusiastic team player who is skilled at leading, training and developing teams. 2 Testimonials “Both myself and my marketing team enjoyed and a benefited from the understanding, support and involvement that Jane had with the Marketing function, its development and output. I can, without reservation, recommend her.” Nathan Milnes, Marketing Director, NCC Group “Hand on heart, Jane is one of the most inspiring British businesses women I have met to date. Her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and uplifting.” Beryl Whiting, Co Founder of Wired for Success TV “Jane was a progressive and dynamic influence on the business, always willing to explore new opportunities, and invested significant effort into improving the businesses operations, with excellent results.” Dave Ryan, Managing Director, CheckSec “Each time I connect with her she’s delivered far more than she’s promised, and her business and social media insights are entrepreneurial gold.” Bernay Laity, Managing Director, in:colour consultancy
  6. 6. 6 1 What makes the DailyWins Sales Accelerator unique? Many companies offer sales training but few cover modern digital methods. Likewise many companies offer social media or modern marketing training but typically they’re marketing focused. The DailyWins Sales Accelerator, however, is focused on both. In today’s world we know that the two need to work symbiotically. We understand what it’s like to sell as we’ve used the phone for cold calling, prospecting and converting sales. And, we’ve worked with marketing for collateral, leads and positioning. This gives us an edge over our competitors for we understand from experience the challenges faced by these two sets of professionals. As a consequence we get better buy-in for we’re able to communicate in their language and go through how modern strategies can support the traditional tactics they’re using. Whilst our digital approach and sales focused training makes us unique in the marketplace so too does our management and review plans that ensue after. Social media courses abound, yet few follow through. This affects the results as few achieve any ROI. 2 Can you afford not to do the DailyWins Sales Accelerator? Ten years ago if you asked your business development teams to find new clients without being able to use the phone, many would have been unhappy. They’d have put up with your requests until they’d found better jobs. They knew the phone was effective and a vital tool to help them attract leads, fill their pipeline, meet targets and earn good commission. Today, if you’re not empowering your teams to use modern digital methods and access sales intelligence you’re risking the same outcome. Cold calling is ineffective 97% of the time. It is wasteful. Your workforce is disabled. Modern marketing and social selling, on the other hand, delivers value. It works, and it’s not going away. But, the choice is yours. Get involved and benefit now, or miss out and suffer the consequences. And, if you’re still not sure, evaluate the returns you’re getting from your current business development investments and then ask yourself what more could you achieve.
  7. 7. 7 What do you get with the DailyWins Sales Accelerator? ì Health checks on the performance of your sales and marketing efforts. ì Clarity on your teams’ knowledge of social media or how well they are using it within your business. ì A modern business development plan that’s aligned to the business’ objectives. ì Consulting and guidance for marketing on inbound marketing techniques. Examples include: Honing client profiles and finding new audiences; developing a content marketing strategy and implementation plan; creating a communication plan, content editorial schedules and choosing platforms; setting targets; and defining social media policies. ì Quick lessons that are to the point, effective and tackle the ‘how to do something part’ so you get results fast. ì Content that’s current and gives step- by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, demo videos and examples so you’re clear on exactly what to do and how to do it. ì Easy access to the resources anytime so you can digest it anywhere. ì Resources that are easy to implement in the business so you no longer have to fumble your way along. ì Learning provided on two levels - basic and advanced so you have a learning roadmap. ì A new sales framework that fits into your existing sales methodology as a layer. ì Handholding and accountability each month so you can ask application questions and get reviews. ì Additional management resource that compliments your existing team and is fuelled with energy to inspire your teams. ì Reporting on how your team is using their new knowledge, meeting targets and fulfilling the objectives set. ì Access to quality service providers for additional support. My Twitter followers are now interested in my business and my content is being shared. Jane encouraged me to incorporate video as a sales strategy which resulted in a new long-term customer.” Nathalie Doremieux, Co Founder The WP Help Club “Jane is an invaluable component in any business that is looking for a strong, clear formula to utilise social media and digital marketing to raise their profile.” Emma Roberts, Managing Director, Big Voice Management
  8. 8. KnewStart Managing Director: Jane Frankland Tel: 07966 442885 Email: Website: Registered Number: 7634264 Distributed and Copyright ©KnewStart, 2015 KnewStart Managing Director: Jane Frankland Tel: 07966 442885 Email: Website: Registered Number: 7634264 Distributed and Copyright ©KnewStart, 2015