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  1. 1. Risk Management Plan : Agricultural Association of New Brunswick     Stage One  Possible Risk  How to Avoid  How to Resolve  Not enough responses from initial survey questions. Distribute survey to as many people as possible through the AANB list of contacts.   Find other ways to contact farmers and find results on questions if survey is not an effective method of communication.   After survey results are collected we realize we have more pressing questions.   Make initial survey as inclusive as possible and hit on as many main topics as possible.   Utilize the contacts provided from the survey results to ask further questions.   Results from survey show that no one wants a social media package.  Make sure that people answering understand the benefits of the social media package.   Find out other ways to help farmers with their marketing initiatives in a way that is more comfortable for them.   Timeline is disrupted or interrupted. Have all projects completed before final due date in order to have second opinions and edits done in time.   Meet with AANB to create an updated timeline that is in keeping with our project deadlines.     Stage Two  Possible Risk  How to Avoid  How to Resolve  Plan and timeline from stage one has changed and we are working towards new goals.   Set out risk assessment plan and be open to the different paths that this “new” project could take.   Analyze results and findings from survey and collected information work towards common goals.   Social media package that we thought was needed in stage one is not effective (the methods, etc)   Understand how to use all different mediums of engagement considering the material and have them ready to use (presentations, brochures, website, etc). Survey farmers on which format Create new mediums if we realize that they are needed at a later date.  
  2. 2. or medium would serve them best, also perhaps survey farmers after the social media package to rate its effectiveness.   Farmers are having further problems past the original social media package ie) Not knowing how to engage with negative comments on social media   Monitor farmers after the social media package to see where they may be requiring further assistance.   Create a medium to interpret what further assistance is required and in what way. ie) do they need further workshops/information sessions