Retailing and Welsh Agriculture


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  • ‘ the sectors typically contain higher-skilled jobs than the average The sectors typically contain higher paid jobs than the average But 4 in 10 16-19 year olds in work, in retail 1 in 6 people with no formal qualification, 1 in 7 people with NVQ Level 1 qualifications work in retail Retail invests £1275 pp pa in training, more than manufacturing or financial services
  • Retailing and Welsh Agriculture

    1. 1. Retailing: Its Importance to the Welsh Rural Economy Jane Bevis Director of Public Affairs
    2. 2. BRC members
    3. 3. BRC members
    4. 4. BRC members
    5. 5. Retail in Wales• The retail sector generates 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of Wales compared with 7% for the UK as a whole.• Retail employment accounts for around 10% of total Welsh employment.• There are 8,965 retail businesses in Wales operating from 13,670 premises.• Approximately 12 per cent of business establishments in Wales are retail, accounting for 5% of the UK total• Cardiff is the sixth most important retail destination in the United Kingdom
    6. 6. Serving Welsh Retail Markets
    7. 7. Cardiff as a Retail Flagship900000080000007000000600000050000004000000300000020000001000000 0 Belfast Cardiff Liverpool Manchester Glasgow Birmingham Population Regional population Catchment population Overnight visitors
    8. 8. Anatomy of a Welsh Consumer• Unemployment in Wales 8.4% v 7.9% UK average• 21.1% Welsh children in workless households cf 16.2% in NI, 15.9% in England, 15.3% in Scotland• Median gross weekly earnings £456 v £487 in Scotland and £442 in NI• Labour productivity 15.9% below UK average• GVA growth Cardiff 91%, London 118%, Belfast 99%, Birmingham 74%
    9. 9. Spending power GVA25000000000200000000001500000000010000000000 5000000000 0 Belfast Cardiff Liverpool Manchester Glasgow Birmingham GVA
    10. 10. Vision for County and Market Towns• A Unique Sense of Place• Attractive Public Realm• Planning for Success• Safety and Security• Accessibility• Supportive Regulatoryand Fiscal Regimes
    11. 11. Rural Services in Wales: Retail Rural Retail S ervices100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% Specialist General Post Office Food outlets Petrol Pharmacy Pub Farmers Bank stores stores station with market shop
    12. 12. Rural Service in Wales: Non-retail R ural Non- retail S ervices120%100%80%60%40%20% 0% Primary Secondary GP surgery Day care Dentist Meeting room Bus service school school group
    13. 13. Impact of Community Size Community S ize and Retail S ervices90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% Food shop General store Post Office Under 1000 1000-2000 2000-4000
    14. 14. Promoting diversification and rural quality of life• Strong community co-operation and cohesion, established partnerships• Established tourism destination and developing green tourism• Service sector opportunities, including developing local markets for local produce
    15. 15. Promoting diversification and rural quality of life• Diversification into non-agricultural activities• Support for micro-enterprises• Encouragement of tourism• Basic services for economy and local people, including transport and broadband• Upgrading rural heritage• Skills and training
    16. 16. Retail and rural development• Food and Drink Supply Chain is vital to Welsh economy – 230,750 employees, with a combined turnover £6.5bn – 44% of retail employees involved• Food, Retail, Leisure and Tourism all Tier 2 sectors in WG Economic Renewal plan – Only manufacturing given high priority focus• Retail links to both Food and Tourism – Visitor spend on accommodation doubled when retail spend considered
    17. 17. Retail Supply Chain PartnershipsDedicated Local Sourcing Team• Dedicated local sourcing team identifying local products, working with small suppliers.• Enlists support of regional food groups, Asda local hub network, customers and colleagues to discover essential local brands.• Very small local suppliers need cheap, easy and risk-free as possible business so: – Promise to support local products to ensure they are a success – Local vendors don’t need electronic information systems, just internet – Reduced payment terms, easing cash flow
    18. 18. Retail Supply Chain PartnershipsWorking with Small Producers• M&S worked with Welsh small supplier, Ultrapharm, to develop a range of ‘Made Without Gluten’ products.• Ultrapharm has now built a high-specification bakery unit, with new equipment and a first class working environment.Marc Lewis, CEO of Ultrapharm M&S has helped us enormously to achieve the high standards it requires from its suppliers. With their guidance we’ve made a huge leap forward not only in terms of capacity, but also with regards to the range of products we can make.
    19. 19. Thank You