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Premier CIO Forum 2017 ArtLens Exhibition


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ArtLens Exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, presented by Jane Alexander at the Premier CIO Forum 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Premier CIO Forum 2017 ArtLens Exhibition

  1. 1. Jane Alexander Chief Information/Digital Officer The Cleveland Museum of Art June 8, 2017 Premier CIO Forum Free to Move, Create, Engage: Designing Meaningful, Barrier-Free Digital Experiences with Museum Collections
  2. 2. Jane Alexander Chief Information/Digital Officer
  3. 3. Technology and the Art Museum, 1967
  4. 4. Cataloguing in 2010…
  5. 5. Audio tours then and now…
  6. 6. Gallery One opened 12/12/12 “People come to museums for storytelling and engagement… and technology needs to facilitate that” The New York Times (2013)
  7. 7. The First Iteration of Gallery One 4 Components: - Gallery One proper, - Studio Play, - Collection Wall, - ArtLens App
  8. 8. • Build audiences • Provide a fun and engaging environment for visitors with all levels of knowledge about art • Highlight featured artworks • Propel visitors into the galleries with greater enthusiasm, understanding, and excitement about the collection • Develop and galvanize visitor interest, bringing visitors back to the museum again and again Original Goals for Gallery One
  9. 9. Gallery One Proper
  10. 10. Studio Play
  11. 11. Collection Wall
  12. 12. ArtLens App
  13. 13. Why Are We Changing Gallery One? • The museum considered the original Gallery One to a “proof of concept” rather than endpoint • The last four years have provided an excellent opportunity to gather information: to interview visitors, track usage and evaluate the effectiveness of each component • Using that feedback, successful new redesigns have already been completed for the ArtLens Studio (opened June 2016) and the ArtLens App (launched September 2016) • The next step is to launch ArtLens Exhibition (June 21, 2017)
  14. 14. Gallery OneARTLENS Gallery
  15. 15. ArtLens App (September 2016) • Downloads in less than a minute, takes up less memory than the Facebook app, available on Android and iOS devices • Improved and responsive wayfinding map with iBeacons throughout the museum • Save artworks on the app or at the ArtLens Wall • Search any object on view in the museum and map your way there • Scan select objects using augmented reality technology to access additional information • Go on museum-created tours or create your own • Content updates automatically from the backend
  16. 16. Initial Goals for Studio Play • Build a space for families and children • Facilitate creative interaction with art • Propel visitors into the rest of Gallery One and the permanent galleries • Encourage repeat family visitors STUDIO PLAY: IN THE BEGINNING
  17. 17. What Worked…
  18. 18. …What Didn’t Work
  19. 19. “[CMA Visitors] have high expectations of what the museum will offer them… and want an experience that they cannot find elsewhere” Elizabeth Bolander, CMA Director of Research and Evaluation
  20. 20. New Goals for ArtLens Studio • Barrier-free technology that allows for virtually touch-free interaction • A space for intergenerational learning, ages 5 and up rather than 5 and below • Inspire gallery exploration with greater understanding and enthusiasm • Connect what visitors do in Studio Play with what they see in the museum
  22. 22. Studio Play Cleveland Museum of Art on YouTube
  23. 23. Collage Maker and Portrait Maker
  24. 24. Memory, Matching and Sorting Interactives
  25. 25. Line and Shape
  26. 26. Paint Play
  27. 27. Pottery Wheel
  28. 28. Reveal
  29. 29. Zoom
  30. 30. Summative Research on New Studio Play, 2016 Overall Experience: 66% rated excellent (5/5), 87% rated 4/5 or 5/5 Elizabeth Bolander
  31. 31. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?: ARTLENS EXHIBITION (opening June 2017)
  32. 32. Audience Goals • Each component of the ARTLENS Gallery (Studio, App, Wall, and Exhibition) serves as a launching point for visitors, to engage with art and connect with the collection • The ArtLens Exhibition will attract non-traditional museum visitors by taking away the intimidation of the art museum and giving visitors the toolset to look closer, dive deeper, and begin a relationship with the collection
  33. 33. Reversing the Digital Experience Gallery One ArtLens Exhibition Rendering
  34. 34. Intertwining Art and Technology • Art in the Foreground: Instead of touchscreens positioned in front of the artwork, artworks are positioned in the foreground • Featuring a new group of 20 artworks, including masterworks by Edgar Degas and Frank Stella • Barrier-free: building on the success of the barrier-free ArtLens Studio interactives, projections that respond seamlessly to body movement will replace touchscreens
  35. 35. Pedagogy and Games • The projection interactive games are centered around themes of: composition, symbols, gestures and emotion, and purpose, developed by a cross-collaborative museum team • 16 new games, including an innovative eye-tracking interactive that will reveal the visitor’s areas of focus on an artwork and compare their view to the artistic intention
  36. 36. Symbols: Decode Symbols Identify what symbol belongs in the blurred space and its meaning
  37. 37. Purpose: What Am I? Guess the purpose of an object using modern clues
  38. 38. Gesture and Emotion: Body Language Match the gestures in an artwork to learn about the meaning
  39. 39. Composition: Become an Artist Create original compositions using the color, pattern, and rhythm of abstract works in CMA’s collection
  40. 40. Express Yourself: Happy, Sad, Surprise, Confusion, Fear, Distaste
  41. 41. ArtLens App Integration ArtLens is the Glue: visitors will be able to dock their device at each interactive and save all artworks they interact with to then find in the galleries, as well as save their user- generated images—no more typing in your email address!
  42. 42. Join us for the opening of the ArtLens Exhibition at Solstice, June 2017 Thank You @janecalexander