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Create Value through Emotions and Relevance - a journey to world class brand-Foo Siew Ting


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Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014 @ Simba

Published in: Food
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Create Value through Emotions and Relevance - a journey to world class brand-Foo Siew Ting

  1. 1. 1 Create Value through Emotions and Relevance – A journey to a world class brand
  2. 2. Who are our consumers? 80’s / 90’s Generation 70’s Generation
  3. 3. Who are We ?
  4. 4. The 80’ s generation Jason, LS2 (25-35 years old) Chinese male with reasonably good disposable income (personal income RMB 15 K and above), manager or above in multi-national companies, small business owners Interested in new and cool Like to try new things Adopt brands that show that he is ‘in the know’ But well accepted by his peers Drink with friends in MOT during weekend and with business partners during the weekday. Acceptance by peers and group recognition is key as a reassurance of status & progress SMS, internet and Entertainment websites for his weekend parties and new info He look towards leaders who break barriers, achieve dreams(not money!) by own beliefs Even if breaking convention ! Look for new and fun ways To interact with the brand in MOT. But to help them stand out In front of their peers. Seeking New Ways of drinking. Whisky straight or with a bit of Water X
  5. 5. They belong to the emerging, mass affluent True Progressives 25-35 yo LESS TRADITION BOUND SEEK MORE THAN FINANCIAL SUCCESS MORE TRAVELLED YOUNGER MORE CONFIDENT MORE CONNECTED MORE INDIVIDUALISTIC SEEKING AUTHENTICITY MORE EDUCATED OLD STATUS Cash / financial worth = RESPECT NEW STATUS Intelligence Appreciation Knowledge Connoiseurship Depth / substance Rounded individual Mental as well as financial progress Aesthetic judgement Individualism Self-expression Hedonism Trend awareness
  6. 6. THE CHINESE MODERN MAN IS SUPER CONNECTED 500m Internet Users in China – largest internet market in Asia and highest growth market 51% are Male 1/3 of all Users Are Aged 20-29 Yrs Old Spend Approx 17 hours p/week Online. 33% watch Video Content Online. 2/3 share video content in social networks eg QQ and MSN Digital Ad – 5% of China advertising market Seeding comments on blogs is popular - Bulletin Board System – heart of social media – 10 M posts/ day 58% purchase decision influenced By on line consumer reviews, rating sites Blogs, forums .BBS and User generated content 66% are influenced by recommendation By friends and families WOM. Implications – utilise digital to amplify awareness of our campaigns, drive impact And reach communities to drive quality brand perception and engagement
  7. 7. Now, role models have become the people who boldy and bravely express themselves and pursue their dreams. Han Han (writer, blogger, race driver) for example. He has become an opinion leader among aspiring Chinese. In the past, the success is defined by wealth and power in business. Zhang Chaoyang (founder of Sohu) and Ding Lei (founder of 163) are the 1st generation in the IT realm. THEN NOW THE NEW ROLE MODELS
  8. 8. “Everybody wants to have a big house and cool car. But ultimately, I want to have my own business and not to have to work for others” 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 2002 2006 I f I won t he l ot t ery, I 'd st art my own business Source: MAP Consulting, respondents aged 20-30 yrs THE ENTREPRENEURIAL DREAM
  9. 9. Johnnie Walker Campaign China ( YULU ) 1. Objective: – To inspire the Chinese new generation of consumers to connect with Johnnie Walker ‘ Keep walking’ values. 2. Insight: – Chinese 80’s generation consumers want to shape the progress of their generation 10
  10. 10. YULU “ Words of Journey” Words that inspire a generation 一段话,影响一代人 We recruit 12 of the most progressive individuals in china and ask them this question: • What will you say to inspire the whole generation?
  11. 11. Videos
  12. 12. 1.Make “Keep Walking” the center of the cultural conversation
  13. 13. Partnering with Giants British magazine New Statesman listed Han Han at 48th place in the list of "The World's 50 Most Influential Figures 2010. He has 300 Million followers in China. Jia's films have received critical praise and have been recognized internationally, notably winning the Venice Film Festival's top award for Still Life. He has been described by critics and film directors as being perhaps "the most important filmmaker working in the world today
  14. 14. Luo Yong Hao Founder of English school Pan Shi Yi Chairman of SOHO china Co Ltd Xu Bing Contemporary Artist Cao Fei E- commerce vegetable Entrepreneur Wang Ke Qin Journalist Zhang Ying President of AOX association Make “Keep Walking” the center of cultural conversation by working with 12 pioneers who define the future of China Zhou Yun Peng Blind singer Wang Yi Yang Fashion Designer of Zug zug Brand Zhao Zhong Environmentalist Zhang Jun Opera Artist Xiao Peng Young entrepreneur Huang Dou Dou Chinese Dancer
  15. 15. Voices of the generation: Director Jia Zhang Ke and 6 apprentice
  16. 16. 2. Be Bold to authenticate the Brand Value & Attitude
  17. 17. We are pioneering by showing unadulterated truths, by working with people that are defining the future of China and by stepping further towards enabling progress of people in authentic, participatory ways “Keep Walking” as an Attitude !
  18. 18. Video • Wang Ke Qin
  19. 19. Video • Zhang Yin
  20. 20. 3. Focus on getting Chinese 80s generation to repeatedly participate to drive their engagement
  21. 21. Written a blog 32% Written a blog 88%
  22. 22. Communication Idea : Words that inspire a Generation Participative Platform : Inspire A Generation of Chinese Consumers with Keep Walking ADVOCATE Create opportunities for our content to be shared, to reach a wider audience Create platforms for consumers to participate and engage. Leverage on the speed and penetration of the internet to amplify our content Digital Marketing STRATEGY: Be Authentically everywhere; where our audiences live and breathe on the china internet ecosystem
  23. 23. The “Always On” approach to inspiring a new generation JAN – MAR 2011 Han Han Fire start the conversation Han Han video blog & JIA’s Movie Project Announcement Iconic Films Objective: Provoke a discussion & start the campaign Objective: Build depth & generate conversations Objective: Drive viewership of iconic films Encourage user created content Create the inspiration with behind the scene and video Blog Annoucement of YULU Project 12 inspiring stories Encourage participation Participate with your right to vote for your generation Participate with your own words to inspire your generation Participate with your own stories to add to the movement NOV – DEC 2010 DEC 2010 MAR – JUNE 2011 Series of short films showing their dreams journey Objective: Drive viewership and commentary of dreams of today’s generation Participate with your dreams and have your say in which dream will inspire your generation Making your dream to inspire a new generation Come True – keep Walking fund
  24. 24. The role of Digital : Be Authentically everywhere; where our audiences live and breathe on the china internet ecosystem BOUGHT EARNED OWNED ADVOCATE
  25. 25. v A Perfect Blend of Paid, Owned, Earned and Participation Platform Press Launch Campaign Blog Earned Media Paid Media Participation Nov2010 Video on Blog Campaign Blog Earned MediaTD Video Page Paid Media Participation Dec2010Jan2011 TD Video PageVideo Section on blog Earned Media ParticipationPaid Media
  26. 26. 4. Integration across Media . Content is king, Media are vehicles to drive participation
  27. 27. v What have we done - Pioneering Participation Platform 6 Jan - Launch 3mins Iconic film 12 stations 2 X 30sec TV 12 cities First Han Han Video Blog Ever ! Launch Campaign Blog, Twitter & Video Channel Consumers participate by voting for ‘dreams’ MAKING OF Videos To prime the premiere Press conference – announce project 5 Jan Premiere : Unveiling of 12 films Live telecast of event 12 films in digital Weekly Trailers UGC to participate with their stories & words Top TV Talk Shows
  28. 28. BOUGHT EARNED OWNED 2 Billion Impressions 120 brand bloggers reaching 10.7 Million Consumers to make Johnnie Walker the #1 most talked about whisky brand Engaging 6.7 Million Unique Consumers on our owned digital assets Results – exceed expectations Impacted 73mil consumers. Achieved 44 M media value
  29. 29. Conversations of consumers : Inspired by the campaign 鸭子蛋: There’s never an advertising which makes the audience have so strong response. I watched all 12 films. The central idea is fascinating. The society has been disappointing, and such films give us strength. 一只翅膀的熊: It’s actually an advertising, but without showing the product. It’s all about the stories from ordinary people, so it’s very touching for me. U can all find the whole films and watch them, the photograph and music are all from the best production. 阿三木君: Material possessions and spiritual wealth are like two wings of a bird, u can’t fly just with one. Me? I don’t have material possessions, spiritual?? I hope I still can fly. I saw rarely this kind of advertising, as a consumer I’ll consider buying Johnnie Walker. I hope more company in the future will use this way to promote, other than talking about commercial thing and money I found out the all the comments in Caofei’s 菜生活 website are from people who have viewed his YULU film. This is the extra power of this Advertising
  30. 30. Become one of the most talked about campaign in the marketing communications community . A total of 13+ Industry Awards from AME, Effie , Campaign Asia etc
  31. 31. Recruitment KV As a result ….. YULU 2.0 and more………..
  32. 32. Video • JW House Shanghai
  33. 33. Overview Night Shot Johnnie Walker House Beijing
  34. 34. 1F Distillation Model
  35. 35. 1F King Street Reception 1
  36. 36. 1F King Street Reception 2
  37. 37. 1F Willow Art Wall
  38. 38. 1F Alexander Walker Blending Room
  39. 39. 2F John Walker & Sons Room
  40. 40. 2F Patronship Lockers
  41. 41. 2F Odyssey Lounge 2
  42. 42. B1 1910 Room
  43. 43. B2 Niang Bar Entrance
  44. 44. B2 Niang Bar Gate
  45. 45. B2 Niang Bar 1
  46. 46. B2 Niang Bar 2
  47. 47. Thank You