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GRI’s New Sustainability Reporting Guidelines: G4GRI最新可持续发展报告指导方针:G4-Sherin Lin林小霞


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CSR Leadership World 2014 committee, Simba Events, concentrates to bring the whole system from global network to review and exam CSR issues with 360 angle to discover the earnest ways toward a sustainable economy future!

Published in: Environment
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GRI’s New Sustainability Reporting Guidelines: G4GRI最新可持续发展报告指导方针:G4-Sherin Lin林小霞

  1. 1. We Practice what we Preach! 身体力行, 率先垂范 TUV Rheinland Group 莱茵TUV集团
  2. 2. TUV Rheinland Self-Image 莱茵TUV公司的形象 Our Goal 我们的目标 To become the world’s best sustainable and independent service provider for testing, inspection, certification, consulting and training. 成为一家测试、检测、认证、咨询与培训的全球最好的可持续、独立的服务供应商 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation2 CSR and Sustainability 企业社会责任与可持续发展 Integration of social and environmental responsibility into the company’s operations and interactions with its stakeholders 将社会、环境责任融入公司的运营以及与股东的合作中
  3. 3. 05/11/20143 Presentation TÜV Rheinland TUV Rheinland’s 140-year Corporate Footprint in CSR 140 年的企业社会责任足迹 2002 • SA8000 Accreditation • SA8000认可 1872 • set up as a third party for industrial safety surveillance • 独立第三方工业安全检测认证机构 1957 • start promotion of environment protection • 推动环保活动 1918 • Start research in energy • 开展能源研究 3 1996 • ISO14000 Accreditation • ISO14000认可 1999 • OHSAS18000 Accreditation • OHSAS18000认可 2005 • CDM Accreditation • CDM认可 2009 • set up the world’s biggest PV lab • issue the first GRI report • FIT FIVE® recognized as the best practice by Global Compact • 建立全球最大的 • 太阳能实验室 • 首次发布可持续发 展报告(GRI A+) • FIT FIVE®全球契 约最佳实践 2009 • AA1000 Accreditation • AA1000认可 2006 • EICC Accreditation • FLA Accreditation • The launch of TUV Rheinland STAR • EICC认可 • FLA认可 • TUV Rheinland STAR推出 2006 • join Global Compact • 加入联合国 全球契约组织 2010 • ISO26000 • ICS Accreditation • ICTI Accreditation • ISO26000 • ICS认可 • ICTI认可 2010 • 首次发布 综合年报 (GRI A+) • issue the integrate d annual report 2004 • BSCI Accreditation • BSCI认可 2011 • ISO14064 Accreditation • ISO50001 Accreditaiton • Member of ETI-SEDEX • ISO14064认可 • ISO50001认可 • ETI-SEDEX成员 2012 • 2011年报荣 获LACP金奖 • Gold Award for 2011 annual report 2012 • TCO6.0 Accreditation • TCO6.0认可 2014 • Gold Award for 2013 annual report • 2013年报荣获 LACP金奖
  4. 4. 2013 2012 2011 2010 Scope: Germany Sustainability Report GRI G3 LACP “Silver” Award 银奖 LACP “Gold” Award 金奖 TUV Rheinland Sustainability Report Road Map: Fit for the Future TUV莱茵可持续性报告之路:适应未来 LACP “Gold” Award 金奖 2009
  5. 5. TÜV Rheinland Corporate Report: Responsibility 莱茵TUV企业报告:责任 05.11.2014 Future of sustainability reporting at TÜV Rheinland5 Overview on existing standards and their relevance for TÜV Rheinland 与莱茵TUV相关的现有标准以及其适用范围 Global Initiative on Sustainability Ratings (GISR) 全球可持续性倡议评级 (GISR) Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) 可持续发展会计准则委 员会 (SASB) International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) 国际综合报告委员会 (IIRC) Range 范围 Main target group 主要目标群 体 • Investors • 投资者 • Investors • 投资者 • Global (listed companies) • 全球(上市公司) • Companies listed in the USA • 在美国上市的公司 • Global • 全球的 • Investors • 投资者 • EU (companies of “public interest”: so far: listed companies, credit institutes, insurance companies) • 欧洲(迄今为止的 公共利益公司、上 市公司、信贷机构、 保险公司) EU Directive on non- financial reporting 欧盟指令对非财务报告 • All stakeholders • 所有利益相关方 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 全球报告倡议组织 (GRI) • All stakeholders • 所有利益相关方 • Global • 全球的 Current focus 当前焦点
  6. 6. Integrated Reporting 综合报告 05.11.2014 Future of sustainability reporting at TÜV Rheinland6 • Not just bundle two reports together 不只是将两份报告简单合并 • CSR strategy is part of the corporate strategy. => CSR performance is part of corporate performance. CSR策略是公司战略的一部分=>CSR 业绩也是公司业绩的一 部分 • Focus on material aspects and manage a set of sustainability KPIs 专注实质性方面并进行可持续性的绩效考核管理 • Integrated operation process, trying to use existing approach to collect data and track performance 整合运营程序,尽量利用现有的方法来搜集数据并跟踪绩效 • External assurance required, higher data quality 外部验证,更高的数据质量 • Strict timeline for publishing • 严格的发布时间表
  7. 7. TÜV Rheinland Corporate Report: Responsibility 莱茵TUV企业报告:责任 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation7 Process of data collection 数据搜集的过程 Integration into existing systems 整合到现有的系统 Uniform database for data collection 统一数据库来 进行数据收集 Aim: Standardization 目标:标准化 Germany + more than 40 reporting international entities 德国和40多个国际地区实体的报告
  8. 8. TÜV Rheinland Corporate Report: Responsibility 莱茵TUV企业报告:责任 Corporate Presentation Key aspects 核心方面 • CSR Management 企业社会责任管理 • Compliance 合规 • Employees 员工 • Environment 环境 • Society 社会 Stakeholder Expectations 股东的期望 TÜV Rheinland strategy 莱茵TUV的战略 Materiality 实质性 Structure of Chapter on Responsibility 报告的结构
  9. 9. TÜV Rheinland: Materiality 莱茵TUV:实质性 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation9 Key areas of the sustainability strategy 可持续战略的核心领域
  10. 10. 10 TÜV Rheinland Green Solutions -- Ways to help you reach your targets 莱茵TUV绿色解决方案---帮你实现目标的方法 Green Products 绿色产品 Low environmental impact High market penetration 低环境影响 高市场占有率 TÜV Rheinland Green Solutions 莱茵TUV绿色解决方案 Green Transportation 绿色运输 The road ahead is green 前方的路是绿色(环保)的 Green Energy 绿色能源 Channel nature to generate power 通过自然界来产生能量 Green Lifecycle 绿色生命周期 Responsible recycling starts with design 从设计开始到进行负责任的回收利用 Green Living 绿色生活 Compliance in your immediate environment 遵从当前的环境 Green Systems 绿色系统 Balanced eco-friendly processes 平衡的生态环境友好过程 Green Consulting 绿色咨询 Sharing know-how on Sustainability 分享可持续的专有技术 Green Buildings 绿色建筑 Laying eco-friendly Foundations 铺设对生态环境友好的地基
  11. 11. TÜV Rheinland: Materiality 莱茵TUV:实质性 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation11 Key areas of the sustainability strategy 可持续战略的核心领域
  12. 12. FIT FIVE® - Supply Chain Solution 工厂提升培训项目-供应链解决方案 Factory Improvement Training Program 工厂提升培训项目 Beginning with proven methods to increase productivity, FIT FIVE links profit to CSR so that factories have the financial capacity to comply with customers’ social requirements. It aims to change behavior that will be long lasting and create sustainable change. 从已被证明能有效提升生产力的方法开始,工厂提升培训项目将利润跟 企业社会责任联系起来,以便工厂有财政能力来满足客户的社会需求。 工厂提升培训项目旨在持久地改变方式和创造可持续的变化。 •Started: in 2005 •Participated factories: >200 •Reference: Disney, ADIDAS, H&M, Burberry, Pentland, GAP, etc. www.fit5.netFIT FIVE Report in Global Compact International Yearbook 2009.
  13. 13. ILO-SCORE 国际劳工组织-企业可持续发展项目 The overall objective of the program is to assist factories to becoming more sustainable by building good workplace practices. 项目的总体目标是通过构建良好的工作场所来协助工厂变得更加的可持续 ILO第一份SCORE项目授权协议是与莱茵 TUV中国签署的
  14. 14. EU SWITCH ASIA Project 欧盟转变亚洲项目 Fact Sheet: •Duration: 4years (2014-2018) •持续时间:四年(2014~2018) •Budget: €1,716,842 (RMB148.5millions) •总预算:1,716,842欧元 (约1485万人民币) •Location: Shanxi Province, China •实施地点:陕西省,中国 Financing Energy and Environmental Solutions (FEES) 绿色信贷助力能源和环境解决方案 Using the European best practice and expert resources, to help enterprises improve energy efficiency and implement cleaner production through environment solutions and financing energy. 利用欧洲最好的实践经验和专家资源,通过环境能源综合解 决方案和绿色信贷来帮助企业优化能源效率,实施清洁生产。
  15. 15. (Gender) Diversity 性别多样化 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation15 • Women‘s Network on tour: “Career. Children. Work-life-balance.” 女性社交:“事业、孩子、工作-生活平衡” • Ladies Lunch:connecting people, sharing experiances 女士午餐:与人交往,分享经历 • Business meetings:insight into the technical issues from other divisions 商务会议:深入了解其它部门的技术 • Power Teams:coworker guidance 正能量团队:同伴指引 • TAFF - Mentoring program for future female specialists and managers 女性专员与经理发展项目 • Come on, do MINT: “Advancements through Education” 通过教育获得进步 • Girls Day:Girls aged between 10 - 16 get to know corporations or universities and professions and courses of studies in technology, IT, craft and natural sciences. 女生节:10-16岁希望了解公司或关于技术、IT、工艺和自然 科学的内容 • Awards:奖励
  16. 16. Our experiance for a sustainable future 可持续未来的经验 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation16 TÜV Rheinland is a partner of the Sao Paulo Municipal Housing Secretariat. 圣保罗房屋秘书处合作伙伴 Goal of the program is to establish 项目目标: −New houses −新屋 −Water supply −供水 −Waste/wastewater management −污水管理 −Educational infrastructure −教育基础设施 Slum upgrading in Sao Paulo 圣保罗贫民窟改造
  17. 17. TUVtel 儿童杂志“小莱博士堂” 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation17  Published since 2011 by TUV Rheinland headquarters; TUVtel是由总部自2011年起出版。  TUVtel has been earned the recognition from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research; 获得德国联邦教育与研究部高度认可。  “TUVtel” which combines science with games and knowledge about toy safety; 结合科学游戏和有关 玩具安全意识内容。  We bring this magazine to Greater China expecting to arose parents’ awareness for the safety for their kids. 期望这本杂志可以唤起大中华 区父母注意到孩子关于安全的意识。  It comes in three languages ( English/Simplified/Traditional Chinese). 配备三种 语言( 英文、简体中文、繁体中文)。
  18. 18. 05.11.2014 Corporate Presentation18 Thank you !