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Janadhar India Election Management Services


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Janadhar India is a premier Election management service provider company in India.Janadhar India has been helping politicians, sitting MLAs, MPs and political aspirants in managing their end-to-end political and election campaign. Our services include:

Survey and Analysis for Delhi Assembly Elections
Strategic Consultancy for Delhi Assembly Elections
Campaign Design and Execution for Delhi Assembly Elections
Mass Outreach Media for Delhi Assembly Elections
Mobile Connect Programs for Delhi Assembly Elections
Digital Advertising and Social Media for Delhi Assembly Elections
LED Video Van for Delhi Assembly Elections
Cinema Advertising for Delhi Assembly Elections
Bulk SMS, WhatsApp and Calls for Delhi Assembly Elections
Customized Political Events for Delhi Assembly Elections
Youth Connect Programs for Delhi Assembly Elections
Women Connect Programs for Delhi Assembly Elections
War Room Management for Delhi Assembly Elections
Voter Influencer Network for Delhi Assembly Elections
Please call on 7011042063 for details for Delhi Assembly Elections

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Janadhar India Election Management Services

  1. 1. Election Management Services End-to-end Election Campaign Management
  2. 2. For details please contact +919810522069 Dear Sir, Managing Elections campaigns in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any new or old political establishment. The volatile condition of the constituency and a highly informed and spoiled for choice voter base in the assembly elections, make it a specialized task to position you and your candidate for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect among the voters. We are a group of election strategists providing quality services to several MLA and MP candidates for the past 5 years. We provide custom made election campaign strategies and services for you and your candidate in accordance with the vision of your organization and its goals. The results are an enhanced connection between voters and your party/candidate. It also offers a significant return on your overall election campaign strategy. It would be our honour and pleasure to work with your prestigious party in managing election campaigns for upcoming General elections 2019 in India to maximize voters reach. Given a chance, we can prove our value for your prestigious party by producing and delivering a specific election campaign strategy and plan aiming to reach the right voters and improve vote share in candidate’s favour. Please take a moment to go through our attached proposal WRT your requirement to register a political party and find out the value our collaboration promises to bring to your election campaign. Looking forward to hear from you soon, Sincerely, Managing Partner Janadhar India
  3. 3. For details please contact +919810522069 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY India is the largest liberal democracy in the world divided by caste, class, demography, language, culture, and religion. Before the technological disruption, the election campaigns were managed using old-age methods. The systematic and organizational setup to manage elections was not quite available. Only big national parties took help of such service providers. Janadhar India came into existence in the year 2014 when the firm's brain located the requirement of an organized election campaign management service provider in the country. The firm was incorporated considering and understanding the diversified beauty of our nation. The needs of every election, every voter is different. Hence, the firm developed a customized strategy to reach every voter utilizing the power of the media they like the most. The following proposal presents the results of extensive analysis, study of market trends, and application of specifics unique to Political Party Registration in India. We believe our proposal provides a complete election management strategy and solutions which will culminate in highly successful results for Political Party Registration, Campaign planning and execution. ABOUT US Janadhar India, is a unique first of its kind in India, Election Management Solution designed by Janadhar India. Our group has major emphasis on providing 360 degree marketing and IT solutions to its customers based in USA, Africa and India. Our core strength is customized election management services, strategy, voter outreach programs, mobile outreach programs and technical media. We have developed expertise by managing successful campaigns independent candidates, major political parties in assembly elections in Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana since 2013. Our Firm's principal objective is to help our client maintain an authentic and attention-grabbing communication with the voter to help define the ideology of the party and the contestant so that the client is triumphant on the Election Day. The efficacy of our political and election campaign management and strategy successfully manifested in recent assembly and general elections. Creative and local strategy, cross-platform media combined with cutting-edge advertising and technology, our team's profound expertise is employed to design and deliver all communications of the client/constituent to the end voter. OUR TEAM Our core team members are well known and experienced in their respective fields. We have Sr. Strategists, Campaign managers, copywriters, , election management experts, IT experts, voter outreach experts, survey and opinion poll experts, media planning and buying professionals, event managers, OOH strategists, rural engagement managers, social media experts, online reputation managers, creative directors, cartoonists, copywriters, music and film directors, overall strategists and others to make your election campaigns successful.
  4. 4. For details please contact +919810522069 OUR SOLUTION – ELECTION MANAGEMENT Worried about the upcoming elections? Presenting the one-stop solution for all election campaign related services. Janadhar India Election Management Solution is a comprehensive one-stop solution for leading political parties/MPs/MLAs to manage their constituency information and election campaigns in convenient manner. The election management solution comprises of all the relevant information of a particular constituency that every political party/MP/MLA needs to have to make their way to success. This Election Manager helps the Political parties and Individual leaders in managing the complex data of the constituency. The unique Election management solution by Janadhar India, plans and help managing all campaigns based on extensive voter level research and analysis. This solution manages elections and campaigns by defining target, analysing competition, managing poll workers, segregating data, and all possible tools which help getting maximum ROI in your favour. WHY ELECTION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Unlike other developed countries like USA, UK etc. India started using professional election management services very late. We have seen positive results of such services in General Elections, 2014, Rajasthan Assembly Elections, 2013 and Bihar Assembly Elections, 2015. In recent development all political parties are looking for professional companies/team to manage their election campaign strategy. While few parties are recruiting only election campaign strategist, we are offering end to end election campaign management solution which would maximize ROI. SERVICES Our firm's task is to assist political parties, politicians and political aspirants in handling their profile, end- to-end political and election campaigns while constantly evolving and embracing growth. The services and solutions that we provide have a wide range which helps our habitué to optimize voters outreach and turn voters to their court. The services we provide are Voters survey, Voters behaviour analysis, Opinion polls, Exit polls, Qualitative research and analysis, Influencer network, Quantitative survey and research, LED video vans, poll-worker training, candidate profile, Bulk SMS & emails, bulk WhatsApp, bulk recorded voice calls, Digital advertising, customized mobile application for candidate, election management software, voters database, Volunteer network, Fundraising network, Content management, political rallies, door to door campaigns, canvassing, outdoor advertising, cinema advertising and more. Janadhar India Election Management Solution services Janadhar India Survey and Analysis Janadhar India Election Management Software Janadhar India 360 Digital Marketing Janadhar India Voice Solutions Janadhar Creative Services Janadhar Election Campaign Management
  5. 5. For details please contact +919810522069 JANADHAR INDIA SURVEY AND ANALYSIS Past Trends deliverables Past Elections Analysis Opinion Survey/Prediction Vs. Achievement Caste wise Vote Analysis Opposition Performance analysis Gender wise Vote analysis Current Status deliverables Assembly wise Voter Survey (Sample) Jan Samarthan Meter Caste wise Samarthan Analysis Gender wise Samarthan analysis Occupation wise Samarthan Analysis Current Issues analysis Strength Analysis Weakness Analysis Opportunity Analysis Threats Analysis Voice of Voters Audio and Video Clips of supporting voters Competition Tracking deliverables SWOT analysis Competition Candidates Screening Influencing issues/people analysis Current Distribution of Voters Social Media Profile/pages analysis and screening Print Media screening JANADHAR INDIA SURVEY AND ANALYSIS (CONTD.) Our Candidate deliverables Social Media Profile/pages analysis and screening Print Media screening Online and Offline Notability analysis Reputation analysis Voters pulse meter Jan Samarthan Meter SWOT analysis Sitting candidate performance meter Final Report
  6. 6. For details please contact +919810522069 JANADHAR INDIA ELECTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Software License License for 6 months Voters List Managementdeliverables Voters data with mobile numbers Name Wise Voter Search Age Wise Voter Search Caste Wise Voter Search Gender (Male/Female) Wise Voter Search Category Wise Voter List Total History Total Ward Search Total Booth Search Voter Creation Master Voter wise Planning Master (Green, Red, Yellow Orange) Area wise Planning Master (Green, Red, Yellow Orange) Voter Marking Wise Analysis Area Marking Wise Analysis Voter Marking Wise List Area Marking Wise List JANADHAR INDIA ELECTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (CONTD.) Poll Worker Management features Committee Creation Master Election Committee Creation Master Block Committee Creation Master Ward/Village Committee Creation Master Booth Committee Creation Master Campaign Committee Creation Master Campaign Schedule Creation Master Digital Poll Worker Data Booth Level Poll Worker Search Poll Workers Communication Poll Worker Training
  7. 7. For details please contact +919810522069 JANADHAR INDIA 360 DIGITAL AND MOBILE MARKETING Websites deliverables Customized uniformed candidate website (static 10 pages) Customized uniformed candidate mobile website (static) Customized responsive candidate campaign website (Static) Customized election campaign website (Static, 10 pages) Mobile APP deliverables Candidates Mobile APP (Android) State Level Mobile APP (Android) Vehicle/Poll worker GPS tracking (By Mobile APP) Social Media deliverables Facebook Page – Candidate and Party Twitter Page – Candidate and Party YouTube Channel – Candidate and Party Google Plus Page – Candidate and Party Instagram Profile – Candidate and Party Daily motion Channel – Candidate and Party Social Media Brigade Organic Fan/Follower Base Management Content development and distribution Online reputation management and competition tracking Media Support Local and National PR – Print and Digital Media Planning – Print and Digital Narrative Development (Content) Mobile /Digital Marketing deliverables Search Engine Optimization (Google, Bing and Yahoo) Viral Campaigns - 5 Social Media Platforms Bulk SMS and Recorded voice call with registration What’s APP Messages Bloggers Network for content Sharing Live Streaming on web, mobile and social media Video Marketing (Optional)
  8. 8. For details please contact +919810522069 JANADHAR INDIA VOICE SOLUTIONS (CLOUD) 24X7 Helpline deliverables Dedicated Help line Number Jan Samarthan Helpline Jan Sewa Helpline Voter Pulse Meter Bulk Voice Calls Karyakarta (Poll worker Helpline) Voice Menu – Hindi, English (customized upon request) 200 Incoming Calls simultaneously Daily MIS and Reporting Auto Recording of All Calls Auto Recording of Suggestion & Complaint Automatic Call Transfer to Janadhar Expert and designated Karyakarta One Click Call to Audio Conferencing up to 100 numbers Video Conferencing (Subject to Internet Bandwidth Availability) Live Streaming/Web Casting JANADHAR INDIA CREATIVE SERVICES Designs Video Production Audio Jingles Hand-outs Booklets Hoarding Poster Banners Rally Backdrops Mobile Van Designs Brochures Stickers Car Sun Shade Facebook and other Social Media Page Designs Online Banners and Creative Blog Content
  9. 9. For details please contact +919810522069 JANADHAR INDIA POLLING DAY MANAGEMENT Election Campaign Schedule Campaign Schedule Creation Campaign Tracking and Monitoring Vendor Management (Optional) Polling Day Management Live polling report Booth wise election kit (Voter list, party collaterals, brand identity elements etc) Booth wise polling worker tracking Booth wise polling report and analysis Assembly wise polling report and analysis JANADHAR INDIA FIELD CAMPAIGN Propaganda Female and Male Election Volunteer Door To Door Women Connect Street Plays Magic Shows Folk Songs/Music Creative Live Voters Byte Animated Videos 3D/2D Songs (Audio and Video) Posters, Manifesto, Backdrops etc Infographics and News ‘Look Forward to work to win!