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Janadhar India Election and Political Research for Delhi Assembly Elections


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Understanding voters behavior is a challenging task for others, and we offer a range of election research services that help to get the right Janadhar.
Janadhar India offers:
Quantitative Voters Survey in Delhi
Qualitative Research in Delhi
Psephologist in Delhi
Customized Election Strategy in Delhi
and more for Delhi Assembly Elections

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Janadhar India Election and Political Research for Delhi Assembly Elections

  1. 1. 12/24/2018 1 | 0124-4320053|
  2. 2. | 0124-4320053| JANADHAR INDIA ABOUT Established in the year 2015, Janadhar India specializes in a plethora of services to manage your election campaign. We design and develop a campaign post extensive studies and surveys of the market right down to the booth level. To gain a better understanding, the team approaches every booth to identify the issues and challenges faced and also manage the crucial information of a particular constituency like influencers, poll workers and voters’ mood. Through a dedicated app for the candidate or aspirant, the team also ensures that it supports to get maximum voter’s turn out with the real-time monitoring at polling booth level. WHY US? • We Understand the mix of Pulse, Tech and Communication • Led by a mix of young and seasoned professionals • We Understand our clients & their requirements • We help in reducing Cost & Maximizing the turn-out • We are Young and focused upon Digital, Mobile and Field Outreach • We believe in always innovate, experiment and accelerate • We are upgrading everyday
  3. 3. | 0124-4320053| Unlike other developed countries like USA, UK etc. India started using professional election management services very late. We have seen positive results of such services in General Elections, Uttaranchal Assembly Elections, Gujarat Assembly Elections, Karnataka Assembly Elections, Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, Punjab Assembly Elections and Haryana Assembly Elections. In recent development all political parties are looking for professional companies/team to manage their election campaign strategy. While few parties are recruiting only election campaign strategist, we are offering end to end election campaign management solution which would maximize votes. If elections are the festival of democracy in India, then at Janadhar India we manage that for you hassle-free. With strong field presence and vast experience in creating strategic election campaigns, we understand how qualitative feedback on the ground corresponds to metrics and KPI’s for you and how the same can be used for the purpose of developing an effective campaign management strategy. ELECTION CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. | 0124-4320053| SERVICES VOTERS’ OUTREACH A team of seasoned professionals we manage all field outreach media like: Outdoor, Cinema, Door to Door, Canvassing etc. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Managing election campaign is gradually becoming hassle-free with seasoned professional partner like us. DIGITAL OUTREACH We not only build and manage the digital notability but also manage 360 digital outreach through Web, Apps and Social Media. MOBILE OUTREACH India is a hottest destination when it comes to cellphone users, we are equipped to deliver campaign through SMS, App, WhatsAPP, and OBDs SOCIAL MEDIA Innovative ideas that connect mass social media audience. We with experience in ideate and managing profiles and booth level groups. ELECTION RESEARCH Survey, research will help to strategize the overall campaign. The analysis will detail results with all insights about constituency
  5. 5. 12/24/2018 5 | 0124-4320053| VOTERS’ OUTREACH SOLUTION
  6. 6. | 0124-4320053| Voters’ Outreach Introduction Who We Are Janadhar India is a team of great proven strategist and analyst who help to get detailed voters insight with its Election Research service in India More than 3000 field force, panel of 10 campaign managers, pool of talented engineers, and media managers that extend your outreach hitting right on voters mood in your constituency and increase the TOMA for successful election campaign What We Do Understanding voters behavior is a challenging task for others, and we offer a range of election research services that help to get the right Janadhar • Door Knock / Jan Sampark • Influencer Connect • Propaganda on the move • Volunteer Network • Street Plays • Household Survey • Innovative Display
  7. 7. 12/24/2018 7 | 0124-4320053| OBJECTIVE • 30% increase in Vote Share • Improve Connect with Voter and Family • Public influencers • Fact Check • Maximize turnout • Validated Activation and Data Collection • Facilitated by Mobile communication • Booth level analysis • Door to door canvassing • Voters Pulse
  8. 8. 12/24/2018 8 | 0124-4320053| SERVICES Field Force at Booth Level Propaganda and Dialogues Data collection in App Street Plays Influencer Connect Innovative Display
  9. 9. 12/24/2018 9 | 0124-4320053| FACTS Constituency Approx. Voters Approx. Families/Doors No of Constituencies/ booth Target Doors/Constituency Parliament 15,000,000 500,000 1000 150,000 Assembly 200,000 50,000 200 20,000
  10. 10. 12/24/2018 10 | 0124-4320053| JAN SAMPARK – DOOR KNOCK Direct Connect • Our Jansampark Resource to visit 20% of households per booth. Dialogue • Jansampark Resource to talk to the house owner and explain him/her the benefits/schemes of the government or party Data Capture • Jansampark Resource to fill in voters data in the APP with all required data and survey answers. Validation • Geo Tagging through App’s GPS • Missed call on/from Voters given mobile number
  11. 11. 12/24/2018 11 | 0124-4320053| INNOVATIVE MEDIA
  12. 12. 12/24/2018 12 | 0124-4320053| STREET PLAYS 20 Teams of Theatre artists from reputed institutes. Each team has 3 boys and 2 girls along with 1 music instrument player Languages Covered: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Odiya, Hindi, English, Bengali and Punjabi
  13. 13. 12/24/2018 13 | 0124-4320053| LEVERAGING MOBILE MEDIA SMS • After Getting verified entry, System to send automated message to the voter. • Daily/Weekly SMS with customized message to go Missed Call/ OBD • 15 Sec recorded call/audio to be sent to all verified voters • Frequency – Twice a week/Daily WhatsAPP • Media+Text to be sent to all verified whatsAPP numbers • Local Groups to be created to push content Advantage • Direct connect with the Household owner influencing at least 2 votes • Daily communication to strengthen the connect
  14. 14. | 0124-4320053| PAST PROJECTS Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2013 and 2018 Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018 Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 Uttaranchal Assembly Elections 2017
  15. 15. | 0124-4320053| OUR APP No Internet connection is required while conducting surveys, data is safely stored in the app until the device is connected to the internet. Capture the GPS location of the device at the time the survey is being conducted Prompts the respondent to take a Photo or Video on camera equipped devices With the Local Language support surveyor can configure the survey in their local language. Offline Data Collection Map Coordinates Photo & Video Local Language 22 Regional LanguageCapture Photo or VideoGPS TrackingNo Internet Required
  16. 16. | 0124-4320053| OUR APP Question flow simplifies the task of making your survey perform logically. Questions can be included or bypassed depending on previous answers given. Customize your surveys by selecting your screen layout, colors and background images relating to your products and services Results are available to download in Excel and CSV format for monitoring data of specific survey. Expert team to create a war room zone for real time monitoring and analysis. Best Format Customized Output Download War Room Real Time DataDownload ReportDesign, UITested Formats
  17. 17. THE PLAN MISSION 2019
  18. 18. | 0124-4320053| Team Our core team members are well known and experienced in their respective fields. We have: • Sr. Strategists • Campaign managers • Consumer study experts, • Big data experts, • Social media experts, • Online reputation managers, • Psephology Experts • Field Surveyors • Journalists and Mass Comm Experts • Translators • Graphic Artists
  19. 19. | 0124-4320053| In News
  20. 20. | 0124-4320053| In News
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