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Turkey by Klára


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Trip to Turkey

Published in: Education
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Turkey by Klára

  1. 1. Trip to Turkey MALYPETROVÁ KLÁRA
  2. 2. Efez  Ephesus was one of the Ionian Greek cities in Asia Minor that was found in Lydia on the Aegean sea (now several kilometers from the coast in Izmir province about 50 km south of Izmir ) . It was founded by colonists from Athens in particular . To the ruins of Ephesus you can get today from the port of Kusadasi .
  3. 3. Bursa  Bursa is the fourth most populous city in Turkey , with 1,431,172 inhabitants ( census 2007 ), is the capital of the province . The town has a large number of immigrants from Bulgaria or national migration.
  4. 4. Troy  Troy is a city well-known to both history and legend (as well as archaeology), and was situated in northwest Anatolia in what is now Turkey (but which was known in Classical sources as Asia Minor), located south of the southwest end of the Dardanelles/Hellespont and northwest of Mount Ida at Hisaronu.
  5. 5. Balıkesir  Balıkesir is a city in Turkey, capital of the province in Marmara Region . In 2009 lived in Balıkesir 259,157 people. Balıkesir is known as the seat of the University , where he currently works about 25 000 students and consists of approximately 10 % of the population . The economy is based on both agriculture and the industry.