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Five senses Poland - Adéla Macasová


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Five senses Poland - Adéla Macasová

  1. 1. POLSKO(POLAND) Macasová Adéla
  2. 2. First day The first day we met with Polish children, who showed us their school.We showed them presentations about our schools. It was a nice day and we got to know each other.
  3. 3. Pictures from the first day
  4. 4. The first day again
  5. 5. And once again
  6. 6. Second day The next day we went to the town called Krakow where we were in the Wawel castle. After exploring Wawel we headed to do some shopping at the mall. On the way back we sang songs. Trip was very successful.
  7. 7. Pictures from the second day
  8. 8. The second day again
  9. 9. Other pictures from the second day
  10. 10. Third day The third day we went to the excavations. We sawa beautiful film that lasted for 30 minutes. We explored a lot of interesting buildings and all kinds of excavations. This trip was interesting.
  11. 11. Pictures from the third day
  12. 12. The third day again
  13. 13. Other pictures from the third day
  14. 14. Fourth day Fourth day we went to the salt mines in Wieliczka. It was really cool, we could lick salt wall. This trip was the best of all.
  15. 15. Pictures from the fourth day
  16. 16. The fourth day again
  17. 17. The fourth day once again
  18. 18. Last day The last day we parted. We danced,we sang,and at the end we cried.  It was very difficult, but everything comes to an end.
  19. 19. Pictures from the last day
  20. 20. DANCE
  21. 21. END This is the end of a presentation about Poland