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Famous people by Lukáš Patera


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Famous people by Lukáš Patera

Published in: Education
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Famous people by Lukáš Patera

  1. 1. Czech Famous People Lukáš Patera
  2. 2. Roman Šebrle • Roman Šebrle is a former athlete and decathlonist. • He is also an Olympic champion of 2004. • He was the first decathlonist who overcame the mythical border - 9000 points. • He gained 9026 points.
  3. 3. Karel Čapek • Karel Čapek was a Czech writer and playwright. • He wrote for example the play R.U.R. - Rossum’s Universal Robots. In this play he used the word ROBOT for the first time in the world. • He died on 25th December 1938.
  4. 4. Gabriela Soukalová • Gabriela Soukalová is aCzech representative in biathlon. • She is a double silver medalist from Winter Olympics Games in 2014. • She is bronze medalist from World Championship in 2013.
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