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Bára Proňková Five senses Meeting in Italy


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Published in: Education, Travel, Spiritual
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Bára Proňková Five senses Meeting in Italy

  1. 1. Five senses - Italy Proňková Barbora 7
  2. 2. First Day in Valdarno We visited Italian school and we presented our PPT 7 treasures of my country… And we made a clock .. We split into groups. It had to break the ice . It did not help much.
  3. 3. Second day in Rome We were everywhere! It was raining. But Rome is nice! FONTANA DI TREVI ANFITEATRO FLAVIO (COLOSSEO) Vatican PIAZZA COLONNA ruins In Vatican we went to the Pontifical Household - Gold Everywhere! And Cold. In suvenir shop Pope was on everything… Di Trevi - you can toss a coin and it means that you will return to Rome. It is a great tradition.
  4. 4. Third day in Arezzo In Arezzo we went with „ Roberto“ to the square. This square looks very old. And we also were in Church.
  5. 5. Fourth day in Florencia Florencia is a very big city. We were in cathedral or : Florencia´s Dome. This cathedral is very cold! Loggia dei Lanzi was one of the sights we visited. Statues were everywhere! But they were naked.
  6. 6. Fifth day in Siena In Siena we went to the church but they did not let us in, because there was the mass inside. But the church was very nice from the outside . People outside the church were playing the flute, guitar, bass…