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Reading comprehension power point


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Reading Comprehension Tool: Summarizing: Retelling

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Reading comprehension power point

  1. 1. Reading Comprehension Summarizing
  2. 2. Summarizing O Reading Comprehension is important so that we understand what we read. O One way to make sure we comprehend what we read is to retell what we read. Have you ever retold a story?
  3. 3. Retelling is a way of summarizing. It’s important because it extracts the essential information of a text: O the main idea O the supporting details
  4. 4. Retelling In order to retell, you need to think about the major elements of the text. These include: O Characters O Setting O Problem O Attempts to resolve problem O Resolution O Outcome
  5. 5. Tools You may use different tools to help you retell the story. Maybe you’ve seen some of these?
  6. 6. Story Maps or
  7. 7. Graphic Organizer or
  8. 8. Story Time Sit back and listen to the story that I will read. …
  9. 9. Retelling with a Story Map I thought about the: O Characters O Setting O Problem O Resolution
  10. 10. Retelling with a Story Map Then, I used a story map to retell this story. Characters: Problem: boredom Characters: Bob and Cindy Setting: Farmland in Indiana A hot day Resolution: Build a clubhouse in the old barn!Attempts: Swim? -no pond Horse ride -too hot Ending: Bob and Cindy design the whole club- house then invite all their friends to join!
  11. 11. Story Time! Sit back and listen to the story that I will read.
  12. 12. Retelling Your turn! Choose one of the graphic organizers to retell the story that you just heard.
  13. 13. Share!