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PALS Witzenberg Land Reform Framework

PALS Framework recognised as a unique approach to land reform by Government. PALS currently has 72 individual directors and shareholders, with more than 500 benefitting from employees trusts and has reached more than 450 farm workers and community members through in-house information and awareness sessions for the projects and community-based organisations.

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PALS Witzenberg Land Reform Framework

  1. 1. 1 PARTNERS IN AGRI LAND SOLUTIONS 24 Oktober 2019 WITZENBERG PALS An initiative for successful land reform, economic growth, job creation and social harmony.
  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESSFUL LAND REFORM • Access to Land • Skills • Property rights • Markets for inputs and outputs • Capital for operating costs and assets • Exit strategy • Supporting environment 2
  3. 3. WITZENBERG PALS: GOALS 1. The establishment of successful black farmers; 2. To involve the whole community in an inclusive process; 3. To extend the initiative to other areas and agri related industries; 4. To establish the Witzenberg Centre as “one stop shop”; 5. Focus on mentorships and training programmes. 3
  4. 4. WITZENBERG PALS (NPC) CENTRE CENTRE PROJECTS Planning & Drafting Approvals Implementation PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA Government Departments Community WATER Permits Irrigation schemes MONITORING= WATCHDOG (Reports and financial statements) Compliance TRAINING AND SUPPORT Youth Mentors College FINANCE Joint impact POTENTIAL BLACK FARMERS Screening Monitor Applications Involve Government and stakeholders COMMUNITY Housing Training Youth Jobs Board of Directors and Managing Director. Members: Agri-Producers, Municipality, Stakeholders and Government Depts. Employees: Researchers, Administrators, Consultants, Secretarial 4
  5. 5. ENABLERS FROM GOVERNMENT 5 Recognition Funding / Financial assistance (cheaper or for less security) Tax breaks Subdivisions Water licences Electricity Infrastructure for agriculture with regards to safety and security, roads, transport and municipal and other government services.
  6. 6. PALS identified three Value Propositions for its members Land Reform / Value Chain Investment Promotion (PALS Framework) Support regulatory approvals (Electricity/ Water/Subdivision/ Tax / Finance/Recognition) Social and skills development Support (Training, Housing, Education) Client • Commercial Farmers • Emerging Farmers • Community • Witz municipality • Commercial Farmers • Emerging Farmers • Communities • Government departments PrimaryServices • PALS provides motivation for applications for subdivision and for water in line with DWS transformation objectives • Refer applications to a legal firm • Negotiate with financial institutions to obtain cheaper finance and favourable terms for PALS projects • Obtaining funds for the operations of the PALS Centre: Membership Fees, Sponsorships and Donations • Negotiate with National Treasury for the PALS projects to be exempted from Capital Gains Tax and Donations Tax • Strive for recognition for the commercial farmer in the form of BEE status or any other form of securities – involvement in the compilation of the new Agri-BEE Charter Secondary Services Offering • PALS negotiating on behalf of individual projects • Assistance with the completion of water application • Mediating equitable sharing of electricity amongst project if requests above are approved • Commercial Farmers • Communities • Emerging Farmers • Strengthening rural youth development through support of education • Strive for best practices in housing, labour relations and working environment • PALS secure funding for training • PR/Communications • Facilitate the process of business training for farmers (finance, HR, sales and marketing) • Provide mentorship programme • Facilitating the process of building schools, crèches and after care facilities • Facilitating the process of building houses • Introducing the commercial farmers to the relevant institutions and future business partners • Establishing partnerships with training institutions • Monitoring compliance to relevant agreements • PALS Centre providing further training support • Mediation services • PR and communication initiatives / networking functions to exchange ideas • Provide Tax and Legal advice • Connect commercial farmer to potential emerging farmer to join the programme • PALS Framework recognised as a unique approach to land reform by Government. • Continuously promote PALS in the Agricultural Sector • Provide recommendations and practical solutions for removing barriers to investment • Facilitation of process between commercial farmer and different government entities – Water (approval permits), Subdivision, Electricity • Identify and address critical factors that will ensure the successful implementation of the overall PALS initiative • Provide knowledge sharing initiatives and accurate info to government departments to improve service and planning (mapping of land usage, educational, income, household trends and other demographics) • Creating a unique support structure for each individual project (negotiations, technical support, key expertise) • Monitoring (Implementation and Post-implementation) 1 2 3 6
  7. 7. FASES VAN PROJEK KOMMERSIëLE BOERE INISIEER PROJEKTE FASE 1 – BEPLANNING EN OPSTEL KONSEP PROJEK  Bespreek en verkry geheelbeeld en doelwitte  Beplanning en skakeling met kliënte, koördineer projek  Identifisering van grond en behoeftes  Besigheidsplan  Skakeling met die onderskeie rolspelers  Opstel van konsep ooreenkomste en dokumente FASE 2 – MOTIVERING, SKAKELING EN GOEDKEURINGS  Verfyning van ooreenkomste en besigheidsplan  Opstel van motiveringsverslae  Skakeling met en breedvoerige gesprekke met rolspelers  Opleidingsessies  Voorleggings FASE 3 – IMPLEMENTERINGSFASE  Toesien tot vervulling van en goedkeuring van die opskortende voorwaardes van die projek  Fasilitering van opleiding  Bevestig registrasies van Memorandums van Oprigting, Maatskappye, aanstelling ven en registrasie van direkteure, registrasie van trustakte en verskaffing van dokumente aan kliënte en ouditeure. 7
  8. 8. Training, Development and Mentorship TRAINING With the PALS strategic partnership with Nulandis AECI, we have managed to provide training for 525 direct beneficiaries. Forms of training provided: 1. Company directors (60 Directors) 2. Shareholders (100) 3. Trustees (40) 4. Leadership (50) 5. Financial Skills (93) 6. Leadership for Hope (LFH-82) 7. New Venture Creations (NVC)-(22). 8. Directors, Shareholders and Trustees (78) 9. Mentorship and Coaching (11 projects) PALS currently has 72 individual directors and shareholders, with more than 500 benefitting from employees trusts and has reached more than 450 farm workers and community members through in- house information and awareness sessions for the projects and community-based organisations. 8
  9. 9. WAT WERK • Praktiese sukses met projekte is beste bewys • Fisiese adres en koördinering • NPC, oudits en direksie • Gesamentlike impak en data • Ekonomiese groei • Webblad: • Jaloers onafhanklik met eie identiteit 9
  10. 10. The PALS framework pro actively addresses Land Reform, Value Chain, Social and Skills Development. Land Reform that supports economic growth, job creation and social harmony. Social and skills development addresses the following projects: 1. Infrastructure (Water, Subdivision, Electricity, Tax and Finance) 2. Housing 3. Funding for Training, Educational 4. Governance Management, skills and requirements 5. Strive for best practices in housing, labour relations and working environment 4 types of Land projects: 1. Green Fields projects refers to a project that entails a new piece of land that will be cultivated and planted with new orchards and vegetables. 2. Projects that includes an existing farm or economic unit with established orchards and vegetables. In this case the land may be subdivided and is transferred to a new PALS company. 3. LRAD projects. These are equity scheme projects in terms of previous government policy. These existing projects is evaluated and may undergo restructuring of the business entity. 4. Existing Black Farmers / Traditional Leaders. These projects entails black owned farms that have indicated they welcome support from commercial farmers. The Value Chain projects includes: 1. Cold Stores 2. Pack Houses 3. Factories manufacturing implements and inputs 4. Marketing companies 5. Distribution companies 6. Service providers PALS Land Reform Framework Value Chain Framework Social and skills Development 1 2 3 10
  11. 11. 11 PROSPERITY (the procurement of resources) strives to better the ability of all people to secure resources. It does not only focus on its own prosperity! One honestly asks what the entitlement of other people is and promote that entitlement at all costs, even if it provokes resentment and anger. It naturally asks restraint and self-sacrifice, humility and content. It remains a challenge not to become part of the trend towards demand, greed and lust for power. LAWFULNESS (forming the basis of protection) ensures the safety of others, protects their name, preserves their integrity, their loved ones and their property – not only that of oneself. It hunts those who deceive and punish them. It does not simply pull the veil over all forms of injustice. To commit injustice with all its consequences remains much worse than to suffer injustice. TRUST with a view on good long term relationships of social cohesion and the fulfilment, not the breaking, of promises. It does not cheat, but it seeks the truth. It acts with integrity which brings peace and stability. It asks for courage because often one stands alone, is threatened, bullied and even ridiculed. KNOWLEDGE, ability and learnability is extremely important. Knowledge and ability know how important it is to speak the truth with integrity – at all times. It does not withhold, but reveals. It does not mock, but respects. It does not manipulate, but motivates. It does not intimidate, but it inspires. The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the coastline of respect, trust and admiration. LEADERSHIP: VALUES
  12. 12. NASIONALE PRENTJIE • Grondwet • Nasionale Ontwikkelingsplan • Parlementêre Mosie en verhore • Bela Bela • Presidensiële Advieskomitee • Minister Thoko Didiza • Landbou Beleidsdokument • Tessourie Verslag • Direkteur-Generaal Mdu Shabane. “Changing the narrative” 12
  13. 13. (Positief maar steeds wantroue!) Spreek dit aan met PALS Raamwerk. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. PROPOSALS TO PARLIAMENT AND PRESIDENCY  Institution of a Land Reform and Agriculture Coordination Committee: This committee should consist of the relevant Director Generals and independent experts from the private sector to report directly to the Deputy President and Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation.  Incentivise commercial farmers to implement and support Land Reform enterprises by granting the recognition as envisaged in the NDP. Improved BEE status is one possibility.  A Land Reform Fund into which all members of the public can donate in support of the cause.  Rewarding local areas for achieving Land Reform targets and make such targets part of the Auditor General’s audit of municipalities.  Consideration of the PALS framework and concept of local land committees to ensure collaboration between different spheres of Government and the private sector to expedite rural land reform.  Utilisation of grants and subsidies to leverage cheaper finance of prime less 6% for land reform enterprises.  Invitation of the private sector as co-creators and partners with regard to the consideration and implementation of policy pertaining to Land Reform.  Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 15
  16. 16. 16 Contact person: Senior Director Gerrit van Vuuren Contact details: 023 312 3152 Cell Phone: 082 681 1001 E-mail: