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oerworldmap adolescence of a community platform


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The presentation "OER World Map - Adolescence of a Community Platform" was held by Jan Neumann at the Open Education Global Conference 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa

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oerworldmap adolescence of a community platform

  1. 1. Adolescence of a Community Platform Prepared by Jan Neumann for the Open Education Consortium Global Conference 2017
  2. 2. Project Definition
  3. 3. The OER World Map as a directory OER World Map The Directory of the Global Education Movement Services Persons Organizations Projects Events (Resources) (Practices) (Tools) (Policies) Stories Data types in brackets will / might be added in the future
  4. 4. The OER World Map as a collective learning Opportunity “The OER World Map can be seen as an Open Educational Resource itself, which provides the opportunity to reflect on the nature of the OER ecosystem while categorizing its elements.”
  5. 5. The OER World Map is what it does! 1. As an OER actor I would like to find other OER actors and connect with them, so that I can cooperate in a coordinated way and share resources and knowledge with them. 2. As a teacher or learner I would like to get qualified, complete and current lists of existing OER offers, so that I can easily find open resources, which fit to my current learning or teaching context. 3. As an OER policy maker I would like to get meaningful statistics and oversights on the status of the OER movement in order to take and defend decisions in favour of OER.
  6. 6. Project stakeholder
  7. 7. OER World Map Target Groups 3.000 (?) OER Actors Policy Maker ? Teachers & Learners >1.000.000 Directly adressed Indirectly adressed
  8. 8. The Country Champion Network
  9. 9. Technology and data model
  10. 10. Technology stack oerworldmap-UI OEC DB oec-importer iCalendar ics-importer website scraper … … oerworldmap-auth oerworldmap-api graph-db elasticsearch account-dbversion
  11. 11. member of Data model Service Person Organization ProjectEventStory Country Subject Grade Level Language created by attends organized by located in provider in language provides OER for providesOER about operator / funder result OER World Map External data source Resource published by
  12. 12. Data collection
  13. 13. Manual data collection Data collection is done by those … … who are being paid for it, … who benefit from it, … who have fun, doing so!
  14. 14. Integration of Bottom Up & Top Down Top Down Bottom Up
  15. 15. Automatisation of data collection (planned) API OER World Map API API API API Open Textbook Library ndla Serlo Service n Fields to be imported → Number of included resources → Topics → Format → License → Educational level → Language → …
  16. 16. The OER Info Program
  17. 17. The German OERInfo site • First example of government funded data collection with the OER World Map • An “OER Germany Map” will be developed • The “OER Germany Map” can be reused for the Generation of multiple OER Country maps
  18. 18. OERInfo on OER World Map
  19. 19. Help us to grow up!
  20. 20. Join us in mapping the world of OER! → Register on the map and start editing → Join the learning process → Tell your friends → Become an country champion → Become a strategic partner
  21. 21. Thank you! „OER World Map: Adolescence of a Community Platform“, by Jan Neumann is licensed und CC BY 4.0