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Using an Open Source RESTful Backend for IoT Applications

  1. Using an Open Source RESTful Backend for IoT Applications Bill Appleton Founder & CEO DreamFactory Software
  2. Agenda What is REST? What is an open source RESTful backend? IoT Applications 2
  3. REST • REST (Representational State Transfer) API • Architectural style for web and mobile Things to connect with servers via RESTful services • Communicate over HTTP using HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) • Returns JSON or XML • Much more efficient than HTML REST is the way the Internet works! 3
  4. 4 DreamFactory REST API Platform DreamFactory is an open source REST API backend that provides RESTful services for mobile, web, and IoT applications. DreamFactory automatically generates a comprehensive palette of secure, reusable, customizable REST APIs to connect Things with data stores. 4
  5. 555 DreamFactory connects any Thing with any data source via secure RESTful backend services. SDKs for iOS, Android, AngularJS, jQuery, Sencha, Titanium, and more. Integrates with enterprise security controls and provides user management and granular access permissions.  Can run on any server, on-prem or cloud. Customize auto-generated REST APIs with pre- and post-processing scripting logic. Auto-generates a comprehensive palette of customizable, secure, reusable REST APIs for any data source. Also generates live, interactive API docs. Securely connect Things to SQL databases, NoSQL databases, file storage systems, and external web services.
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  7. DSP IoT Applications
  8. Intel using DreamFactory to provide backend for Galileo Gateway Using Node-RED for IoT wiring ( Intel Solution Brief describes how to use DreamFactory Services Platform DreamFactory is an Alliance Partner Intel Galileo Board 8
  9. Designing Service Flow With Node-RED
  10. DreamFactory on Raspberry Pi 2 Run DSP on Raspberry Pi as an IoT Gateway Use DSP to aggregate sensor data from multiple microcontrollers into local data storage (MySQL on board) Transform and normalize data periodically and upload it to a cloud database via DSP RESTful services Analyze and visualize historical sensor data stored in the cloud
  11. Deployment Architecture Raspberry Pi 2 Humidity Sensor Arduino Uno 3 Temperature Sensor Arduino Uno 3 Air Quality Sensor Arduino Uno 3 ZigBee Wireless Links 11
  12. Software Architecture Amazon DynamoDB MongoDB DreamFactory REST API Platform S 1 S 2 S 3 S 4 Data Aggregator Daemon Sensors 12
  13. DreamFactory in Industrial Control FramTech provides IoT software to connect and manage industrial infrastructure. Created tablet application for control and monitoring, written in AngularJS. Created administrative application to program system written in Microsoft Windows. Customers install backend server on premises or in the cloud. 13
  14. FramTech Solution Family Application 1414
  15. Managing The Internet of Things Device Administration Smart Devices Alerts and Updates Platform Administration Service Platform FramTech products DreamFactory running in the cloud or on premises Mobile app uses REST API for monitoring and controlling device Device sensors provide data and receive information via REST API 15
  16. The Open Source Backend for IoT • REST is how the Internet works • DreamFactory provides secure, RESTful services to connect Things with databases & other systems • Free, open source software (Apache License) • Run on any server, on-premise or cloud • Connections available for all popular SQL, NoSQL, File Storage, and external web services – Can build your own connectors! DSP project on GitHub •