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Folding An Origami Poems Book 2


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Step by Step explanation of how to create an origami poems book from a single sheet of paper.

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Folding An Origami Poems Book 2

  1. 1. Folding an Origami Poems BookFolding an Origami Poems Book Created from a single sheet of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper.
  2. 2. It’s Easy To Fold An Origami BookIt’s Easy To Fold An Origami Book
  3. 3. Poems On A Single Sheet Of PaperPoems On A Single Sheet Of Paper
  4. 4. It’s A Small Book Once folded, an Origami Book Is 4 X 2.5 Inches.
  5. 5. The First Fold Fold Printed Page Lengthwise,Text Facing Out
  6. 6. Second Fold The Second Fold is Widthwise
  7. 7. Third Fold With the print side up, fold one end of the book toward the center.
  8. 8. Repeat Fold on Other Side Repeat, folding the other end toward the center. The blank side of the paper will be facing you.
  9. 9. All Folds Are Done Open your paper, print side up, to see all the folds you’ve created. Each page of the book is visibly contained within these folds!
  10. 10. PreparingTo Make The Cut With the printed side facing you, fold the book in half widthwise. The Title page will be at the lower right corner.
  11. 11. MakingTheTop Cut With the book folded in half widthwise, cut across the top of theTitle page fold – through the two layers. Remember to cut only across this top fold!
  12. 12. The Cut Is Done This shows the cut that you’ve made. The book is almost done!
  13. 13. OpenView Of Cut Hold the top folds and press the middle pages outward to create the book.
  14. 14. The Book Becomes Press the two middle folds and the pages of the book become more defined.
  15. 15. ReadyTo Read With the folds made and the cut done, the book is ready to read.
  16. 16. Take It WithYou You can take your Origami book with you when you go for a walk – or while you’re waiting to take one.
  17. 17. Recycle With A Friend When you are finished reading your book, please recycle with a friend.