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Wisdom book 2011


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A collection of the various success stories in SEO, Social Media, Site Design and Development and a variety of Digital Marketing services, from WSI clients across the globe in multiple industries.

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Wisdom book 2011

  1. 1. Table of ContentsThe Stork’s Nest Child Academy | Day Care 4The Weight Loss Show | Events & Exhibitions 6All American Fence Corp | Fencing Contractor 8Value Logistics | Transportation 10The ALEA Group | B2B Lead Generation 12Mobile Mark | Telecommunications 14ABC Glass & Mirror | Shower Door and Window Installation 16Mardi Gras Casino & Racetrack | Casino, Racing & Entertainment 18Poco Solar Energy Inc. | Solar Energy 20First Consulting Group (FCG) | Training and Consulting 22Cornerstone Montessori Prep School | Private School 24The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop | Retail 26Gillett & Johnston (Croydon) Ltd. | Manufacturer of Clocks 28Sage Realty | Real Estate 30Kaya Skin Clinic | Beauty and Skin Care 32Eggington Dairy | Local Milk Dairy 34CBT Coaches | Luxury Coach Hire Services 36Diablo Solar Services | Solar Energy 38
  2. 2. B-Safe Electric | Electrical Services 40Sunsweet | Food and Beverage 42Mustard Seed Canada | Non-Profit 44Tallinn Hotels (Aldera Hotel Ltd.) | Accommodation 46HR Solutions, LLC | Human Resources / Consulting 48Victron Inc. | Electronics Manufacturing Services 50Poirier & Associates | Life Insurance 52Streeter Marshall | Solicitors / Legal Services 54Milton Keynes College | Education 56Eleg Distributors | Automotive Parts Distributors 58Maid in California | Cleaning Services 60focusIT Inc. | Information Technology 62Smart2BeGreen | Eco-Newsletter Publication 64Le Lys d’Or | Flower Shop 66Cruga Ltd. | Online Retail 68
  3. 3. THE STORK’S NEST CHILD ACADEMY Day Care www.storksnestchild.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 4Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  4. 4. Goals and Challenges: Rhode Island”, “Daycare East Greenwich, Daycare Warwick”, “Daycare Smithfield”.Stork’s Nest was advertising through Since starting the project, there have beentraditional methods of Yellow Pages, radio over 150 leads with approximately 50 newand local newspaper ads. Their original enrollments both full-time and was 100% Flash and not recognizedby the search engines. Due to the downturnin the market, enrollments were dipping.They needed a measurable way to attract TESTIMONIALnew visitors to the school for enrollment. “In a tough economy, we were hesitant to take on anotherThe Solution: expense for advertising, but WSI helped us to see that websiteWSI’s solution for The Stork’s Nest Child marketing was a necessity inAcademy was to build a new website using todays market. They were right!the WSI eFusion platform. WSI also optimized Our business has really blossomedthe website for local place search in the and it is through the referrals thatspring of 2009. Afterwards, WSI initiated a came through our website! We arepay-per-click (PPC) campaign using the call- truly grateful to work with suchto-action of “free initial registration worth talented people and a company as$75”. For existing families, they were able to fantastic as WSI. The return onaccess easily downloadable calendars. investment (ROI) was astounding to me and it is all through WSIsThe Results: commitment to our site that this was possible!”WSI’s solution for Stork’s Nest provided the Michele Steveninday care with a steady stream of leads Vice Presidentcoming from the website with workflows and The Stork’s Nest Child Academyrequests for tours sent to specified locations.They immediately experienced a dramaticincrease in leads and new enrollments to theschool. WSI also used email marketing tofollow up with prospective families that did WSI Consultant:not enroll but showed interest. This way,those leads were not forgotten but were SCOTT WASSERMANnurtured for potential future enrollments. Rhode Island, USA www.wsiwikipro.comFrom a search engine perspective, thewebsite ranked page one for the followingkeywords: “Daycare Rhode Island”, “Day Care Page 5 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  5. 5. THE WEIGHT LOSS SHOW Events & Exhibitions TESTIMONIAL "There would have not been any other way to expand awareness on the Weight Loss Show to so many people as we managed to do through WSI’s Internet marketing services. We at Linkviva Events appreciate WSI’s team for their expertise, advice and professionalism in customizing an Internet marketing campaign that was absolutely suited to our business and generated not only huge interest for our business online but also visitors walking to our event!” Niousha Ehsan Business Development Manager, Linkviva EventsBack to Table of ContentsPage 6Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  6. 6. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Prior to working with WSI, the client had By targeting the campaigns, WSI helped thechallenges reaching anEnglish and Arabic- client achieve 560 registrants for the eventspeaking target group interested in the topic within 3 weeks specifically through WSI’sof weight loss. They were running campaigns efforts. In addition, 12,352 visitors came towithin a short period of time and seeing very the site in only one month and more thanlittle results. WSI’s objectives were to: 1,500 local leads registered online.  Gain exposure The client is extremely happy with the  Leverage call-to-actions campaign and how targeted and effective it  Increase conversions was. The campaign has achieved enormous  Capture information results and value for money that traditional  Target specific segments promotional activities could not deliver before. This in turn has resulted in impressive footfall at the event, which pleased both theThe Solution: organizers and exhibitors.WSI’s advanced digital marketing strategy forthe Weight Loss Show included:  Web presence (Conversion Architecture)  Brand building (online banners)  Database building (registration form)  Lead nurturing (email marketing)  Ongoing review (testing and enhancing)The solution that WSI implemented for theclient included a great deal of creative designfor the website and several banners that thecompany used to advertise its events. Aprofessional website was built forinformational purposes and acted as the WSI Consultant:uniting tool for all other marketing activities.A separate landing page was built in Arabic HUSAM JANDALfor those who clicked on the banner ads, Dubai, UAEwhich had Conversion Architecture elements. www.ezwsinet.comWSI used a top-notch email marketing anddatabase system for the client and providedregular reports on the results of eachcampaign. Page 7 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  7. 7. ALL AMERICAN FENCE CORP Fencing Contractor www.allamericanfencecorp.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 8Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  8. 8. Goals and Challenges:  Website traffic has more than doubled because of WSI’s Internet marketing  Monthly visitors have increased fromIt became very clear to All American Fence 1,600 in Sept 2009 to 4,000 in Aug 2010that customers are more and more relying on  Almost all of the client’s targetedthe Internet to find contractors and not as keywords are now ranking in the top 5much on the Yellow Pages. They began to positions on Google, Yahoo! and Bingrealize they needed to focus more on the  Back in Sept 2009, most of the keywordsInternet for their marketing, so they decided were not even in the top 100 across all 3to sign up for WSI’s digital marketing system. search enginesWSI’s objectives were to:  Increase the company’s web presence and generate leads TESTIMONIAL  Start PPC to generate immediate leads “Through WSI’s customized SEO  Start SEO for a long-term Internet and PPC marketing system, we presence and to be found on major search have been able to jump to the engines above their competition front page of major search engines. WSI has always been veryThe Solution: knowledgeable, thorough, prompt and dependable. The WSI team is always accessible and able toWSI’s solution involved: website design and answer any questions we maydevelopment, search engine optimization have right away. We would(SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). We replaced recommend WSI to any businesstheir old website with a new design and a that is looking to expand andnew content management system (CMS). develop their marketing online”.The website is now ranking at the top ofGoogle’s page one listing for all of their Kim Myersoriginally targeted keywords. WSI plans to Owneradd additional keywords to expand All American Fence Corporationgeographic coverage.The Results: WSI Consultant:As a result of working with WSI, All AmericanFence Corp is now being found on the first JASON YIpage of the major search engines. Traffic to California, USAthe site has increased significantly in the past www.ezwsiweb.com12 month. WSI measured the results usingranking reports, web analytics reports andpay-per-click reports. Page 9 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  9. 9. VALUE LOGISTICS Transportation to Table of ContentsPage 10Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  10. 10. Goals and Challenges: The client gained 1,978 inquiries from theirPrior to working with WSI, Value Logistics had website through WSI’s campaign betweenno website presence at all despite their May 2009 to July 2010, 10% of whichstatus as a Johannesburg Stock Exchange converted into customers resulting in overlisted company. Instead, the company was $100,000 worth of sales.spending $180,000 annually on Yellow Pageadvertising. WSI’s goal was to develop aprofessional web presence for the client andhelp them generate leads online.The Solution:WSI created a customized digital marketingplan for the client that included: TESTIMONIAL “WSI and their team have been  A new, professionally designed marketing instrumental in generating leads website and growing Value’s business  Online “request a quote” forms online. WSI has helped us achieve  SEO for the entire website excellent results in this competitive  5 content pages per month industry”.  Analytics measurement and regular consulting Tracey Le Roux  Article submissions Marketing Manager  An ongoing link building strategy Value Logistics  Advertising in online classifieds and industry-specific directoriesThe Results:As a result of working with WSI, the client WSI Consultant:was able to compete more effectively onlineagainst bigger competitors through their FRANCOIS MUSCATprofessional online presence. WSI reduced South Africatheir Yellow Pages marketing spend by 50% effective online marketing. Page 11 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  11. 11. THE ALEA GROUP B2B Lead Generation www.thealeagroup.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 12Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  12. 12. Goals and Challenges: As a result, traffic to their site has increased drastically as well. Between September andThe ALEA Group had no Internet marketing December 2010, website traffic increasedstrategy before working with WSI. The 89% over the traffic received between Maycompany was only found online for keywords and August 2010.related specifically to their company name.WSI’s objectives were to improve thecompany’s visibility on the search engines forindustry-related keywords, showcase theirpresident as a thought leader as well asgenerate leads online. TESTIMONIAL “We engaged with WSI 3 monthsThe Solution: ago to help with ALEAs SEO ranking on Google. WSI presented a plan and delivered on the plan.WSI created a content marketing blueprint We are now on page 1 of Googlefor the company. In addition, we conducted when you type ‘lead generation’.initial keyword research, compiled a WSI made the process painless andcompetitor report, optimized some pages on seamless. It is like watchingthe company’s existing website and began a someone who is in completemonthly search engine optimization (SEO) control of their craft at work. Icampaign focused on article marketing and have no hesitation recommendinglink building. WSI for any web-related project”.We also re-designed the company’s blog, Louis Foongoptimized the WordPress plug-ins and Presidentpublished content for the blog, which the The ALEA Groupcompany provides, on a regular basis.The Results:The ALEA Group’s website is now being foundon the search engines for industry-relatedkeywords in a very competitive area. The WSI Consultant:keywords that the site has been optimized LIANA LINGfor include: “B2B lead generation”, “lead Ontario, Canadageneration” and “appointment setting www.wsiwebconnects.comservice”. This is a highly competitive industryand the company is very happy that they arenow visible in the search engines forkeywords related to their industry. Page 13 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  13. 13. MOBILE MARK Telecommunications TESTIMONIAL "We have heard nothing but positive comments about the new website. Visitors are drawn in from the first page and find it easy to move around the website. We are grateful for the advice and assistance we received from WSI. WSI guided us through web design, page creation, database maintenance and search engine optimization. It is one thing to have a website and another to have an effective website. It was an eye opener to realize all the factors that go into building an effective website”. Eleanor Sylvan Vice President Marketing Mobile Mark, Inc.Back to Table of ContentsPage 14Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  14. 14. Goals and Challenges:  Press releases were distributed online with links back to the websiteMobile Mark wanted to generate interest  The sales team was able to directamong existing customers and prospects in prospects to the product information ontheir database for the SMW Series, a modular the website and they were able to sendantenna design that allows 2, 3, or 4 different out electronic links to the brochureantennas to be combined in 1 antennahousing. They also wanted to generate entirelynew leads. The Results: The website was launched in May 2009 andThe Solution: below are some of the results achieved:A printed application brochure was developed  Total SMW & MGW units sold increasedto explain the features and benefits of the 64% year-over-year based on Jan-Mayproduct, explain model numbers and the many salescombinations possible, and give application  For just the SMW antennas, the unitsexamples so that their customers can envision increased 74% in the same periodthe antenna in their setting.  Using the combined SMW & MGW sales dollars for the Jan-May period, the salesIt was the electronic use of the brochure in dollars increased 62%, which is in lineconjunction with other electronic material that with the increase seen in the unitshelped Mobile Mark truly increase the number  For only the SMW antennas, the salesof people who became familiar with this dollars increased 73%product. Here are the details of the solution:  The number of distinct models sold increased 22% from 2009 to 2010  Product descriptions were added to the  For the number of series (i.e. without website as models were developed considering the cable and connector  An electronic version of the brochure was combinations) the number of series added to the tech library on the site increased 27%  A link to the electronic version of the brochure was added on the front page  A Featured Products section was added to the Product Database section of the site WSI Consultant:  Links were added from the Featured Product section to the brochure and NANCY VINKLER product listings Pennsylvania, USA  An electronic Mobile Mark e-newsletter was sent out with links to both the products and the brochure  SEO pages were developed to reinforce links to the Mobile Mark website Page 15 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  15. 15. ABC GLASS & MIRROR Shower Door and Window Installation www.abcglassandmirror.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 16Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  16. 16. Goals and Challenges: The company estimates that about 80% of allABC Glass & Mirror wanted to switch from new calls come via search on the web. In atraditional advertising to digital marketing. He tough economy, they have experiencedhad just built a brand new website with growth over the last two years. They haveabsolutely no organic web presence at all. He brought on two new members this year andcontacted WSI, along with several firms in his feel they may need to look for additionalarea, but decided to go with WSI because we members if business keeps up.explained exactly what we would do, how wedo it and what he could expect - in non-technical terms. WSI’s objectives were tolessen the company’s dependence on TESTIMONIALtraditional advertising over time and re- “I just wanted to take a minute tobalance it to primarily online media. thank WSI and your team. What an awesome job you are doing! InThe Solution: less than two months, Im finding us on the 1st page of Google and inBefore working with WSI, they had zero PR and some cases we’re in the 1stdid not show up on the search engines for any position. Business is steadilysearch terms at all. WSI initiated a campaign picking up and with this economy itthat involved: marketing consulting, a website could not have come at a bettermakeover and ongoing maintenance, search time. Im letting my friends andengine optimization (SEO), social media colleagues know how much WSItraining and ongoing consulting as well as has helped us out. Thanks againimplementation assistance. for all your hard work!” Micah HowellThe Results: Owner ABC Glass and Mirror Inc.ABC Glass and Mirror has seen a dramaticincrease in their online leads and has beenable to rebalance their marketing budget tothe more flexible and measurable (andeffective) online media. WSI Consultant: CHUCK BANKOFFWe now have a total of 321 first page rankings,including several #1 rankings across all of the California, USAmajor search engines. We also have a www.wsieworks.comtremendous amount of #2 and #3 rankings. Inaddition, the company is now interacting withclients in their local area via social media. Page 17 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  17. 17. MARDI GRAS CASINO & RACETRACK Casino, Racing and Entertainment TESTIMONIAL “We knew we had to launch an aggressive Internet marketing program to be competitive in our market, but we could never get any real traction until WSI arrived. WSI brings tremendous value to Mardi Gras Gaming because they worked hard to understand the essence of our positioning and focused on our most important revenue streams. WSI has integrated our core business and offline efforts into an effective online campaign. Their SEO program in particular has had a dramatic impact on our business". Cathy Reside C.O.O. Mardi Gras GamingBack to Table of ContentsPage 18Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  18. 18. Goals and Challenges: For Mardi Gras West Virginia, we launched a pilot PPC campaign to generate phone callBefore working with WSI, Mardi Gras Casino reservations for their new hoteland Racetrack in Florida, USA was not rankingon the first page of Google in the very The Results:competitive gaming and entertainment marketof South Florida. At the time, they had modest In less than 6 months, Mardi Gras Casino intraffic to their 40-page site that was built Florida has gone from barely appearing onwithout Conversion Architecture and the first pages of search results to appearinginadequate search engine optimization (SEO). on page 1 for over 50 search terms. In manyThey were not running a pay-per-click (PPC) cases, they dominant the first page appearingcampaign, conducted very little social media multiple times with results from the site, blogmarketing and did not have a blog. and video channels. The volume of site traffic during this initial 6-month period hasMardi Gras Casino and Racetrack in West increased over 300%.Virginia, USA opened a brand new hotel in thesummer of 2010. WSI was assigned the task of At the Mardi Gras West Virginia hotel, ourgenerating reservation requests as well as PPC campaign was just as successful. Ourraising overall awareness of the property. conversion goal is to generate phone call requests for reservations. In the first 4The Solution: months of the PPC campaign, we have generated an average of 122 calls per weekFor Mardi Gras Florida, WSI created an entirely at a cost of $2.38 per call. These results havebrand new 100+ page site as part of a provided an outstanding ROI for the hotel.comprehensive online marketing program. We They expanded the budget for PPC for 2011.developed a creative concept that provided We will also be launching a comprehensivepowerful Conversion Architecture to the site integrated online marketing program for thefocusing on their key profit centers. We wrote West Virginia property including a new 100+100 pages of original keyword-rich content page site.and continue to make daily content updates tothe site.Since the launch of the site, WSI began WSI Consultant:managing all of their social media marketingincluding: creating new Facebook and Twitter PETER V. DECRESCENZOpages, posting to them on a daily basis, Florida, USAdeveloping exclusive Facebook and Twitter www.wsi-onlinesolutions.compromotions and running Facebook ads. Wealso manage an ongoing PPC campaign, a linkbuilding program as well as write, optimize anddistribute content on their blog weekly. Page 19 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  19. 19. POCO SOLAR ENERGY INC. Solar Energy www.pocosolar.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 20Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  20. 20. Goals and Challenges: WSI began providing reputation management services to POCO Solar to monitor reviews and encourage positive reviews. We willPOCO Solar was not visible on any search continue to monitor, research, and provideengines. They were relying mainly on value added services for POCO Solar.traditional marketing methods such as YellowPages, direct mailers, etc. But they knew thatmarketing is shifting from these traditionalmethods to the Internet. They knew they TESTIMONIALneeded to focus more on the Internet becausethey realized the power of the Internet and did “I take this opportunity tonot want to fall behind as their competition commend the WSI team on thewas making the transition. excellent Internet marketing results you produced for POCO Solar Energy Inc. We know weThe Solution: made the right decision by working with a global company like WSIWSI’s services included search engine that’s available to us locally! Theoptimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), project management skills andcontent marketing and reputation hands-on approach of your team ismanagement. WSI initially targeted 20 impressive and has delivered verykeywords for SEO, all of which started to rank good results for us. We plan toat the top of the first page in less than a year. expand our Internet marketingWe have added 50 keywords to the campaign, efforts and increase reliance on the20+ of which are already on the first page. Internet to generate leads for us. I would not hesitate to recommendThe Results: WSI to other business owners”.Here are the results of WSI’s solution: Greg Cordero President  Traffic increased more than 50% in less POCO Solar Energy, Inc. than 12 months  Remarkable improvement in visibility (40+ keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines) WSI Consultant:  PPC is working well and consistently JASON YI providing 300 to 400 clicks and a steady stream of leads California, USA  During Q1 and Q2 of 2010, the client generated $175,000 worth of business from Internet leads in about 3 month  This produced more than enough profit to cover the online marketing cost for the year Page 21 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  21. 21. FIRST CONSULTING GROUP (FCG) Training and Consulting to Table of ContentsPage 22Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  22. 22. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Before working with WSI, the client had a lot This professionally designed website ranksof people providing basic information, such as very high in the search results for a lot of thedates and training programs by phone, face-to- keywords related to FCG’s services. The site isface and email rather than through an online also very functional meeting all the needspresence. that the client had initially. From July 2009 to July 2010, the client experienced a 305%They also only had local coverage and wanted increase in direct sales as a result of WSI’sto expand their reach. WSI’s goal was to services.develop regional and national coverage byhelping the client be found in Google, whilereducing costs by having all their informationonline. TESTIMONIAL “Great work, great design, I don’tThe Solution: even want my competition to know about what I’m doing. Thanks a lotTo meet the needs of First Consulting Group, to WSI!”WSI built a robust website with a veryfunctional calendar of events where clients can Juan Manuel Flores Cervantesregister for FCG’s training programs. We also Socio Consultordid some search engine optimization (SEO), so First Consulting Groupthey could target their services in differentcities.We have submitted their seminars to relateddirectories and we have built many landingpages per topic, which has helped in the SEOstrategy. This way, the client can be in the topresults not only with one listing but two andsometimes even more listings. WSI Consultant: JORGE CONTRERAS Coahuila, Mexico Page 23 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  23. 23. CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI PREP SCHOOL Private School TESTIMONIAL “Almost immediately after working with WSI, we received inquiries several times per day as well as a number of walk-ins every week. Through the website, our enquiries have increased tenfold and has enabled us to increase our marketing profile by a substantial margin. I have been and continue to be impressed with the effectiveness of WSI as well as their level of professionalism, personal attention and commitment to their clients success. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to enhance their marketing profile". Dr. Stephanie Ling Principal Cornerstone Montessori Prep SchoolBack to Table of ContentsPage 24Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  24. 24. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Prior to working with WSI, Cornerstone Particularly due to the changes Google hasMontessori Prep School had no digital made to local search recently, the school ismarketing strategy and was only seen online on page 1 of Google for terms related tofor keywords related to the company name. “Toronto Montessori School”. When the newTheir lead generation consisted of advertising website went live and we started generatingin Yellow Pages, educational directories, traffic from Google PPC ads and Facebookeducational magazines, referrals and the sign ads, they were receiving 3 calls a day as welloutside their school. They needed to increase as people dropping in to ask for a tour of theenrollment to keep the school going. school and several online inquiries. In addition, over the last year:The Solution:  32 people signed up for their newsletterUsing the WSI eFusion platform, WSI re-  27 people completed the Admissionsdesigned the school’s website and conducted a Application Requesttargeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for 3  Almost 100 inquiries for more informationmonths to generate immediate traffic to the came in via the contact formwebsite. We also helped them streamline their  Inquiries from other organizationsprocesses by creating specific forms on the interested in working with the schoolwebsite for job employment inquiries, to book came througha tour of the school and a more detailedAdmissions Application. The site is even used As a result of WSI’s outstanding results forfor parents to RSVP for special events and the school, they did not renew advertisingraise funds for special charitable projects. with Yellow Pages or any of the other subscription except for the one onlineIn addition to the above, WSI also created a directory that is sending them more traffic.content marketing blueprint, conductedkeyword research, compiled a competitorreport, optimized the website pages andbegan a monthly search engine optimization(SEO) campaign focused on article marketing WSI Consultant:and link building. LIANA LINGRecently, WSI also created a custom Facebook Ontario, Canadapage for the school and are in the works of www.wsiwebconnects.comdesigning a blog for the principal. Page 25 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  25. 25. THE FIREPLACE CENTER & PATIO SHOP Retail (Fireplaces, BBQs, Hot Tubs) TESTIMONIAL “On behalf of our entire team, a big thank you to WSI for your excellent job in creating our new website and conducting continued developments and ongoing improvements to the site. We appreciate your quick understanding to our industry, your patient and gentle manner in implementing the latest technology and our ongoing marketing meetings to help keep us focused and on track. I always feel that WSI has our best interests at heart and appreciate your fierce loyalty”. Andy Cotnam General Manager / President The Fireplace Center and Patio ShopBack to Table of ContentsPage 26Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  26. 26. Goals and Challenges:  Monthly-specific sales promotions matched to offline marketing mix  Monthly presentation to the executiveA WSI Competitive Analysis revealed that The and sales team to ensure the onlineFireplace Center’s online presence was not as strategy is aligned to sales strategystrong as it could be in the following areas:  Developed a social media optimization (SMO) strategy consistent with a mature /  The look and feel of the website was not conservative brand and created branded consistent with the offline advertising and Facebook page and Facebook profile and branding of The Fireplace Center & Patio trained staff on social media etiquette Shop and the sale of luxury items  Consulted on aspects of sales and  Search engine optimization was strong, but marketing best practices only in the primary products and brand  Conversion Architecture was non-existent and analytics revealed that visitors had The Results: difficulty navigating the 500-page website  A customer retention strategy was yet to As a result of WSI’s services, the company be established (no email database) experienced the following:  14% increase in year-over-year salesThe Solution:  28% increase in year-over-year website visitors (10,500 more visitors)WSI’s digital marketing solution for The  188% increase in conversions comparedFireplace Center included: to same period last year  More business in one day of the spring  A detailed competitive, market and product sale than achieved in a quiet month of analysis prior year  Strong Conversion Architecture website  Since launch to date, 76% of the website consistent with the sale of luxury goods and visitors are new to the website offline advertising  100% content creation and creating a simplified product hierarchy  Implementation of an online catalogue  500-page site was condensed to 100 pages WSI Consultant: while at the same time increasing search engine presence and without diminishing ROGER HARLEY the value visitors derive from the site Ontario, Canada  PPC campaign design and management  YouTube channel creation and embedding of videos (TV appearances and ads) Page 27 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  27. 27. GILLETT & JOHNSTON (CROYDON) LTD. Manufacturer of Clocks, Bells and Carillons to Table of ContentsPage 28Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  28. 28. Goals and Challenges: Considerable business has been generated by the website and they are delighted with the results and even more delighted with theThe company has a world-class reputation for quality and quantity of business now beingmanufacturing clock, bells and carillons for generated by their new website.landmark buildings and churches throughoutthe world. Most of the company’s businesswas generated by repeat business fromexisting clients or word of mouth. Little to nobusiness was being generated from the TESTIMONIALInternet. “Further to our telephone conversation last week, this is toWhilst the company is proud of its long confirm that we would betradition, it was keen not to appear out-of- delighted for you to use ourdate and out-of-touch with the modern world. website for your [showcase]. ITheir old website looked old fashioned and did would like to take this opportunitylittle for their public image. to say how delighted we were with the way you managed our project. You listened to our requirementsThe Solution: and understood what we wanted to convey through our website. TheWSI developed a search engine friendly follow-up service has been superbwebsite that conveys the image of a company and we would have no hesitationproud of its history whilst appearing modern in recommending your services".and progressive. All pages were optimized forone primary and a couple of secondary Jenny Coombeskeywords / key phrases and each page has the Directorprimary keyword in the URL. Gillett & Johnston (Croydon) LtdThe Results:The new website produces around 200enquiries from all over the world each month.It is an excellent showcase of their work and WSI Consultants:achieves the company’s objectives of giving amodern fresh appearance to an old CHRIS GRIFFIN & LESLEY BLACKestablished business. Recent commissions Surrey, UKgained via the website include new work from variety of sources, including installations asfar afield and varied as the Falkland Islands,Singapore, Spain and Haiti. Page 29 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  29. 29. SAGE REALTY Real Estate www.findahomeinpa.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 30Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  30. 30. Goals and Challenges:  Purchased homes had values totaling over $2,500,000In a competitive marketplace where home  They expect the third client to buy in thebuying was at a near standstill, Sage Realty next 2 months with an anticipatedneeded to reach these Internet savvy home commission of roughly $11,000buyers. Additionally, they wanted to be sure  Commissions on the clients who haveto integrate their brand, marketing messages bought are over $64,000 this yearand search marketing efforts into a cohesiveInternet marketing strategy. WSI’s objectiveswere to continue to move the websiterankings up in the organic search listings as TESTIMONIALwell as distribute marketing messages out on “WSI’s services are a vital part ofthe Internet via digital marketing methods. Sage’s overall marketing strategy, which includes a variety ofThe Solution: strategies. The purpose is to integrate all as one ‘brand’, with Sage being seen as the expert orWSI trained Sage Realty personnel on how to leader in that niche. WSI hasset up and optimize their social media encouraged us to move beyond aaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn well-designed website with state-and blog entries. From February 2010 to July of-the-art home search features to2010, Sage Realty began a submission program submission of videos, whitepapers,with WSI that included optimizing and press releases, social mediadistributing articles, press releases and videos postings and other peripheralto increase SEO exposure. strategies to boost our rankings".WSI not only guided the company through Linda Waltersthese new technology frontiers, but also Owner and Exclusive Buyer Agenthelped them grow their business especially in Sage Realty, LLCan industry where many businesses wereclosing their doorsThe Results: WSI Consultant:Sage had the following results for 2010 in the NANCY VINKLER2nd year of the new website: Pennsylvania, USA  5 potential home buyers found them searching online  3 signed up to buy and 2 bought in 2010  The rest are potential clients for 2011 Page 31 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  31. 31. KAYA SKIN CLINIC Beauty and Skin Care TESTIMONIAL “WSI has spearheaded Kaya Skin Clinic’s entry to the online platform. They have a good understanding of consumer online behavior and are up-to-date with the latest trends and incorporate those well into the strategy for our brand. Our online awareness scores according to a brand tracker have doubled since WSI has come onboard”. Samir Srivastav Business Head MENA Kaya Skin ClinicBack to Table of ContentsPage 32Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  32. 32. Goals and Challenges: • BEFORE: Through campaigns that ran prior to WSI’s involvement, the client generated approximately 2,400 leads within one yearKaya Skin Clinic wanted to reach a targeted • AFTER: Within the first 3 months, WSIaudience through their web presence. They generated nearly 2,000 leadswanted to promote their clinic online,generate more leads and achieve a better When matching the media budget forreturn on investment (ROI). WSI’s objective for comparative purposes, the results for thethe client was to achieve the following goals: equivalent activities for the sample campaign are as below:  Launch a professionally designed and executed online marketing strategy  WSI’s campaign generated 2 times more  Generate leads from targeted search impressions and most importantly, 2.5 advertising and banner campaigns times more leads  Increase customer engagement with a  Independent research by a global market strong social media strategy research company (TNS) has shown that even after the first month of the onlineThe Solution: campaign launched by WSI, online medium as a source of brand awarenessThe solution that WSI implemented included (recognition) by the target audience hasthe following Internet marketing services: increased by 2 times  Conversion Architecture The client was unhappy with their former  Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC in Internet marketing partner because they paid English and Arabic) a lot of money and didn’t get their expected  Social media (policy development, results. However, with WSI they are very optimizing and tracking social profiles) satisfied with their current campaigns and  Online directory submissions happy with the cost-effective services that  Content marketing (blog writing, WSI offers them. publishing, reviews and posting)  Online banner advertising  Monitoring and tracking effectiveness WSI Consultant:The Results: HUSAM JANDALSince launching this campaign, Kaya Skin Clinic Dubai, UAEhas achieved the following results: • Generated nearly the same amount of leads in the first 3 months as what their previous agencies achieved within a year! Page 33 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  33. 33. EGGINGTON DAIRY Local Milk Dairy to Table of ContentsPage 34Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  34. 34. Goals and Challenges: TESTIMONIAL  Eggington Dairy wished to increase awareness of their dairy milk home delivery "Eggington Dairy, a part of Pecks service Farm, has worked with WSI on a  Eggington Dairy needed milk delivery number of projects, namely orders within a local area creating landing pages to help promote our home milk delivery service and our hand-made, freshThe Solution: produce hampers. WSI and their team have been helpful and  A landing page was created that was fully professional throughout, always optimized for local search using only guiding us down the right path, organic techniques and nothing is too much trouble.  The landing page included a contact form Both landing pages have been a with a thank-you page tremendous success in hitting their  The landing page was manually submitted targeted audiences, resulting in to the search engines increased sales almost from day  We added search engine verification files, one, which was a great boost! We created XML sitemaps and submitted those would and indeed have  We also created robots.txt and geo tags recommended WSIs services to and added those too other businesses wanting to increase their online presence".The Results: Fiona PeckWithin 1 week of launching the landing page, it Managing Directorwas appearing on the first page of Google for Eggington Dairyover 20 different search terms. Most of theseterms appeared not only on the first page, butalso in position 1 of Google. Other resultsincluded: WSI Consultant:  An increase in visitors to her website from a standing start to over 1000 visits in a few TRACY SPENCE months – we measured this using Google Northamptonshire, UK Analytics  63% of the traffic to her website coming in on a purely organic search - as seen through Google Analytics  Orders placed – 5 new clients in two weeks, and continuing to grow – this was verified by the client Page 35 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  35. 35. CBT COACHES Luxury Coach Hire Services TESTIMONIAL “As an existing client of WSI, I had full faith that they would deliver as they did with my other business. They exceeded our expectations and we have created a profitable business using WSI as our online marketing partner". Jacques Erasmus Owner CBT CoachesBack to Table of ContentsPage 36Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  36. 36. Goals and Challenges: The Solution:This is an existing client of WSI who started a WSI created a professionally designednew venture in anticipation of the coach marketing website for the client andservices that would be needed during the conducted a series of Internet marketing2010 Soccer World Cup. Before CBT Coaches services such as: develop a PPC campaignbecame a client, they had no web presence at that drove targeted traffic to the website,all because the business was brand new. The optimize the entire website, provide 4challenges that lay ahead included: content pages per month, measure analytics and offer ongoing consulting.  Setting up a web presence from scratch  Generating qualified leads online  Competing with other South African tour The Results: operators that were already established The project started from scratch since thisWSI’s objectives were to: was a start-up business and the results exceeded all the business goals for the year.  Create a professionally designed website Through this experience, WSI demonstrated that would convert well that we could generate leads quickly through  Create a content blueprint for the website Internet marketing. Some of the results  Apply an ongoing SEO strategy to improve include: the website’s search visibility  Design a long-term organic search strategy  4 out of every 10 leads came from the site that will keep CBT Coaches at the top of  Generated $8,000/mon recurring revenue search engines for “corporate events and  During the 2010 Soccer World Cup month, large event passenger transport logistics” CBT generated $300,000 in revenue  Develop keyword-specific landing pages for through their website targeted PPC campaigns, designed to o 4 sales per month convert search visitors into clients o Annual revenue $396,000  Drive targeted traffic to the website  Develop a content marketing plan to increase online brand awareness  Track performance using Google Analytics WSI Consultant:  Provide the client with monthly FRANCOIS MUSCAT performance reviews that will drive South Africa marketing campaign adjustments and provide data to determine marketing effectiveness Page 37 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  37. 37. DIABLO SOLAR SERVICES Solar Energy TESTIMONIAL “I am approached everyday by web marketing companies but the solution offered by WSI made the most sense to me. The different levels of service packages allowed us to ‘test the water’ before increasing our participation. Your ongoing result monitoring and review methodology works very well as we can make changes to improve effectiveness and track our return on investment. Thank you team WSI!“ Phil Deatsch Owner Diablo Solar Services, Inc.Back to Table of ContentsPage 38Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  38. 38. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Prior to working with WSI, Diablo Solar As a result of WSI’s services, Diablo Solar isServices was not being found on the major now being found on the first pages of allsearch engines. In fact, when searched for major search engines for their keywords.their company name “Diablo Solar” on Google, Traffic to the site has increased drastically.another company would come up above them,which annoyed the owner great deal.  Number of visitors has increased more than 3 times since September:They have relied on traditional marketing o September 2009: 463methods and referrals for all of their business o October 2010: 1466for over 25 years. They were very successful.  PPC - 500 clicks per month on both Yahoo!But the owner was beginning to realize that he and Googleneeds to have a better presence on the  SEO - Most of their keywords are rankingInternet. They have not done any Internet at the top of the first pagemarketing prior to meeting with WSI. Thiscompany is serious about marketing as they The most remarkable result is this Googleallocated a significant amount of their budget search result - they get 10 links at the top offor marketing every year, and they were ready the first page:to shift some of that money to the Internet.  1 for PPCWSI’s objectives were to help the company be  1 for a local listingfound organically for local searches for solar-  1 for articles/blogsrelated keywords within their territory and to  3 for SEOgenerate traffic to their website immediately.  4 for videosThe Solution: WSI measured these results using ranking reports, Google Analytics and PPC reports.WSI provided Diablo Solar search engineoptimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), blogwriting, content writing, email marketing andvideo optimization services. WSI Consultant:This is an ongoing campaign. They are ranking JASON YIin the top 5 for all of their originally targeted California, USAkeywords – top of the first page of Google. www.ezwsiweb.comWSI has since added additional keywords toexpand geographic coverage and they arebeginning to show up on the first page forthese terms as well. We have also addedarticles and videos to the campaign, which arealso showing up on the first page. Page 39 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  39. 39. B-SAFE ELECTRIC Electrical Services www.b-safeelectric.caBack to Table of ContentsPage 40Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  40. 40. Goals and Challenges:  Basic metrics: number of visitors, time each visitor spends on the site, number ofBefore working with WSI, B-Safe used to have pages visited, bounce rates, etc.a basic website for several years, which did  Other metrics: geographic area of visitors,not produce results for them. When B-Safe sources of traffic, keywords that generatestarted working with WSI, our goals for the traffic, names of the companies who arenew site were to: finding the B-Safe Electric website  Create a professional looking site that reflected the company’s brand and image  Achieve higher Google rankings for relevant TESTIMONIAL keywords "We have had a website for many  Generate more leads and a better years and the site was not doing conversion rate much for my business. In February 2009, WSI started managing myThe Solution: website. They meet with us on a regular basis and contunouslyWSI’s solution was to start with a small adjust it. My website is nowwebsite (10 pages) for B-Safe. We optimized updated and keeps growing. Butthat site for local search focusing on the neat thing is that now B-Safe isMississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. at the top of Google for relevantOur overall campaign included: search engine searches, which have generatedoptimization (SEO), web analytics, Google local hundreds of thousands of dollars inlistings and copywriting. business with customers that I otherwise would have never met".The Results: Brian ScheeleAs a result of working with WSI, B-Safe now Master Electricianhas a professional looking website that is B-Safe Electricconstantly being updated. The site is visited byhundreds of visitors that find the website usingdozens of relevant keywords related to thecompany and its industry. B-Safe is now WSI Consultant:generating around $50,000 from newbusinesses every month. VICTOR CASTELLANOS Ontario, CanadaTo evaluate and continually enhance our www.wsileadgenerator.comresults, WSI measures the following: Page 41 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  41. 41. SUNSWEET Food and Beverage to Table of ContentsPage 42Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  42. 42. Goals and Challenges: The Results:Prior to working with WSI, Sunsweet’s primary Below is a summary of the results:marketing focus in Europe was traditionaladvertising channels, primarily TV. Our  16,770 visits and 9,976 unique visitschallenge was to devise an Internet marketing  59.17% new visitsinitiative that integrated well with Sunsweet’s  80,662 page views (total)traditional TV advertising campaign.  33,651 video views  3,745 email subscriptionsThe Solution:  Conversion rate of 37.5%Collaborating with our WSI colleagues in Italy, TESTIMONIALwe launched a new website dedicated to theItalian market and ran successful search “WSI has consistently proven to beengine marketing campaigns. Some of the a highly professional and reliableelements included search engine optimization supplier. Their work is always of a(SEO) and paid search campaigns with a focus high calibre and executed in aon building targeted traffic and ultimately a timely manner. WSI wants to gocustomer loyalty program enabling the client the extra mile, wants to find theto engage in an email marketing initiative with best way to do things. They areexisting and prospective customers. creative and are endlessly resourceful both in terms of designIn collaboration with Sunsweet’s marketing and ideas for online activities. Theyteam, WSI also ran an online video contest have a genuine concern to deliverover a 6-week period. The online campaign value for money, and have aran in conjunction with an offline TV ad relentless attention to detail”.campaign and was heavily promoted onproduct packaging that hit the stores prior to Amanda Bishopthe launch of the online campaign. Marketing Director Sunsweet EuropeBelow are the elements that we developedand executed for the Sunsweet campaign:  Development: website, landing page, WSI Consultant: Facebook Fan page and YouTube channel CORMAC FARRELLY  Marketing: PPC, social media strategy, SEO Dublin, Ireland strategy  Consulting: split testing different ad groups, defining target audience for campaigns listed above Page 43 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  43. 43. MUSTARD SEED CANADA Non-Profit www.mustardseedcanada.orgBack to Table of ContentsPage 44Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  44. 44. Goals and Challenges: WSI has completed Phase 1 of the project, which is to increase brand awareness for theBefore working with WSI, the non-profit organization and start building relationshipsorganization, Mustard Seed Canada, had no with a younger donorbase. Since then, theyInternet marketing strategy, was using a have received a few inquiries from othertemplate website and was very concerned organizations that found them online andthat their current donorbase was aging with want to be involved in a strategy to get new, younger donors. WSI’sobjectives were to re-design the website,improve its visibility in the search engines forindustry keywords, generate support online TESTIMONIALand create a social media strategy for them. “We knew mass mailing was proving to be less and lessThe Solution: rewarding. Now with WSI, we’re learning new ways to share howWSI re-designed the organization’s website Mustard Seed is providing betterusing the WSI eFusion platform and set up a opportunities for children inmethod for staff and volunteers to make Southeast Asia. As we learn howchanges to the website as necessary. In to engage people online, we’readdition, we created a content marketing finding more people keeping inblueprint, conducted initial keyword research, touch. And yes, we’ve found thatcompleted a competitor report and began a there are young people out theremonthly search engine optimization (SEO) who care enough to make acampaign focused on article marketing and contribution”.link building. Lucie HowellWe also ran a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) Administratorcampaign for 3 months to generate immediate Mustard Seed Canadatraffic to the website. We also created acustom Facebook page for them and did a 3-month social media campaign to startgenerating interest. WSI Consultant:The Results: LIANA LING Ontario, CanadaAs a result of WSI’s services, Mustard Seed www.wsiwebconnects.comCanada began to appear on page 1 of Googlefor 4 of the 5 keywords we were targeting.Their fanbase on Facebook went from 0 toalmost 800 people. In addition, they havereceived increased traffic to their new site. Page 45 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  45. 45. TALLINN HOTELS (ALDERA HOTEL LTD) Accommodation TESTIMONIAL “After few meetings with WSI, we felt that this is the right company to work with – now considering the new website we admit that the choice was right! They are helpful and respond quickly to our concerns. All questions have been answered. We already see how successful our cooperation has been. Within the first months of our website being online and after our monthly meetings with WSI, we have seen how the most important numbers have been doubled. I am very satisfied we chose WSI”. Alver Pupart Sales and Marketing Director TallinnHotels / Aldera Hotell OÜBack to Table of ContentsPage 46Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  46. 46. Goals and Challenges: TallinnHotels’ Facebook and Twitter pages were designed following the website style.Before working with WSI, the client had an Also new email templates and email footersoutdated website design and a poor Internet were designed. To make it complete, wemarketing strategy. They were not satisfied designed new business cards as well. WSI iswith their website statistics: bounce rate 67%, doing SEO and running PPC campaigns in 5average time on site only 1:24 and only 2 countries and helping them with emailpages seen per visit. As their main source of marketing.leads and bookings comes online and theirbudget for this is quite high, they realized that The Results:they were wasting money and asked WSI tohelp them. The hotel is very happy with WSI’s solution and the results we have produced. They likeTallinnHotels operates 4 hotels with different the new look of the website and otherprice range. One of the project goals was to marketing materials as well as the socialmake it easier for clients to find the best hotel media pages.for them. The objective of this project was tore-design the brand for TallinnHotels, starting  They appear on the first page of Googlefrom the website and end with business cards. for the main keyword phrases “TallinnWe also wanted to create a search engine Hotels” and “Tallinn Hotel”optimization (SEO) strategy and integrate  Total visits increased from 4000 to 5000social media to marketing plan and get more  Website bounce rate dropped from 67%bookings online. to 45%  Average time on site increased from 1:24The Solution: to 2:26  Pages per visit increased from 2.0 to 3.5WSI designed and created a new website forthe company focused on ConversionArchitecture and integrated it with socialmedia. The website features: online bookingfunctionality, contact form, phone booking,email booking and social media connections. Inaddition, we added an online support feature WSI Consultant:allowing the hotel staff to help their clients ARMIN TULLbook the right room. Hajumaa, Estonia www.wsionline.eeTo make it easier for clients to decide whichhotel room to book, we integrated a 360-degree view feature within this site. The site isin 4 languages: English, Estonian, Russian andFinnish. Page 47 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  47. 47. HR SOLUTIONS, LLC Human Resources / Consulting TESTIMONIAL “Since the WSI team took over my web marketing, I have seen a significant increase in website inquiries and new business generated from the website. We track where all of our business comes from, and in the past year, web marketing has surpassed all other forms of marketing for new business”. Renee McNally Owner HR Solutions, LLCBack to Table of ContentsPage 48Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  48. 48. Goals and Challenges: WSI continues to provide complete SEO services, as well as assistance with blogPrior to WSI, HR Solutions was using multiple updates and suggestions for making bettercompanies/consultants for web design, copy use of the website in general. Most recently,writing, email marketing and site updates. HR Solutions started using separate secureCompany owner Renee McNally was zones on the website for their individualmanaging pay-per-click (PPC) ads on her own. client companies.WSI was brought in to handle search engineoptimization (SEO), and frequentdisagreements arose between all parties as to The Results:the best courses of action – a classic case of"too many cooks in the kitchen". The company In the initial 3 months after WSI beganowner was constantly forced to make working with HR Solutions, website trafficdecisions with conflicting input from several increased by more than 41%. Search engineconsultants. Overall, web marketing became traffic went from 54% of all website traffic tostagnated. 71% of all traffic. As of December 2010, website traffic is up 56% overall, with moreThe objectives of the project were to provide a than 86% of all visits coming through searchmore cohesive and comprehensive web plan, and to provide the companyowner with a single point of contact, with The website enjoys number 1 rankings forconsulting input that was based upon verified valid, competitive key phrases in all thebest practices. It was also evident that a major search engines:website solution that included a blog, e-commerce and email marketing could benefit  The client reports that between 50% andthe company. 60% of all new business comes through the website  Website inquiries are up 78% overallThe Solution:WSI recommended modifications to theexisting website design to make it more user-friendly, based upon current ConversionArchitecture practices. The website was WSI Consultant:converted into a WSI eFusion site, with JEFF HARRISONtraining for the company to make their own Maryland, USAwebsite updates and send newsletters. www.wsiwebspecialist.comFeatures of WSI eFusion used include: e-commerce, email marketing, ad rotators,categorized literature lists and the blog. Page 49 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  49. 49. VICTRON INC. Electronics Manufacturing Services www.victron.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 50Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  50. 50. Goals and Challenges: The site is now ranking at the top of major search engines for many of the targeted keyVictron’s old site was not representative of phrases, contributing significantly to traffictheir status and reputation. It was built years and exposure. Most importantly, theago, rarely maintained and looked very old company has reached global prospects dueand simple. The company was embarrassed to to WSI’s Internet marketing strategy appliedshow it to their clients. Also, they were not to their business.showing up on any searches even when theirname was entered. Instead, other companieswith the same name showed up. TESTIMONIAL “I would like to provide a veryVictron wanted to have a more modern and positive recommendationprofessional looking site that they would be regarding WSI. WSI’s efforts,proud to show to their clients. They also consultations and advice haswanted to be found when people search for produced results that were quitetheir industry in the major search engines. surprising to us. WSI’s efforts have translated to increased businessThe Solution: opportunities for our company. Personally, I’ve valued WSI’sThis is an ongoing project. WSI designed a new collaborative/consultative style asprofessional looking website for Victron. well as their firm understanding ofShortly after, WSI started a search engine the channels across the Internetoptimization (SEO) campaign for 20+ key and commitment to offeringphrases related to the company’s industry. In practical, effective ideas for us toaddition, a content marketing strategy was pursue. Thank you WSI!”implemented to keep the company blogupdated with fresh, relevant content on a Craig Millerregular basis. Director, Business Development Victron Inc.The Results:The new site is professional looking andreflects the company’s image very well. WSI WSI Consultant:updates it regularly with new information thatemployees are proud to show. JASON YI California, USAThe website was built using the WSI Business www.ezwsiweb.comEdge platform, which makes site maintenancevery easy. The website is constantly beingupdated with new press releases and contentkeeping the site interesting and fresh. Page 51 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  51. 51. POIRIER & ASSOCIATES Life Insurance www.ineedemployeebenefits.caBack to Table of ContentsPage 52Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  52. 52. Goals and Challenges: As of July 2010, the firm has completed 5 deals as a result of the PPC campaign thatPrior to WSI, Poirier & Associates had a WSI was conducting. The total income to thewebsite with no idea if they were getting any firm is in excess with $16,000. They also havetraffic. Even the odd time when a prospect 4 more prospects that could turn into dealscalled them from the site, they did not know very soon, and they continue to receive leadshow that person found the firm. The client’s online every was not found on Google.WSI’s objectives were to help Poirier & TESTIMONIALAssociates gain a strong web presence,generate a stream of leads online and see a “WSI started a PPC campaign withreturn on their investment. me to give my business a regular web presence. With their methodThe Solution: of explaining the process in a language I could understand, IWSI implemented an online marketing have learned the importance ofstrategy that included the following: having a website and landing page that actually encourages prospects  Started a PPC campaign to drive traffic to to call or email me. Prior to the original website (the original engaging with WSI, I had a website webmaster was managing) up for years but did not get any  Continued to provide analytics about the business from it. I’m very satisfied visits and their conversion rate with the consulting advice WSI has  Suggested changes to the site that would provided. I will continue to refer help with the conversion rate (again, the my business associates to them". original webmaster was managing this site)  Since conversion rates for the original Ron Poirier website were still below average, WSI President suggested a landing page with the focus on Poirier & Associates conversion by a phone call to the office or an email submission form  Continued with a PPC campaign to the new landing page that WSI designed WSI Consultant: DAVID MOTKOSKIThe Results: Alberta, Canada www.smartwsimarketing.comWSI’s strategy has provided Piorier &Associates with a professional web presence,a stream of online leads and a great ROI in avery challenging and competitive vertical. Page 53 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  53. 53. STREETER MARSHALL Solicitors / Legal Services www.streetermarshall.comBack to Table of ContentsPage 54Copyright ©2011 by RAM