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Responsive Web Design (RWD) vs Adaptive Web Design (AWD)


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30% to 50% of your website’s traffic now comes from mobile devices. Taking a One Web approach ensures that not only does your site work on the smartphones and tablets of today, but it can be future-proofed for the unimagined screens of tomorrow. Three popular approaches to developing a One Web site: using a responsive design; client-side adaptive designs; and server-side adaptive designs. One is not better or worse than the other; each has its own strengths and weaknesses and the wise web developer will consider the benefits and drawbacks of each before picking the one that works for their next project.

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Responsive Web Design (RWD) vs Adaptive Web Design (AWD)

  1. 1. Adap%ve  Web  Design  vs.   Responsive  Web  Design   Designing  for  the  Mobile  Consumer   Jam  Hashmi   CEO  &  President   ClickTecs   @jamshaidhashmi    
  2. 2. Agenda   §  Understanding  the  Nomenclature   §  Adap%ve  Website  Design  (AWD)   §  Responsive  Website  Design  (RWD)   §  Advantages  and  Disadvantages  of  AWD  and   RWD   §  Deciding  between  Responsive  and  Adap%ve   §  Examples  from  Search  Results  PorLolio   §  How  to  uncover  lost  Opportuni%es  in  Analy%cs   §  Q/A  
  3. 3. Nomenclature   Responsive  Web  Design   Adap5ve  Web  Design  
  4. 4. Nomenclature   ©2013    WSI.    All  rights  reserved.   Responsive  Web  Design   Adap5ve  Web  Design  
  5. 5. Simplify     The  two  main  categories:       – Adap%ve  Web  Design  (AWD)   – Responsive  Web  Design  (RWD)  
  6. 6. Similari%es  AWD  &  RWD       Both  allow  websites  to  be  viewed  in  mobile   devices  and  various  screen  sizes,  ul%mately   providing  visitors  with  a  be[er  mobile  user   experience    
  7. 7. Adap%ve  Web  Design  (AWD)   •  Uses  the  server  to  detect  the  device  the  website  is   being  viewed  on  (desktop,  tablet,  smartphone)   •  Sends  specific  files  for  that  device     •  Dis%nct  templates  for  each  device   •  Pages  load  faster  –  usually  housed  on  its  own   domain  or   The  condensed  defini5on  of  an  adap5ve  design   is  that  it  will  change  to  fit  a  predetermined  set   of  screen  and  device  sizes.    
  8. 8. Responsive  Web  Design  (RWD)   •  Uses  specific  CSS  code  to  modify  the  presenta%on  of   a  website  based  on  the  size  of  the  device  it  is  being   displayed  on     •  Informa%on  for  every  device  is  downloaded   regardless  of  whether  it  is  used     •  Pages  load  slower  –  Same  Domain  name   The  condensed  defini5on  of  a  responsive  web   design  therefore  is  that  it  will  fluidly  change   and  respond  to  fit  any  screen  or  device  size.    
  9. 9.       Examples  of  Adap5ve  Website  Design  
  10. 10. Different  URL  -­‐  AWD  
  11. 11. Different  URL  -­‐  AWD   IPhone  Portrait  
  12. 12.       Examples  of  Responsive  Website   Design  
  13. 13. Same  URL  -­‐  RWD   IPad  Portrait        IPad  Landscape    
  14. 14. Same  URL-­‐  RWD   ©2013    WSI.    All  rights  reserved.   Iphone  Portrait   IPad  Portrait  
  15. 15. The  Power  of  RWD  
  16. 16. Average  39%  decrease  in   Bounce  Rate  
  17. 17. Finding  Opportunity   •  Get  the  Analy%cs  Access  
  18. 18. Find  Lost  Opportuni%es   •  Mobile  Traffic  Bounce  Rate    
  19. 19. Deciding  b/w  AWD  &  RWD   •  Adap%ve  requires  you  to  develop  and  maintain   separate  websites  either  by  URL  or  by  separate   HTML/CSS  code   •  With  a  separate  website/HTML,  you  can  fine   tune  and  op%mize  how  your  site  displays  on  a   par%cular  device   •  With  adap%ve  web  design  you  can  op%mize   image  sizes  i.e.  low  resolu%on  for  low-­‐ bandwidths   •  SEO,  Links,  Content  all  need  to  be  redone  
  20. 20. Deciding  b/w  AWD  &  RWD   •  Responsive  web  design  relies  on  HTML5,  CSS3   and  Javascript,  and  therefore  works  best  in   rela%vely  modern  web  browsers   •  Responsive  web  design  is  suitable  for  delivery   across  an  increasingly  fragmented  mobile   device  market  (we  noted  over  500  devices   used  in  the  last  client  example  shared)   •  SEO,  Links,  Content  all  get  carried  over    …   Google  Loves  Responsive  
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