Jamorama Guitar Lessons Review - Ben Edwards Program Review


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Jamorama Guitar Lessons Review - Ben Edwards Program Review

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Jamorama Guitar Lessons Review - Ben Edwards Program Review

  1. 1. Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards Review >>> Click Here Now to Download Jamorama Guitar Lessons <<<Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards was the first courseI laid my hand on and it is still my topmost recommendation for beginners.As a beginner, you’ll learn the absolute basics of the guitar, graduallyworking your way to the more advanced lessons. In the genre specific phase,you’ll learn techniques and skills specific to the genre you enjoy most. Hereis my review on Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program.Who Will Benefit Most From This Program?Beginner through Intermediate Students, that are at least 8 years old and haveaccess to a computer.Is This Guitar Instruction Program For Acoustic Or Electric Guitar Players?Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards Review
  2. 2. Since this is a beginner - intermediate course, the same lessons are requiredfor both electric and acoustic guitars. The illustrations often containinformation about both.About The AuthorIn Ben Edwards own words; “I am a highly respected guitar teacher. I’m theformer lead guitarist for “DegreesK”, who I toured with internationally.Before joining the band I gained a Bachelor of Education. My passion forteaching others, especially guitar, sparked me to develop Jamorama TheUltimate Learning Kit…”The Parts of This Course4 Downloadable ebooks; book one is for beginners, book two is forintermediate level students, book three is for advance students and the finalbook is about tuning. The books are well written, logical and thorough withan abundance of clear illustrations and photos.Peppered through out the books are symbols that indicate when there is aplay along Jamtrack or an audio/video example to view for clarification ofthe written word. Just click and those learning aids smoothly pop into thescreen.148 short videos with sound to illustrate each lesson. These short audio/videoillustrations are well produced with split screens showing the right hand andleft hand separately as well as other illustrations without fingers blocking theview. These videos make learning a new technique or chord so much easierthan static photos alone.Jamtracks are audio-only files for essential practicing with a backup band.This part was my favorite. Just plain fun!The Jamorama Bonus SoftwareJamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards Review
  3. 3. Guitar Tuner Pro - this software program simply provides a proper tone foreach string of The Jamorama Guitar Tunerthe guitar. If you wish to hear theproper sound for the low E string simply click on the Low E on the 3Dillustration of the guitar neck . A perfect low E will sound twice. Over all, thisprogram is simple to use and will generally help you tune your guitar.Guitar Ear It - is a software game designed to teach you to recognize thesound of a chord and match it to its name (Am, B, C#, etc.). It also teacheshow to recognize simple chord progressions.Metronome - this program is designed to give you a steady beat to developsolid timing and rhythm while practicing. You are given a choice of 40 beatsper minute (bpm) to 208 bpm. I almost laughed when I first booted upbecause it looked and sounded exactly like the old fashion wind upmetronome my parents purchased for me as a new guitar student almost 40years ago.Jayde Musica Pro is another software game that is cleverly designed todevelop your ability to quickly identify the pitch of a note with its musicalsymbol and its letter name.The Cost analysis:The Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards contains theequivalent of about 6 months worth of guitar lessons if you were to spacethem out as if you were taking weekly lessons from a local guitar instructor.A local instructor typically will charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per lesson.Your minimum cost at only $20 per lesson for 6 months would be at least$520.The choice comes down to:- The Complete Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program at $39.95 USD or- A local instructor at $520Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards Review
  4. 4. The Bottom Line:My top recommendations always lean towards guitar instruction programsthat are all-video. They generally offer a clearer method of communicatinglots of subtle information. Having said that, I feel that Jamorama is theabsolute Best partial audio and video enhanced, written lessons I have everseen. At only $39.95 it is also the least expensive one.The lessons are logical, thorough and perfect for the rank beginner all theway through advanced intermediate players. The course has some of the mostinnovative software programs and games for taking the mundane parts oflearning the guitar and making them fun.Jamorama is perfect for someone that does not wish to spend $150- $200 foran all-video programs. It is an excellent, complete, professional, low-costway to get started with learning to play guitar. For these reasons, Irecommend, with out hesitation, the Jamorama Guitar Lessons Programby Ben Edwards. >>> Click Here Now to Download Jamorama Guitar Lessons <<<Jamorama Guitar Lessons Program by Ben Edwards Review