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Upon completion of this project I referred to the methods of creating a great presentation that were discussed in my textbook. I also used some of the ideas I had gotten from the TED talks that I reviewed. Choosing the material to use for this project required me reflect back on my life a bit and write down all the most important defining moments that had taken place in my life. I also wanted to use situations that could possible help to inspire someone else through my story. This project reminded me of some of my accomplishments, building up my confidence in being able to overcome whatever issues I’m dealing with at this point and time in my life. Reminding that I have the available sources within myself to reach my goals despite how hard things may seem for me right now.

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Visual assignment

  1. 1. Jeremiah Keyes Photos belong to Jeremiah Keyes
  2. 2. Born IN Ohio
  3. 3. Where I first developed my love for Music Text
  4. 4. My Religion Was AgainstGoing To College File:Primitive_Pentacostal_369_State_St_jeh.JPG
  5. 5. 2009 moved to Las Vegas http://commons.wikimedia.or
  6. 6. Age 28 EnrolledTo futher my knowledge in Music Business/Management
  7. 7. EducationalEnrolling In College Standout Oneyear away from graduating Moment
  8. 8. Managing Experience Begin Here
  9. 9. Owned and Operated by Me,_Victoria,_BC.jpg
  10. 10. Currently Managing and Singing with (Entrigue) Photo belongs to Jeremiah Keyes
  11. 11. Part Owner/ OperatorBethesda Productions
  12. 12. Who Am I?Driven towards Hardworking! success! Leader! -ful Helpful!
  13. 13. Speaking ClearlyPresenter Skills Creativity
  14. 14. Energetic Creating Laughter
  15. 15. Visual Resume By.Jeremiah Keyes