Html web designing using lists


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Html web designing using lists

  1. 1. Chapter 7USING LISTS
  2. 2.  LISTS- is a data structure that has a linear (first, second, third….) organization but that allows elements to be added or removed in any order.
  3. 3.  UNORDERED LISTS- The most common type of lists that are presented with bullets before each list item, that is why they are sometimes called bulleted lists. Information in bullets need not be presented in a particular order. The syntax for creating an unordered list is:<UL TYPE= bullet type><LI> List item 1<LI> List item 2
  4. 4. 1. <UL TYPE= square> <LI> item 1 <LI> item 2And so on……… </UL>2. <UL TYPE= round> <LI> item 1 <LI> item 2And so on……… </UL>
  5. 5.  ORDERED LISTS- it is used if you want to present on a list shows a defined sequence such as an instruction. The common way to present it is to have ordered numbers per list item; this is why ordered lists are sometimes called numbered lists. Ordered list is not limited to use numbers but can also use ordered letters.
  6. 6. <OL TYPE= bullet_type><LI> item 1<LI> item 2And so on………….</OL>Where bullet_type is either:1 for numeric i for lowercase romana for lowercase I for lowercase romanA for uppercase
  7. 7. 1. The default (numeric) 3. The uppercase type. type. <OL TYPE = A><OL > <LI> item 1<LI> item 1 <L2> item 2<L2> item 2And so on…… And so on……</OL> </OL>2. The lowercase type. 2. The roman type.<OL TYPE = a> <OL TYPE = I><LI> <LI><LI> <LI>And so on…….. And so on……..</OL> </OL>
  8. 8. HTML also allows you to change the default numbering for the entire list or for specific list. To change the default numbering for the entire list, you use the START attribute of the <OL> tag to indicate what number or letter the bullet will start. The syntax to do this is:<OL START= start>Start indicates what number you want to start the list item.
  9. 9. 1. <OL START= 4><LI> this item start at number 4.<LI> this item start at number 5.And so on……..</OL>2. <OL TYPE= a START= 5><LI> this item start at letter e.<LI> this item is letter f.And so o………</OL>
  10. 10. 1. An _____list is also called a bulleted list.2. An _____list is also called a numbered list.3. To display the elements of an ordered list with uppercase letters, the _____tag is used.4. The tag used to indicate the start of a bulleted list is_________.5. The ______ attribute is used when numbering of a list does not begin at 1.